SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Family Time With Whitney Tilson

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family Time With Whitney Tilson

We here at SBSB have standards. The standards might be low, but they are standards nonetheless.

As much as we skew, or some say, make fun of the Rubens, the Evans, the Evas, and yes, even Whitney Tilson, one thing we will not tolerate, no matter how much we do not care for such people, is the divulging of personal information. And we are most adamant about this when it comes to peoples families.

Some time ago, Matt Polazzo wrote a lackey inspired guest column in the Daily News. Of course this left Matt open to ridicule and shame here on the pages of SBSB. In the heated debate that followed in the comments section, an anonymous commenter put a link to a Flckr or Picassa page of Matt and his family. This was completely unacceptable. It was immediately deleted! Yes, we do have standards.

Why is this being brought up now? We have come across something that has not only saddened us here at SBSB, but has raised our ire as well.

Whitney Tilson, with his panties in a bunch over an article that Mr Winerip wrote concerning how a cadre of the education deform crowd has never attended public school, shared personal information about Mr Winerip in his blog.

Now while Mr Winerip does have a website with basically the same information, Whitney's divulging of this information, and the manner in which in has been divulged is being used as a sword against Mr Winerip.

I find it ironic that Whitney, a person, and I use that term loosely, constantly bombards us with stories of his personal travels, and family time (including family photos) would surely say that criticisms or mocking of his family is forbidden. Even we here at SBSB, where our feelings are quite obvious about Whitney have never crossed that line to include his family.

The crack team here at SBSB is going to be meeting by the end of this week and review our standards, low as they might be. One member of the team, Bob, is already chomping at the bit to go to town on Whitney and his family. Bob can be controlled. All we need to do is throw him some raw meat and play some Deep Purple for him.

As for as what Mr Winerip wrote concerning the deform crowd attending private schools. Think of it this way. I coached Little League for four years. Two of those years my team won the championship for coach pitch. Can I leave teaching and manage in Major League Baseball? My record is better than any Mets manager over the last 25 years. Why not?

Whitney, keep on blogging, keep on doing whatever it is you do. The more you do, the more you expose yourself for what you are.

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Michael Fiorillo said...

As a director of a hedge fund, Tilson is a professional parasite. As a founder of Democrats for Education Reform, he is a professional liar. Thus, no one should be surprised at his vicious attacks on Michael Winerip, who has more integrity in his toenails than Tilson could ever hope to muster in his entire being.