SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Sam Pirozzolo's Hypocrisy Exposed

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sam Pirozzolo's Hypocrisy Exposed

In light of today's story in the Daily News how Campbell Brown, the Bayou Schicksa, is now joining
the fray and about to file her own law suit (More to come on this story on these pages this week), we yet again must focus on the comedy stylings of The Crack Team's favorite source of material, Sam Pirozzolo.

Yes, this will mark the 7th blog post this month which shares the buffoonery that examines the logic belching out of Sam's mind. It is all too easy to take his thoughts apart and to show what a hypocrite and self-absorbed phony he truly is. The funny thing is, that it took us here at SBSB a couple of days to put 2 and 2 together to expose him. Again.

On his Facebook page, Sam mentioned how the Pomona Middle School, of the East Ramapo Central School District (Rockland County) has had its day extended by two hours (Click to enlarge);
Now we don't know if Sam knows where East Ramapo, Pomona, or Rockland County is. We do know that there is a White Castle on Route 59 in Nanuet not too far from Pomona and judging by Sam, he seems to be a fan of White Castle, so let's give him a slight benefit of the doubt.

But we are sure Sam does not know about the the East Ramapo Central School District and this is yet another instance of Sam exposing his ignorance, his selfishness, and how he has just morphed into some mindless minion of Mona's.

East Ramapo is one of the most corrupt school districts in the State of New York. The school board, of which there are nine members, is controlled by 7 Hasidic Jews. These 7 board members send their children to yeshivas, and have zero ownership to the school district other than paying taxes and making sure their taxes are as low as can be.

 Let's just start with how the school board OK'd the sale of an empty school, and to close, lease, and sell an open school to yeshivas for under the true valuation of each school. David Steiner, former state education commissioner, had to step in and stop both sales.

According to a April 2013 New York Magazine article, ERCD has since the time the Hasidim have taken control of the school board in 2005;

The new majority on the board cut taxes and budgets, angering the public-school community.
 cleaned out the district’s reserve fund during a deepening recession

the kindergarten school day was reduced by half. AP classes and ESL programs fell by the wayside. In the high schools, so many teachers have been laid off that students can’t fill their schedules

..floated a proposal to eliminate kindergarten altogether and shorten the school day for everyone else
At Spring Valley High School, which at one time was ranked in the top 500 in the United States; 
"The school’s deans, who had handled discipline, had been laid off, and many students started arriving at school very late or skipping it entirely. The security staff was also cut, and so fights became more frequent, and students often stayed shut in their classrooms until the halls cleared. Clubs were eliminated, as well as sports teams and the drama program, until the communal life of the schools dis­appeared and it seemed to Olivia Castor, another Spring Valley High School student, that the school board’s vision of education consisted of little more than “reading, writing, and arithmetic.”
 The one time president of the school board, an Orthodox Jew named Daniel Schwartz decided to tell those, a community mostly of immigrants and African-American's that disagreed with the board; 
"You don’t like it? Find another place to live.”
According to New York, for years, the Hasidim would hide their most disabled children, afraid to let them be seen in public. Soon, these children were being sent to private schools, but those schools cost money. How to save money, but keep them in the private schools? Have the board pay for the tuition, a packed board, a board that won't ask any questions;

Once they gained a majority, the district began to grant many more special-needs placement requests. It has granted so many, in fact, that the New York State Department of Education has formally notified the district that it is violating the law.

The board after it conducts district business in the open and then goes into closed session does not come back to take public comments until midnight. Parents and students must wait all night just to be heard! After one contentious meeting, the board’s attorney buttonholed a high-school senior and called him a “piece of shit.” Oh, let's not forget the board attorney, Chris Kirby screaming at the families and the children.

The Hasidim vote as a bloc. The Hasidim do not care one iota about the secular students and families of  East Ramapo. The Hasidim are sucking out the resources of East Ramapo for the own benefit.

Rockland County clergy have asked the state to take over the school district. The arts have been cut in East Ramapo.

The problems are just too numerous to list on these pages. Click here to read more of East Ramapo in the news.

But what is missing is the lack of involvement of NYC Parents Union, Minion Sam Pirozzolo, his handler Mona Davids, and Campbell Brown. These are real problems. Verifiable problems. Problems that are more important than a law suit because some teacher supposedly said something bad to a student.

Where is Mona? Where is Sam? Simple. Nowhere and they won't lift a finger to do anything. Why? Because it doesn't do them any good. Sam, because not one single soul can vote for him in East Ramapo and Mona, because she won't be coronated in Rockland County as she wishes to be in New York City.

The problems faced in East Ramapo are of the same cause, though not of the same veracity, statewide. This is systemic. It is not the teachers, it is the decision makers across school districts that pervert the learning process. These are the true enablers. Teachers don't have that kind of clout or power. But we are the easier targets.

These are real problems, real issues, and because it won't and can't advance Mona Davids and Sam Pirozzolo politically they won't lift a finger to do something.

Both of them are frauds.

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