SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Sam Pirozzolo Cries Tears of a Clown

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sam Pirozzolo Cries Tears of a Clown

Everyone loves a clown, right?

Sam Pirozzolo is giving clowns a bad name.

But we here at SBSB appreciate Sam and the material he gives us. It's just too easy, like fishing for a whale in a barrel.

Sam must have been bursting with pride this morning when his handler, Mona Davids, posted this tweet with a link to a Facebook conversation on his wall;


What got Sam's bloomers all tied in a not? The UFT decided to add it's two cents against the frivolous lawsuit that Sam has placed his, and his children's names on, and decided to defend teachers. Gee, Sam, what is our union supposed to do, let the ignorant have their way?

So Sam took to Facebook and was promptly p3wned by some actual educators.

Sam blabbered; Once again the UFT shows that they are ONLY interested in themselves and their membership - not students. It's too bad that parents cound not intervine during the recent UFT contract negioations. Very selfish! Teachers union president Michael Mulgrew said in an affidavit that the litigation to curtail tenure would “undermine the quality of education in New York.” Hello!!-- Bad teachers undermine the quality of education in New York. 

How are they only interested in themselves? Is this not what a union is supposed to do? Is the UFT not supposed to advocate for it's members? Is Sam a member of the New York Society of Opticians? A group that purportedly is; 
" advance and improve the services of the New York State Licensed Ophthalmic Dispense..."
Advance? You mean at the expense of the patients with lobbying in Albany? Of course not! Ophthalmic dispensers would never sink that low, now would they? But why would there be a governmental affairs link on their page? Really? Would the NYSSO sully their hands in political donations?

They would and they have. In fact they have their own political action committee, the Opticians PAC. Check out more here, here (Jeff Klein got $$ and so did Ken Lavalle who Sam has donated to in the past), here, aqui, and here. And don't forget, one can donate to the Opticians PAC here!

Why would Ophthalmic Dispensers need their on PAC?  Does this PAC concern itself with the plight of optical clients or the ophthalmic dispensers? In fact, does the Opticians PAC have any clients as members? Does the PAC invite clients to sit in on major decisions that can affect ophthalmic dispensers? Perhaps a newsletter would show that the ophthalmic dispensers have the best interests of their clients at hand? Oops! We were wrong. But we here at SBSB do hope that Sam had a swell time at Turning Stone Casino at the annual NYSSO symposium. It makes one wonder if the costs, and the losses, at the symposium were passed along to the clients. 

Anyway, for those visiting upstate, stop in and say hi to the folks that run the Opticians PAC over at Buenau's Opticians in Delmar, NY. Tell them you are a union member and don't like what Sam is doing and receive a glass of wine on the house! 

Now back to more of Sam.

Sam in response to a comment defending tenure spewed on; And bad ones too? You have got to be kidding me XXXXX or are there no bad teachers!

Yes Sam, there are bad teachers, but you have yet to articulate what a bad teacher is. You have yet to give a definitive answer as to what a bad teacher is. Tell us. Please.

I apologize to all of the qualified, respectful, caring, loving, nurturing, competent, innovative, younger or older teachers who work with our children every day.

The vast, vast majority are these teachers. What about Francesco Portelos? Have you backed him? What about teachers that do stick out their necks for students everyday, that go against the grain and are harassed, set up, vilified? These are the teachers that need the tenure. The bad teachers, which Sam still can't articulate what is bad, the system works. 

"If you want to hear what I am saying then take your fingers out of your ears."  


And I am most sorry that your union will not recognize that there are just some teachers who must go because they make the rest of you look very bad.

No, we look bad because of the last 10 years. Teachers are more than willing to improve their craft, to teach, to work hard. But people like Sam and his cabal have done nothing other than to dump on teachers, to destroy education for their own ends. Why not sue to get teachers more support? Where was Mona during the 12 years of Bloomberg? Oh yeah, getting big $$$$ from the UFT.

I apologize that the UFT has financially contributed to so many politicians that they now own the education legislative agenda in New York and therefore leaving caring, unfunded, no voiced, bothersome parents with absolutely no choice but to have this horrible conversation by bringing about a lawsuit because it's the ONLY way we will be heard.

No, you don't apologize. You mean it. By the way, see the above about political contributions, etc...

no voiced, bothersome parents with absolutely no choice but to have this horrible conversation by bringing about a lawsuit because it's the ONLY way we will be heard.

Where have you ever had parents without voices? Bloomberg made sure parents have no voices, yet Sam was silent and he was president of CEC 31!! But Sam wanted that elected postion for he saw it as a springboard to bigger and greater things. That is what he is in this lawsuit. Sam sees only glory for himself in 2016. 

Parents are heard and seen. Just too many parents do not show up to Parent-Teacher conferences, don't look over their child's homework, don't show for school events. It is time for parents to take responsibility. 

So in all sincerity I say this, "While I don't believe all uft members are horrible, or selfish, I do believe the terrible ones don't deserve to be teaching our children."

BULLOCKS! And attack on one is an attack on all. Simple as that. 

Lastly; So if more good teachers like yourself had the courage to step forward and tell Mulgrew that enough is enough then the parents would not have to do it for you.

Sam has no idea what we tell Mulgrew. But, Sam just put his foot in his mouth again. We need the courage to tell Mulgrew what must be done. But, we also need the courage to advocate for our students, to not be abused by principals, to do the right thing by the parents. We lose tenure, our advocacy for the "right thing" ends. It will be over. And you know who will be hurt? The students. And you know who the students can than thank? Sam Pirzollo, Mona Davids. and Campbell Brown. Which will prove one thing.

That this triumvirate, this junta of the ill informed, are in this for themselves. Their own glory. Their own riches. 

Sam Pirozzolo cares alright, but it is only for himself.

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