SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: MORE and New Action Working Together

Thursday, September 17, 2015

MORE and New Action Working Together

If you haven't yet heard, a big announcement came forth over the land of NYC today. MORE and New Action are joining forces and running a joint slate in the 2016 UFT elections(Click 
on more link to find out more details).

The Crack Team wholeheartedly endorses this conjoining if two UFT powerhouse caucuses and believes that a major dent will be dealt in the upcoming election.

What we like most about this agreement is that this is not predicated in anyone personality, that there will be no domination of a caucus by another, that decisions will be made jointly and for the betterment of all involved.

What pleases us most here at SBSB is the way that this union came together. Everything was on the table, adults meeting as adults, no childish games, no begging, and more important, no desperation.

But enough of what we feel, more importantly, what does teacher community have to say about this famed union?

Let's see....

 Sadly, there are just some that are not happy about this melding of the minds and have thrown a tantrum. 

Maybe the baby needs to put a fork in it already and accept reality. This is a good deal for teachers. 


Anonymous said...

Good Move......

Anonymous said...

This collaboration has now made Solidarity irrelevant....the union game is a political can't pretend to be a bull in a china shop when you have no real power....and never will.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for all the teachers in NYC!