SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Eva Moskowitz Whines About Others Lack Of Ethics

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Eva Moskowitz Whines About Others Lack Of Ethics

Oh poor little Eva Moskowitz. I feel so sorry for her. I am sure right now she is pouting, whining, wondering why no one, except her emasculated husband Eric Grannis loves or cares for her.

Anna Phillips, since she is now in the employ of the New York Times and actually doing reporting and not aggregating, reported this past Wednesday, October 19, that Harlem Success Academy 3 has lost more than a third of its staff to resignation in the last several months. In fact, the attrition rates as reported by Anna at HSA 1 and 2 is about 19 percent since this past June.

Poor Eva, with those pouty lips, the forlorn expression on her face fired off an email informing all her minions that working and basking in her glory "is not a gig." That staff members are breaking their commitment to their schools, the families, and acting unethically.

Funny, I can swear, I can bet my life, that her former boy toy Joel Klein and her sugar daddy, Uncle Mike have done everything in their power to discourage not only one seeking out education as a career, but to do damage to those who have already decided and been in education long enough to have a career in education.

Heck, what was it that one of the disciples, the Queen of Mean of the education deform movement, Michelle Rhee said back in March about those who wish to make education a long and fruitful career?
"I worry about people going into the job with longevity as one of the goals. I’m not a big believer in longevity."
Is Eva contradicting Michelle? If so, the deformer thought police should discipline Eva post haste. I mean geez Eva, what do you think Teach For America is? It's a gig, a gig to enrich liberal white guilt and to enrich those resumes for law school. 

But this is what education has become. I like to call it the McDonaldlization of education. Not only do McDonald's and education share the one size fits all mentality but in education, like McDonald's, as an employee you are not expected to be in it for the long haul.

I can go into my local McDonald's and see 90% new faces, other than the managers, about every six months. The same is happening now, and expected, in charters. Maybe not every six months, but at least every September. McDonald's and Eva both see employees as interchangeable. There is no difference.

Why? Because this keeps salaries and benefits down. Also, by staying on too long in a "gig" such as HSA one would soon develop sentient life and see that they are being railroaded by Eva. Would Eva truly want someone on board that is able to think for themselves, a teacher that sees Eva for the evil that she is?

What has cracked me up the most about Eva's whiny email is her specious attempt to drag in the lack of ethics on the part of the teachers that resigned. Is this not the same Eva that had her love emails exposed to boy toy Joel Klein in the Daily News? Is this not the same Eva that manipulates the lotteries for her schools? Is this not the same Eva that did what she could to destroy a 5 year old boy's love for school? Is this not the same Eva that believes that only a rich, white, Jewish woman knows what is best for boy and girls of color?

I laugh at Eva Moskowitz and her cry of ethics. Everything I have read, everything I have heard of Eva Moskowitz smacks, in my opinion, of a truly unethical woman who is in education solely to enrich herself, both for financial gain and to ultimately to known as the benign plantation owner.

One curious point. Since Eva and HSA receive federal and state money, isn't HSA supposed to adhere to all federal and state labor law, such as giving its employees due process? We should all think about it.


Anonymous said...

Bronx Teacher, holy moly. The whole point of charter laws is that schools organized under them are free from traditional labor and district rules / requirements. You've been doing this long enough to know that.

Pete Zucker said...

Yeah, but even in McDonald's there are certain federal and state laws that must be followed. I want to find out for sure if it is just district/local labor agreements, or all together state and federal due process laws.

Are charters free from civil rights and anti-discriminatory laws as well?

And if free from district rules.agreements, why then should charters adhere to standardized tests? Private schools do not have to give NYS standardized tests.

Michael Fiorillo said...

As a non-union employer, Moskoqitz is under no legal obligation to provide her employees with due process; that comes only with a personal employment contract that guarantees it, or a collective bargaining agreement representing the teachers.

Her teachers are at-will employees - and she will no doubt fight to the death to keep them that way - who can be fired for any reason, or no reason.

After all, an ever-churning, at-will workforce is what charters are all about, though Evil's apparent frustration with that seems to point to it's contradictions, vis-a-vis HSA's marketing efforts.