SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Come Back, Evan Piekara Of IS 162 Bronx, Come Back!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Come Back, Evan Piekara Of IS 162 Bronx, Come Back!!

The crack team here at SBSB has learned from sources at IS 162 that E4E überlegen Lehrer Evan Piekara is not tenured teacher. We here at SBSB hope and pray that Evan Piekara will attain the status of a tenured teacher.

Does Evan Piekara deserve tenure, or at least be able to achieve it through accepted through proper E4E decried methods? Evan Piekara's leader, Little Evan Stone on Fox Business Channel back in September claimed that tenure, "Encourages complacency." E4E wants to make tenure more hard to get and wishes to extend the amount of years teaching to be eligible for tenure. Surely, a complacent Evan Piekara is not good for his students.

So, if the E4E leader, the grand poobah seems to abhor tenure,then what is Evan Piekara to do at the end of this year? Could Evan Piekara have turn tenure down? If Evan Piekara was a true man of values, surely he would. We here at SBSB call upon Evan Piekara to renounce is tenure now! Do not accept it! But the this might be all for moot.

On Evan Piekara's white guilt blog, "The Unbearable Lightness of Teaching," he shares with us the reasons why he chose to be a teacher. We must warn you to grab a box of Kleenex, for this brought many a tear to the hardened, yet soft hearted crack team.
"Halfway through my senior year I began writing my independent study in economics. The subject of my study was the paradox of the American Dream: how wealth and income inequality in the United States create a barrier to upward social and economic mobility. A significant component of my research and study was devoted to the education system."

"As someone who was educated in a respectable public school, and who also attended a boarding school for high school, it was eye-opening to see the enormous discrepancies in our nation’s education system."

"How often can a recent college grad tell an employer that they are responsible day in and day out for the progress of a large group? How many jobs offer a young college graduate the opportunity to speak and lead daily? How many jobs offer you the opportunity to mold minds and be accountable for the destiny of others?"
OK, I have to stop copying and pasting. Click the link, read the rest. My eyes are welling up with liberal tears. Which even makes me more emotional when I read the horror about Evan Piekara that I am about to share.

It appears that Evan Piekara is leaving behind his dreams, his aspirations, his goals, of being the great white liberal for the little boys and girls of color and applying for business school. Where shall he go? Wharton? Tuck? Stanford? Ross? Monroe College in New Rochelle?

Please Evan Piekara, please say it ain't so. Was this all this just a ruse? All this liberal know how, all this wearing upon your sleeve what a great teacher you are and how much you cared, was it all meant to pad your resume to get into an elite business school?

Please, Evan Piekara, please don't go.


Anonymous said...

While I do admit that there are many problems regarding tenure, I do not think the proposed plan of changing tenure guidelines will be at all beneficial for probationary as well as the current tenured teachers.

I admit that there are tenure concerns in urban city school systems that need to be fixed. I think the ed deformers as well as most people in this country are missing the point that a well run school deserves to be run by a competent, organized principal with good intent and professional values.
If a teacher (whether it is probationary or tenured) is found to be incompetent by a principal, then its the principal's discretion to take care of the situation in the most professional and uproot way.

However, going after teachers to isolate them and set them up failure is inappropriate by any means. No teacher (regardless of competency, age, experience) needs to be subjected to 'arbitrary and capricious conduct' and make them feel in fear of their lives.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in the "real world" - ie your studnets parents have tenure. Tenure is sheer lunacy. Gee - you don't want to be evaluated, you get paid to work 185 days a year, and you can't be fired. Who WOULDN'T want that? Just know that we parents know it's wrong and is ANTI-kid, and possibly THE SINGLE CAUSE of ours kids being unemployable in this global world. Sorry guys - keep preaching to the converted, cuz the rest of us know its horsepoop, and are actively working to remove tenure, and declare any teacher who got tenure without meaningful evaluation (which is almost everybody) declared an illegal hire, so we can start all over with this madness that calls itss elf public ed. VOUCHERS, ANYONE? That's what's coming if you guys don't start thinking about the kids first not about your pay packs and bennies and permanent employment.

Bronx Teacher said...

Stop comparing teaching to the real world. It is very real, it is just another reality. Tenure is due process. Cops have due process, firefighters, sanitation employees, etc... Why not decry their rights to due process?

Who do you think approves the curriculum that teachers teach? Certainly not the teachers.

A close close family member was an administrator. As I was told, it is so easy to give a teacher a U in an observation, or even a year end evaluation. Please sift through this blog to see how many teachers have been U rated for the most frivolous of causes.

Do you truly believe that Uncle Mike has the best interests of children? Just look at his hiring of Cathie Black.

The single most important cause of whether or not a child succeeds in school are the parents. Would you care to see first hand for yourself some of the lives these children are forced to live in because of their parents?

I suggest you stop believing the propaganda out there and start to truly see what is going on out there.

Bronx Teacher said...

Oh one more thing to "anonymous."

HI BILL!!!! I still love you.