SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Educators4Excellence Writes A Manifesto

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Educators4Excellence Writes A Manifesto

Today, Educators4Excellence released their manifesto on how to "reform" seniority in the DOE in case of layoffs. Gotham Schools was at the forefront yet again by not doing reporting, but rather aggregating what was in today's New York Post.

Now if you scroll down to the end of the manifesto you will see the the authors. As we all know, the Post's version of journalism is just above that of the World Weekly News, and the journalism quotient at Gotham Schools is, well it is non-existent. Just pure aggregation

So the crack team here at SBSB has decided to show how one goes about being a blogger/journalist and uncovering the layers of crud that lead to the truth. But where is the truth in this manifesto? What stands out? What can be exposed?

The crack team went through the manifesto with a fine tooth comb. We ordered Chinese. We watched iCarly. We thought, we brainstormed, and finally we had flash bulb over our heads. Little Evan and Princess Sydney have said that E4E is not just new teachers, not just TFA teachers, not just teachers with chicken pox, but over 50% of E4E members have more than five years of teaching. So we decided, let's see who authored the manifesto and see if Little Evan and Princess Sydney speak the truth.

So we pulled the curtain back and found......

Christine Casher....Corps Member at Teach for America. Has been teaching 4 years, six months. Has been teaching for 5 years; two were spent tutoring and teaching one-on-one Learning Disabled and ELLs. The last three years I have been at Mott Hall IV, a small school in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville area of Brooklyn, serving a population of 105 students including general education students in the 7th and 8th grade, ELLs, and special education students in a 12-1 setting. I teach reading, writing, and small group pull-out.

Esther Chu
...Yale University Class of 2009, TFA member. Been teaching just over a year.

Michelle Costa...2008 graduate of George Washington University. She has to be a TFA. Only been in teaching for over 2 years. Accountable Talk shared his two cents about her. Just a peak, Costa works at a failing school. Is she not part of the problem?

Margie Crousillat....2000 graduate of Fordham and teaching 7 years.

Elizabeth Doctor...currently lead instructor at Harlem Success Academy. Wait, she is not bound by LIFO, or any state education laws. Why is she telling us what it should be? Anyway, I digress. Liz, is a USC grade, Liz, has been teaching less than three years, Liz is just awesome. Liz, is a TFA. She is impressive! Oh and check out Liz's blog. Be sure to visit it early and often.

Jamie Ferrel...Northwestern graduate. TFA. Been teaching 3 years, 7 months. Turn-on are To obtain a challenging position that allows me to combine my background in education, service and public policy research to advance sustainable change through advocacy and action. Turn offs are veteran teachers, LIFO, knowledge, and humility. Jamie also graduated Cum Laude!!

Laura Frazier...Teaching less than 5 years.

Jarell Lee...TFA. Harvard. Uncommon Schools. Hey, again, why is he involved in making decisions? Oh, has been teaching 9 months.

Evan Piekara...TFA, can't determine whether or not he is teaching. But taught less than 3 years. But does currently own a business, Cube Knowledge. His goals are, Fulbright Scholarship, Published author, Attend Business School, Develop Social Entrepreneurial Business or initiatives. So Evan did not see education as a career, but a steppingstone and yet he is making, or at least wants to determine the lives of almost 80,000 teachers? Check out his blog, "A World Without Poverty," and "The Unbearable Lightness of Teaching" Read them early and often!!!

Jane Viau...featured sycophant in the New York Post,
and only one over 40. She must have been the Aunt Bea of the group. Bringing in the chicken salad sandwiches.

Val Lorie Wilson...We are sure she is just like the rest.

So kiddies, what pattern have you noticed? Let's take a Venn Diagram and see what all have the same. Figure it out. I am glad that there are teachers with less time on the job than the socks I am wearing trying to determine my colleagues futures.


Anonymous said...

The HSA Teacher quit teaching in December.

Pete Zucker said...

Why did she quit? Please email me details if you don't wish to post here.

chaz said...

Great Post. It was you who exposed the E4E founders and now this. Keep it going.

Anonymous said...

I also think the teachers at their ex-school, P.S. 86, helped expose them through the Gotham Schools article. They are loathed in that place.