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Monday, April 25, 2011

Man-Child Michael Loeb Of The Urban Institute Of Mathematics

Groggy, and still yet to have my morning cup of coffee, I signed onto Facebook. Suddenly, I was wide awake. Another lie, another piece of propaganda by the crew at I put my reading glasses on and started reading. Some drone, some hack, some lackey named Michael Loeb blubbered forth on how change would bring teachers respect.

Michael Loeb? Where have I heard that name before. I immediately called an emergency meeting of the crack team here at SBSB. Whilst still in my robe and reeking of morning breath I asked them point blank where have I heard that name before. Immediately, our college intern Harvey told me that Michael Loeb had been mentioned in a previous blog post. At this point, I sent Harvey to get some coffee and I scoured the archives.

Alas, it was here that I quoted third year teacher, and George Washington University grad, and all around stooge Michale Loeb as whining that he is just a "cog in the machine." Blech!! Why did I have to wake up to this?

I really don't wish to get into all the mind numbing, parroting of talking points that Mikey spewed forth. Been beaten to death. One thing is bugging me. Really bugging me.

Mikey quoted President Zero as claiming;
"that one of the biggest impacts on a child's lifetime success comes from teachers."
Mikey goes on to say;
"Studies show that President Obama is correct: the most influential factor in a child's school education is his or her teacher."
Hey Mikey got Zero's words mixed up. Zero said " of the most," but Mikey uttered, "the most influential." Since Mikey wrote it and probably thinks he even knows more than Zero we will stay on his words.

Mikey is wrong. Mikey is 25 years old. How does he know what goes on in life. It is the parent, then the village or community the child is raised in, then the school or the teacher. My son in his February report card slipped in some grades. There was a major change at home, I was not on top of him as I usually am, and he had slippage. IT WAS MY RESPONSIBILITY! But Mikey, now to tell you a story so pull up a chair.

I started speaking at the normal age. My brother was born when I was 2 3/4. I didn't speak again until 4 years old. We were living in Flushing at the time and I went to one of the preeminent speech therapists in Manhattan. I had problems. Trouble with L's, oi, or, I lisped, I was a mess. Now, the following I don't remember, but my mother shared it with me many times.

At the initial consultation the speech therapist, Dr Penn told my mother that I will never be able to read well. Hell, this was 1968, what did they know then. My mother left the office crying, but determined that she was to prove Dr Penn wrong.

I remember sitting on the bed with her reading the New York Times. Maybe I was 4 or 5, I truly don't recall. But I do remember her teaching me the sounds, the letters, the words. I have a faint memory of reading something about President Nixon. But if it was not for her, if it was not for her refusing to accept a diagnosis, who knows what would have been?

Mikey, you are a 25 year old child. Your life experiences are teeny tiny. Have a child. You will see. You will be the most important factor in your child's education as I am in mine. It is time for you to think as an independent person, not as some cog. Surely, this is not how you were taught at George Washington University.

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Anonymous said...

i promised myself i was done with arguing with you as it was useless and your side won anyway - you own the legislatures via the union dues that bribe them, just as the corporatists own the other side with their bribes - ahem campaign contributions - that said, THE DATA CONTRADICTS EVERYTHING YOU SAY... the value added studies (OOPS, I KNOW, I KNOW, THEY MEAN NOTHING and are cooked by Bill Gates who needs more what MONEY? so he wants to destroy the lives of who kids?... the DATA baby! it shows that in the SAME DEMOGRAPHIC, SAME SCHO0OL, there are teachers who are moving their kids UP and others moving their kids down - YEAR AFTER YEAR, OBVIOUSLY - and sit down for this one: Some teachers are EFFECTIVE and some are NOT... and anybody who thinksstandardized tests upon which these studies are based make teachers teach to the test is a pinhead - the DATA shows teaching to the test gets WORSE results than educating the whole child and letting the test take care of itself... SOBRO, you just refuse to let any new information inside your brain... so go ahead, kjeep preaching to yor uninformed - THERE I SAID IT! A PARENT CLAIMS THE TEACHERS ARE UNINFORMED! wait, I'll save ya the trouble: "Oh yeah? how bout YOU try teaching for a day?" you wanna see the problem, look in the old mirror, my friend...
bill grundfest
los angeles