SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Ruben Brosbe And Elizabeth Green

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ruben Brosbe And Elizabeth Green

One wonders how a talentless, idiot savant such as Ruben Brosbe can write for Gotham Schools. Yes, even whilst looking down the end of her nose at others, super aggregator of GS, Elizabeth Green, must see Ruben for the dolt that he is.

The crack team got together recently and poured over Ruben's writings. The computer here at the SBSB offices have shown that his writings, his thoughts are not on par with the thinkings of a 2nd grader. In fact, the computers have suggested some sort of brain damage, or brain misfunction on Ruben's part.

Which is all the more strange in how does he have this pull, this cred over at GS? We fed facts to the computer about Elizabeth Green. We told the computer that she is not a journalist, that rather, she is an aggregator. That she has a thing for sycophantic idiot savants. That she thinks she is better than everyone. At this point while the computer was trying to analyze Elizabeth Green, it suddenly became sentient and activated its self destruct sequence.

So it was left to the humans. The humans came up with why it is Ruben is allowed to write for GS. There must be, and one can only assume, that there is some sort of weird, gross relationship between between Ruben and Elizabeth.

In fact when questioned about this Elizabeth Green would neither confirm nor deny that such a relationship exists. One can only draw their own conclusions.


GC said...

GS is a business, Ruben brings traffic to the site. Kinda like people who feeled compelled to watch a serious car accident. Like it or not, the self absorbed, idiotic, selfish, nonsensical stream of consciousness spewed forth by Ruben generates numerous responses from real educators who, after reading his back stabbing, self serving line of BS (and depositing the contents of our stomachs in the toilet due to the phony empathy/sentimentality that fools no one), feel a compulsion to dispel his nonsense. Have to go wipe "a tear" from my eyes now.

Mr. Talk said...

I hate to be doing the defending here, but it really isn't fair comparing Ruben to an idiot savant.

Savants usually have some area of special ability. I don't see any of that in Mr. Brosbe.