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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Fantasy World Of Ruben Brosbe

What can I say? I owe Ruben Brosbe a debt. Without him, according to numbers run by the crack SBSB team, this blog would lose over 50% of its content. We here at SBSB can not think of better fodder, a better source material than Ruben. In fact the only other person that was as good as Ruben was Numb Nuts. I think Ruben is the new Numb Nuts. We here at SBSB doff out hats to you Ruben.

The latest convoluted ramblings from Ruben appeared over at Gotham Schools yesterday. Entitled, "It’s Not a Great Friday for Me," Ruben tells the tale of how on a Friday, April 7, 2011, a student of his was not having a great day because just outside her apartment door a double murder had occurred. In fact, one of the victims included the son of one of girl's mother's friends.

Why is Ruben's story being questioned? Simple. Ruben has a history of lying, hiding the truth, and not answering questions in which his the facade he has created of himself will be crushed.
Ruben has lied about his role with Educators4Excellence. He has hidden the truth about his true role with E4E. He has refused to share any scores. He has refused to answer why he is not at his original school. He has even refused to conform whether or not he is tenured. And most telling about Ruben, is that he is all about Ruben. He will say or do anything as long as he is in the limelight, the center of attention.

Now, Ruben claims that the girl had a double murder right outside her all. As Mr A Talk, blogger extraordinaire of the Accountable Talk blog points out that upon research in the New York Post and the Daily News there is no occurrence of a double murder taking place in the Bronx of the days the murders supposedly took place. Yes, it would be more of a headline if the victims were white, but still, double murders to tend to make it into the papers.

Also, upon checking, the students of Ruben School, PS 310 would reside in either the 50th or 47th precincts. Sources have shared with the crack team at SBSB that there had been no double murders and that once the Compstat statistics come out this Monday for those precincts, it will be definitive that this was a fantasy on Ruben's part.

We here at SBSB find it curious that the young lady also appeared in school the next day. If there was a true murder, or murders, wouldn't there have been a massive police presence at the scene, keeping the tenants on the floor up through at least part of the night? There would be press, paramedics, crime scene, etc...

Why would the mother, knowing that her daughter was so traumatized send the daughter to school? A third grader, a 9 year old, in a situation like that would not want to be in school, she would want to be with her family. At that young an age, a child after witnessing such trauma would believe that her family would be in danger as well.

No Ruben, this is a made up fantasy of yours so you could write such lines as; "I couldn’t stop tears from coming to my eyes too." This line was written for you, to be about you, so you can get yet more of you in the spotlight.

You truly are pathetic to make something up like this. It shows how desperate you are for some type of accolades, for some form of justification of your existence. You truly are a boy in need of help. Please seek it immediately.


Ms. Tsouris said...

Ruben is right on track to become a perkless administrator!!

ASTRAKA said...

Bronx teacher,
Your last statement,
"You truly are pathetic to make something up like this. It shows how desperate you are for some type of accolades, for some form of justification of your existence. You truly are a boy in need of help. Please seek it immediately." made me wonder about the possibility that he in fact may need help. His arguments do not make any sense. I have been critical of him a few times. I believe we should leave him alone. If he indeed needs help. We are making his condition worse. These type of criticisms may in fact misinterpreted as bulling. If he is healthy, he can take it. What if he is not?

ASTRAKA said...

..may be misinterpreted as bullying.

Anonymous said...

it appears the double murder did actually happen. might make sense to retract the inaccurate accusation in your post.
"A Bronx teen was awaiting arraignment Saturday on charges of fatally shooting two young men and wounding another to exact revenge over an earlier brawl, police said.

Yenfri Ramirez, 16, is accused of gunning down Allan Matos, 22 and Edwin Liz, 17, Thursday night at Devoe Park near W.Fordham Road and University Ave., police said. An unidentified 40-year-old man was also shot in the leg, cops said.

Sources said a friend who had been fighting with the victims earlier in the day had summoned the gun-toting Ramirez. When he arrived, Ramirez exchanged words and then shot the victims, sources said.

Ramirez, who has prior arrests for possession of a knife and drugs, was charged with murder, attempted murder, manslaughter and possession of a weapon."

Bronx Teacher said...

To the above "anonymous" commenter....

#1 IP addresses never lie, do they Ruben? Google what is my IP, and see if this number comes up. By the way, Google Chrome Sucks.

#2 Your words....."The night before there had been a fight outside her apartment." This took place in a park, not out in the hall, nor outside her apartment.

#3 You heard about this, and decided to conjure it up as a fantasy involving you and your student.

Ryan said...

hey, sorry i didn't use my google account before. I had that quote on my clipboard from gothamschools and wanted to get it up quickly.

my ip address is actually, comcast, chicago, because I live in chicago. i'm sure if you check the logs around the NY address you found there, you'll see my address.

maybe ruben conjured up the story, but since it was so difficult for you to find evidence of it days afterward, i'm not sure how he would have found out so quickly, short of walking past the incident.

- ryan

Bronx Teacher said...

He heard about it, the rest he created.