Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jabba The Hut Lives In The NYC DOE

They used to say those who can't teach, teach phys ed. In the New York City Department of Education, those who can't teach become administrators.

These administrators, actually not a full administrator with all the trappings, or perks, that befall a full administrator, but rather one without that power permeates the ranks of these type of administrators. These, as we shall call them, "perkless administrators," write a check to some college and get their supervisor's certificate and just lay around like Jabba The Hut, and go through their perkless career, without making a true decision, without leadership, and without bringing anything to the table, except onion rings.

When they are teachers, they can't teach. They do the bare minimum, teach in a subject area they have no clue about, and just coast and drift through the day and the school year. How? Seems it helps to have a Rabbi in the DOE.

Suddenly one day, the Rabbi anoints this schlub, this waste of humanity, this waste of supposed pedagogy, a perkless administrator. The ironic thing is that if not for this Rabbi, not one single solitary school in New York City, the planet, the universe would ever hire this mistake of humanity.

You see children gravitate to teachers, to true administrators (with perks or perkless), to school safety agents, to cafeteria workers, to the custodial staff. But no children ever gravitate to a perkless administrator. It seems that perkless administrators have no true use for children. Have no true caring for their education. The perkless administrator lacks basic human empathy.

What is truly amazing, puzzling, almost comical is watching how a perkless administrator has the gall, the chutzpah to not only tell master teachers, really darn good teachers, how to teach, when a perkless administrator has no clue how themselves how to teach.

A perkless administrator needs to demean, to talk down to the staff because a perkless administrator know that they have zero skills, and this is the only way to make them feel big, to feel important, to give any meaning to their miserable, pathetic excuse for existence. The perkless administrator is so ignorant they see other ethnic groups other than their own through the lenses of 1937.

The perkless administrator is truly despised by the staff, mocked constantly behind their back. If only the perkless administrator truly knew what was said, the perkless administrator would shrivel to the form of life they truly are, toe jam. But like toe jam, perkless administrator is flicked away by the staff, those who see the perkless administrator for what it really is.

But as every dog has its day, the perkless administrator is being seen by an administrator with perks. And as the sun sets every day, the sun will be setting soon on the perkless administrator.


Deah said...

I am certain I learned more from my "cafeteria lady" and janitor than I ever did from the superintendent or a single person on the BORED of Ed!

Pissed Off said...

This post describes the 7-11 administrator I've been writing about. Have you visited our school? A colleague from that department was thrilled with this post.