SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Ratt at PS 154 Part Deux (当心唐人街!)

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Ratt at PS 154 Part Deux (当心唐人街!)

I have got less than 48 hours of having my health benefits. We went to Westchester Social Services on
Friday and were approved for only $115 a month in Food Stamps and are waiting to find out about Medicaid.

My son got approved for free lunch and I have my Unemployment appeal hearing on Wednesday. In the last week or so I have sent out about 10 resumes to charter school and private employers. Nothing yet. Putting in an application with a tutoring service tomorrow. I spoke with director, she is keen on hiring me but we'll see.

On Wednesday I wrote about The Ratt at PS 154 who decided to make up such a vicious story that not only was I charged but the charge was substantiated.

What about the two other charges The Ratt came up with?

You will laugh.

As previously mentioned I had The Ratt's class usually the last period of the day at 1:50.

One day, and this happened often with The Ratt, she brought her class early to my classroom. The teacher of the class before me would pick up her class either at 1:50 on the dot and with The Ratt's class waiting for 5 minutes already I had to deal with a class that was already fidgety.

On this day, the teacher was classy enough to pick up her class several minutes early, about 1:47 PM. I had three minutes.

Unfortunately, The Ratt brought her class early and just as the other class had finished filing out, The Ratt started to walk away from the class.

Dang, I thought to myself, I needed that three minutes (FYI, DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D of PS 154 in the Bronx never had any grace time between periods. Not even a minute. I always wondered why.) to run down to teacher's lounge and get some peanuts. I had plenty of time.

I needed those peanuts. I had not eaten since breakfast that day and it was late. I could feel (Can't explain, but if you are diabetic you can tell) blood sugar getting low. I needed the peanuts and The Ratt brought her class early!

I asked The Ratt if she can just stay with the class for no more than two minutes, that I will be back by 1:50.

"Nooooo," The Ratt squealed, "I won't have a full prep."

I explained that I am diabetic and that I need to get something into my system. The Ratt did not care.

I turned to a 5th grade teacher bathrooming his class, "Can you watch The Ratt's class for me so I can get peanuts. I am diabetic and I asked her and she said she would not."

At this point The Ratt let out a loud, whiny, "WHY ARE YOU TELLING HIM MY BUSINESS?" shrill in front of the 5th grade class and her class. And I was the one crapped on. The Ratt claimed I did not talk to her in a professional manner.

If I didn't why was there no supporting anecdotal from the 5th grade teacher? Why did DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D of PS 154 in the Bronx take her word for it? And yes, I got a letter in the file.

Here is a another one involving The Ratt.

A week or so after this incident I had to get keys from her for extended day. I spent 15 minutes looking all over the school for The Ratt. Announcements were made and there was no response.

I finally located her in the computer room. All I said when I saw her was, "Oh there you are, I have been looking all over for you."

In her whiny shrilly voice I got it again, '"WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME SO UNPROFESSIONALLY? STOP!!!"

Yep, I got a letter in the file as well. In fact she said this in a room full of student whilst sitting between two teachers. Where was anecdotals from students and the two teachers? Again, I got written up for this. Only her word was good enough.

What comes around goes around. The Ratt fell out of favor so quickly. Just was removed from the colon of DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D of PS 154 in the Bronx.

But The Ratt is teaching in best community possible. The Ratt can be celebrated in 2020. 

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