SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Jennifer Rogers Goes From Queens to Georgia

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jennifer Rogers Goes From Queens to Georgia

As readers of this blog know, we spent some time on discussing Jennifer Rogers (neé Jones) former principal of PS 29 in College Park, Queens on  these pages last year. In fact this post, was so well received, there were over 200 comments including several threats to myself apparently by people close to Rogers.

So what  has become of Jennifer Rogers since she was asked to supposedly separate from the NYCDOE?

The Crack Team received news today that Rogers is doing fine and dandy in Georgia and is now a Braves fan and believes the the team needs some bullpen help at the trading deadline.

Oh. That's not all. Rogers has started an educational consulting company named (And we are not exactly sure of the name but sharing the long convoluted form of it); Parent Education and Advocacy Empowerment Project.

Yes Rogers, is jumping on the "do-gooder" bandwagon and seems to be onlylooking to help the families two of the wealthiest communities in the Atlanta metro area; Buckhead and Brookhaven.

Gee, one would assume that these parents, these communities already have the resources if they want help, why not Cobb County, Southern Atlanta, or Clayton County? After all she is a former;
"...educational administrator, elementary school Principal, and consultant for Columbia University Teachers College."
Wait, nowhere in the above quote is it mentioned that she was a teacher. There have been rumors flying that she never taught, she seems to have confirmed this rumor.

I guess no one in those under privileged, poverty stricken communities can afford to shell out the $150 consultation fee, according to the company's Facebook page, to have an initial audience with her greatness.

But check out her "About Me" page (comments were added in red);
I am a former educational administrator, elementary school Principal, and consultant for Columbia University Teachers College. But first, I am a Mom Mozel Tov !
After the birth of our son, our family made the decision We think the NYCDOE upper echelon was involved in that decision I would stay home to raise our most precious gift Then why at this time last year you were planning on returning in September 2014?. Leaving behind a career I loved was hard We heard the decision was quite easy, but the work of being a parent provides the greatest joy I have ever known.

I dedicated my professional life to children through my work in the public education system And to destroying the careers of teachers, one lawsuit is in the works against Rogers, another soon to come. Now, I am looking forward to supporting parents, children and schools in a different role And just how did you support these parents at PS 280? At PS 29?. As an advocate, I am able to work to closely with parents and children to share my knowledge and help ensure children are receiving the appropriate interventions and services they need to grow and reach their potential Why are you not doing this for the children most in need of your services? The students that live in poverty?.

I look forward to working with you and your children!


Jennifer Rogers, Founder
Funny how Rogers didn't give students their correct IEP services... yet now she is touting that she knows how to go about making sure those needs are addressed. 

Me, me, me, me, is what The Crack Team finds is of most importance to Rogers. Again, she does what she can to put herself in the best possible light but refuses to even apologize or make amends to the upwards of 10 careers she either ruined or put in jeopardy.

We here at SBSB call for Jennifer Rogers to come clean, to speak the truth. And, more importantly, to work with and concentrate on, the most neediest children of the Atlanta Metro area.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, here we go again.
Friday will be our 1 year anniversary of the rally.
Anybody up for a road trip to

Francesco Portelos said...

I guess they don't have Google in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Go visit former Newark superintendent Beverly Hall while you are down there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up- teach in the Buckhead area. Went through the webisite- can't quite figure out what her value added is.

Anonymous said...

Are there no education attorneys in Georgia? That's who I would choose to advocate for my child. Who with the means to hire someone will choose a person with a history of violating Special Educationn laws

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap! Ms. Jones-Rogers never cared for children when she was at 280! All she was interested in was landing a man. Guess she got the man and now is looking for another job. I feel sorry for the children of Georgia. She was no bargain in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Can we hire a bus to take an anniversary rally ride to Atlanta? I think Ms. Jones-Rogers would like to see her former students once again. They can tell the good people of Georgia how she shafted them out of quality education. Oh yeah she knows all about children's rights to a fair and equal education.....why she took them away here in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she can get a job for Mr. LaMotta and her mommy down in Georgia too! You know the principal she got kicked out his job at PS/MS 280.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't this surprise me? People that worked as supervisor in the DOE always land on their feet. Can't wait to read what happens to her career in a few years.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Claiming she's a Ladera Ranch Mom on Facebook Ladera Ranch Moms and Bullying people at Infiniti of Mission Viejo, Ca. Dealership shes made allot of people quit hurtful person.