SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Ruben Brosbe The Opportunist In The Midst At The Harvard Graduate School Of Business

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ruben Brosbe The Opportunist In The Midst At The Harvard Graduate School Of Business

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Yes, everyone's favorite lackey, savant, sycophant, and most importantly, Blog Monkey™has just posted on Gotham Schools after an all too short 2 month hiatus. Ruben's latest blabbering is entitled "Blurred Vision," which is an excerpted or heavily edited version of his "Midterm Reflection" on his very own award winning blog (Somewhere on Ruben's blog he announced that his had been awarded some award).

Ruben seems to have had a change of heart, or did he, in this latest musings from his brain. But he starts off by saying; The question of what makes a good leader intrigues me, because I think there’s such a dire need for leadership in education right now. I certainly didn’t witness much of it at any level during my time in the classroom.

Yes, what is leadership? Certainly what we know of Ruben he has never shown leadership. A true leader leads, doesn't follow. Being E4E's official Blog Monkey™ shows that one would rather be led about on a leash rather than show independent thought.

But what about that last sentence. Ruben apparently didn't witness any true leadership whilst he was at PS 310 in the Bronx? But Ruben, have you not forgotten what you had written on January 12, 2011?
Throughout the experience, my principal was visibly involved with the process of making the day run smoothly, even helping out with lunch duty......I felt incredibly grateful to have a principal who didn't pass the buck today.
 Seems like leadership to me.

May 17, 2010.....
and I sat quietly and dutifully and listened to my principal's feedback. Once again, there seemed to be a disconnect between my impression of the lesson and my principal's.
 Seems like leadership

Ruben, you need to make up your mind which side of the fence you are on.

Ruben goes on with his inanity and whimsical bouts of inward thinking until he shocks one and all with seeming to gnawing on the hand that not only has fed him, but that has enabled him and his ilk all this many years by revealing; Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein spoke constantly about the need to close the achievement gap, lower drop-out rates, and raise graduation rates. Their approach was clearly focused on data-driven results and greater accountability for schools and teachers (not so much for themselves). But this speaks to their strategies. It did not lay out a vision, or at least not one that a communities, students, teachers, and school leaders could passionately rally behind.

Excuse me whilst the throats are cleared not only of myself and the crack team's, but all true educators in NYC. No s**t Sherlock. Is the boy savant going against those have enabled him to pad his resume for journalism school, law school, or worse, a educational leadership position? I wonder what Ruben has said about Uncle Mike and Uncle Joel in the past?

On March 2, 2011 Ruben showed his chivalrous side in defending Uncle Mike's stance in regards to LIFO;
These same advocates are criticizing Bloomberg and detractors of LIFO of trying to pit teachers against each other, young versus old.
On November 15, 2010 Ruben did all he could not to fall over himself in defending Uncle Mike's hiring of Cathie Black;
When you consider Bloomberg's underlying philosophy toward the school system and city governance in general, Cathie Black seems like a natural fit. 

The rest of the piece of Gotham is Ruben's typical self-loathing, fake self-reflection which even commenting on it is a complete waste of time.

But what I do wish to comment on is a not a theory, but rather what I feel is a fact.

Those that commented on Ruben's GS piece opined that perhaps Ruben has seen the light, that he has left the dark side and is ready to join the good. I disagree.

Rather I think that Ruben will say whatever, whenever, to whomever that will enable to Ruben to fit in to the moment, the culture, the time, the situation, the group that he wishes to have befriend him. Ruben has no real core beliefs, his only beliefs are those that he thinks others want him to have. He is a fraud, a phony, a chameleon that hides in plain sight and becomes what he thinks the background is.

 People of the Harvard Graduate School of Education beware of Ruben, or you know what? Don't beware of him, be his pal, see how low he will sink to placate you all up there in Cambridge with how fast he will agree with you and kiss your ass.


AutismWonderland said...

Great post! I just discovered your blog today - looking forward to reading more.

zulma said...

Ruben is nothing else but a parasite.