SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Princess Sydney Morris Writes An Email To Los Angeles Teachers

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Princess Sydney Morris Writes An Email To Los Angeles Teachers

As reported this past Wednesday, October 5, Educators4Excellence is planning to invade Los Angeles. This Tuesday, October 11, the invasion begins. Yes, you read this right, 5 30 PM PDT at the Paul Williams Cafe at the RFK Education Center, the brainwashing, the subterfuge, the lies begin. For you Los Angeles teachers who are not aware of E4E, their founders, the methods, their lack of transparency, and of course their deceit you have come to the right place to learn all you can about E4E.

Our source deep inside E4E has been gracious enough to allow the crack team here at SBSB to see the emails that were sent out by Princess Sydney Morris to staff in the LAUSD. The lies and the untruths the crack team uncovered was plentiful and pathological. We have spent the last hour deciphering it and now for the first time anywhere publicly the email will be shared in its entirety with our comments in red and italicized within the letter. Sit back, grab a Diet Coke, and prepare to be alarmed.

You are invited to join Educators 4 Excellence L.A. for a small Dinner Discussion with President Obama’s Assistant Secretary of Education
WHERE: Robert F. Kennedy Education Complex's Paul Williams Cafe
WHEN: Tuesday October 11, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Educators 4 Excellence began as a group of N.Y.C. teachers who wanted to change the top-down approach to policy-making, which largely alienated teachers like Little Evan Stone and me from crucial decisions that shaped our classrooms and careers.
This is a bunch of road apples. Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney Morris like to share how they were just sitting around one day, kvetching how they would like to affect change and then presto! They came up with E4E. No, the truth is fare different than their perceived reality.
--> Bill Gates through Education Reform Now and Democrats for Education Reform funded them. Click here to learn more about their funding as reported here at SBSB.

So, we started organizing with other like-minded and equally frustrated teachers.
Yes, other like minded teachers as in from elite colleges, communities, Teach For America, white, and those that only had their first real interactions, other than with the hired help, with people of color.  We were from diverse schools and backgrounds, yes quite diverse, many different elite colleges, many different sizes of the trust funds but united by a common set of beliefs to strengthen the power and role of teachers in school policy. Not to strengthen, but rather to control and dictate by the powers that call the shots for E4E. Word began spreading and before long, 3,000 teachers signed our Declaration and began collaborating to lift student achievement and the teaching profession. Yes, think about it, 3,000 people have signed up. I in fact have signed up three time under three different names. Click here to see some of the other names that have signed up. But 3,000 teachers out of almost 80,000 in NYC, and I am quite sure that about 25% of those that signed up have because they need a laugh and wish to stay abreast, covertly, of E4E, they are not NYC teachers, or just friends of Little Evan and Princess Sydney. But surely one should question why one must sign a loyalty oath, much as Joe McCarthymade one sign, to come have a beer. Shouldn't one be free to "kick the tires" first and then of their own freewill make that decision?
Within a year, we were an organization run by and for teachers with a team and office in New York City.
Little Evan and Princess Sydney were two year flops at PS 86 in the Bronx. Click here.  While working in our classrooms, E4E teachers formed policy teams and crafted recommendations that we presented to our union leadership, superintendent and city and state officials. And except for those sycophants that think Little Evan and Princess SydneyE4E are the cat's meow, no one has paid any attention to them. In fact, they are pissed as hell that they are losing traction in NYC. teachers were featured on NBC Nightly News, ABC, and in major publications such as The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Yeah, yeah, some blurbs here and there, but aside from Rupert Murdoch owned media; no one pays much attention to them. Click here to see how far Stuart Varney of FOX Business Channel and his stooges put themselves up Little Evan's rectum one year ago.

Today, E4E teachers are all over the country, many in L.A.,
so if you claim you have 3,000 adherents, and 1,800 friends on Facebook, then how many are actually current teachers in NYC? Seems E4E is at times a bit disingenuous with the facts. which is why we are thrilled to announce the opening of a second chapter office in L.A. led by our new Executive Director, Ama Nyamekye, oh dang, we will wait until tomorrow to expose Ama, it will be good fun. an E4E member who lives in Echo Park and began her career teaching poetry in a prison before becoming a public school teacher. Wow, that is like, so cool.

We hope you can join us for this invitation-only dinner
I hope the invitation I have shared with others will be accepted. and discussion with President Obama’s top education advisors and E4E teachers on Tuesday, October 11th. You'll learn more about E4E L.A., meet Ama and other great teachers from across the city, But only if you sign the loyalty oath and say the pledge to Little Evan and Princess Sydney. and have the unique opportunity to inform President Obama’s developing strategy for modernizing and elevating the teaching profession.

This event is open only to teachers and will fill quickly so be sure to RSVP soon. Only to teachers? Why not anyone associated with education? Are people who disagree with lack of values of E4E be allowed in as well? Please feel free to reach out to Ama directly with any questions at . If you’re unable to attend, you can also join E4E L.A. to receive important school policy news, program and event invitations and attend our regular Sip-and-Chat Happy Hour exclusively for L.A. teachers. Visit our website to learn more and join: <>

Evan and I are flying back to join this special event. Oh wonderful. Let's hope that Little Evan pisses off someone from TSA and receives a thorough cavity search. We look forward to meeting you there and at future E4E events.

Princess Sydney Morris and Little Evan Stone

Cofounders and Executive Directors and Gruppenleiter

So there you have it teachers of Los Angeles. The truth. We here at SBSB look forward to hearing back from those that successfully infiltrate this youth rally. Give these two a wide berth. Both of them are snakes, rats and pathological in their lies and deceit. Resistance to these two is not futile, but dissent is not allowed within their ranks. Both of them get their marching orders from Bill Gates, and we are assuming, Eli Broad, amongst others. There is not a genuine, true caring of any students or families of the inner city by these two or anyone associated with E4E. It is time to ramp up the pressure on E4E, time to go on the offensive with these two grifters of showy pretenses and alleged ability and knowledge. It can only be done if we all put our resources together, all fight the fight the needs to be fought. The time is ending for the irrelevancy of E4E, Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney Morris.


Anonymous said...

The rats are leaving the sinking ship and running west. They will never admit defeat.This is the corporate way.THey have accomplshed nothing.
A Word to Teachers in L.A
wake up to the fact that this group wants to destroy You and YOUR union.
Beat them at Their Game they can be defeated.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the 40oz of Olde English "800" on her desk. You totally have the best NYC teacher blog on the internet!-Veteran NYC teacher.