SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Educators4Excellence 90210

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Educators4Excellence 90210

The crack team has uncovered, through our source deep inside Educators4Excellence, some interesting news. First the dull, mundane news.

Our source has shared with us that dissent in E4E is highly frowned and that Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney Morris, because of the deep corporate backgrounds of their upbringings, instituted their loyalty oath. That not only is their resentment turned towards those that continuously write and stand up about E4E, but those as well from within the ranks of E4E. Both Little Evan and Princess Sydney get quite rattled and bothered whenever they see or hear negativity concerning them. They have been, according to our source deep within E4E, most afraid of someone from the inside exposing them and their organization. It appears that time has come.

According to our source deep inside E4E both Little Evan and Princess Sydney are disappointed not only with the lack of a groundswell supporting them and E4E, but the lack of headway they have made. Think about it, all the major initiatives they have proposed have all hit the ground with a tremendous thud. Nice way to spend all of Bill Gates hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And now for the really big news......

But now to the big news. Our source deep inside E4E has informed us that Little Evan and Princess Sydney just might be expanding themselves. Yes, E4E is thinking of branching out to the city of angels, Los Angeles, CA. Now, we do not know if this is in response to their lack of creating any true buzz here in NYC and looking for ripe pickings within the confines of a weak UTLA, that they are stil so enthralled with themselves they are impervious to making fools of themselves, or that this has been ordered by their sugar daddy's. We also do not know if this is an expansion of E4E or if they are doing like the Dodgers and leaving us all behind.

Los Angeles, are you listening? Beware of a sheep in educators clothing. Nothing good will come of this. Little Evan spent his days growing up in the enclaves of Pasadena. Did he ever once show an interest in the plight of those in South Central, Compton, Watts, or Crenshaw? No he didn't. Not until he needed to satisfy his white liberal guilt, and more recently, not until he saw the $ signs and the implied power he believes he has been anointed with has he shown an interest in those of color.

As Napoleon had his Waterloo, Hitler his St Petersburg, now Los Angeles must be there for Educators4Excellence, Little Evan Stone, and Princess Sydney Morris.


Anonymous said...

Great post!

I've just forwarded the link to my cousin who teaches in one of the economically depressed sections of LA.

I've also asked my cousin to circulate the link.

zulma said...

I love the way you give them E$E those strong punches with your knock-them-down post!

Anonymous said...

They are being exposed - slowly but surely.

in a quandary said...

Goodbye E$E,and good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the pressure and they will go far away just like the mayor

ed notes online said...

Ed Notes wrote a supplement to this post - E4E still trying to give away free tickets to American Teacher tonight where they corralled the director who should know better. One of the stars of that film will be GEM's featured speaker at the showing of our film on Oct. 14.

NYCDOEnuts said...

I never understood these types of overly ambitious people who throw themselves out there for all the world to see (with totally destructive ideas), then get crazy paranoid that they'd have to deal with criticism of both them and their crappy ideas.

I guess that's how it must be in the private sector.