SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Educators4Excellence Hides Its Happy Hours

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Educators4Excellence Hides Its Happy Hours

A very curious thing has taken place since the crack team embedded a mole this past Friday night with Educators4Excellence and their leader, Little Evan Stone. Apparently, the events links on the sidebar of the E4E website have gone blank.

I know for a fact that there were links to all their upcoming soirees on the website. Was even there this past Saturday. However, when the crack team here at SBSB was checking back at the website yesterday and today, nothing was to be found. No hide nor hair of how to spend your drinking hours with Little Evan and his merry band.

This, according to the cache obtained through Google, is how the website looked this past Friday (click to enlarge!);

But today, all we see is (click to enlarge);
What gives? The events are still on, they haven;t been cancelled. And the links to these events are still active. Happy Hours at Native, 101 W 118th St October 20th, Amsterdam Restaurant and Tapas Lounge 1207 Amsterdam Ave October 21, Swig 1629 Second Ave on November 4th. So do these happy hours officially exist, or is it like some kind of secret club now?

So the question remains, if these events are still on, if the links are still active, why are these events off the front page of the E4E website? What is E4E and Little Evan Stone trying to hide and why is he attempting to hide it?

Even more ridiculous is the fact that one seems to need to sign up for the E4E newsletter to get word of the latest events. Since the crack team and myself count for 3 of the 3,000 that have signed up with E4E word will still filter through here of the latest and most fun events hosted by E4E and Little Evan Stone.

But the sad part is the lack of transparency that E4E continues to operate in. What is it that E4E wishes to continuously hide? Why is Little Evan so afraid of dissent? Why is Little Evan so appalled by those that disagree with him? What it must be is the lack of conviction that Little Evan has in the positions he babbles about. These are not his positions, but rather the positions of the sugar daddy's that Evan has crawled into bed with. Once you have whored yourself out, there never is any turning back. Life on the street is tough.


My Child is NOT a Test Score said...

Maybe they are afraid #Occupy Wall Street will show up at their door?

Anonymous said...

Look closely at the Web site.ALL
they talK about is L.A.

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

I'm glad @anonymous above pointed out that all of those liquor peddling establishments are in Los Angeles, since I have never heard of any of those places. Most likely because:

* I am not a privileged trust fund baby like Evan Stone and Co.
* I am not a hipster, so I'm not privy to the places wealthy white yuppies drink and discuss cloaking fringe right libertarian policies with a civil rights veneer.
* I don't drink, and instead spend my time volunteering in the very neighborhoods that school privatizers claim they are trying to help while they collect six figure salaries. Back in the day we called people like Evan Stone, Ben Austin and Yolie Flores poverty pimps. Oh wait, we still do.

Indeed, if I had known Stone and Co. were holding such meetings here in town, I might have drove all the way over to the Westside and challenged those profiteering reactionaries to call me a "support of the status quo," or a "union lackey" to my face.