SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Sam Pirozzolo Loves Money From Unions

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sam Pirozzolo Loves Money From Unions

Mona Davids has been in the news lately due to her publicity seeking, attention seeking lawsuit to have a judge declare tenure and seniority unconstitutional.She has been dissected, but not vilified, here and here. But she is not alone in this.

Where every Kirk has his Spock, every Laurel his Hardy, ever Frick his Frack, every Laverne her Shirley, Mona has her Schlamozel. His name is Sam Pirozzolo, Vice President of NYC parents Union.

Who is Sam? Well one can read his official bio, but it seems to leave out that Sam lives the American dream as a small business owner. Sam owns Steinway Eye Care Center in Astoria, Queens. We here at SBSB applaud Sam and his initiative in living out the American dream as a small business owner as well as a provider of a valuable service to the Astoria Community.

But there seems to be a problem.

Sam, though a proud (We are assuming) American, seems to have an issue with unions, at least the UFT. He will never besmirch himself in taking any kind monies or business from unions, he has his principles, correct?

The Crack Team has learned over the course of the last 24 hours that Sam loves unions as long as he can make a buck of the backs of the workers.

Sam's optical store is a provider for;

1199SEIU Optical Coverage

TWU Local 100

Teamsters Local 237

ConEd Retirees

Retail Clerk Local 1500 

And......... THE UFT!!!!!!!

Oh the irony!!!

Sam Pirozzolo does not like union, especially the UFT. Is this not a case of biting the end that feeds you? One must wonder if the unions mentioned above, including the UFT, know of Sam's dirty dealing underhandedness.

The Crack Team has already decided, as is their right as Americans and union members not to do business with the Steinway Eye Care Center in Astoria, Queens. This will hurt Crack Team member Cletus the most for he is cockeyed, lives in Astoria, and is in need of corrective lenses.

But that is all for the comedy stylings of Sam Pirozzolo for tonight. Stay tuned for what he is basing the lawsuit on. You will bust a gut. But in the meantime, feel free to read Francesco's expose of him.

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Anonymous said...

Why isn't Steinway Eye Care Center listed with the Better Business Bureau? Shouldn't our unions be concerned about that?