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Thursday, February 17, 2011

About Aggregator Anna Phillips

We here at SBSB are committed to, well not journalistic integrity, but bloggeristic integrity. What is written here is the opinion of myself and the crack SBSB team. We don't aggregate the news. We look for it.

So it comes to no surprise here that serial aggregator Anna Phillips of Gotham Schools would rather report on news, than do what a true journalist will do, dig under those rocks, roll up those sleeves and actually do some reporting.

Parent advocate and activist Mona Davids of New York Charter Parents and was contacted by Aggregator Anna on February 11 for Mona to find a parent to comment concerning the UFT charter school in which the principal just resigned. Mona, believing that Aggregator Anna was a true journalist, a true reporter, suggested that Aggregator Anna do a story on the charter school, Equality in the Bronx, in which Mona's child attends. The principal of Equality had just been terminated and according to a comment that Mona had left in the aggregated article that GS had written;
Our school has extremely low test scores (majority of kids failed the state tests), high teacher turnover, high student attrition, high board turnover, cronyism, nepotism and mismanagement.
Neat, that sounds like some story. One would rightly assume that Aggregator Anna would do a Lois Lane and run of of the cushy office at Gotham and schlep up to the Bronx to uncover that mess. Alas, it didn't happen.

Aggregator Anna followed the true tilt of not only herself, but of Gotham Schools, and decided to embarrass the UFT. Now mind you, the UFT never should have gotten into the charter school business. But the crack SBSB team must take wonder as to why not only Aggregator Anna lied to Mona, but there has been no comment back from Aggregator Anna or Gotham School for the lack of follow through.

Gotham Schools is going down a long slippery slope. It is becoming like FOX News. Claiming that it is fair and balanced, but in reality is becoming the official publication of the NYC DOE. Gotham has also gotten into this habit of zotting anyone that disagrees with them. Not journalistic integrity, but rather aggregator integrity.

Mona, do not worry that Aggregator Anna did not want to come up to the Bronx. She would have spent that time looking down her nose at the masses of people in Co-op City. You are better off without her help.

What I suggest you do is since Gotham, and its parent, Open Plans are a 501(c)3 I suggest that it is time that a donor list be made available.

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Anonymous said...

The story on the other charter school was and still is the better story. A principal resigning mid-year compared to one fired by the board is a no brainer.

Gotham Schools wanted to embarrass the union and make their funders happy.

It's a shame, but I guess they need that paycheck.