SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Kvetching of Mona Davids

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Kvetching of Mona Davids

Oh Mona Davids is in an uproar again. Poor, poor, Mona, how her crocodile tears do flow.

The Daily News reported today that parents (And rightly so) are upset that the school day has been rescheduled in 450 to accommodate the 80 minutes of PD on Mondays and the 75 minutes of parent involvement on Tuesdays. Surely, Mona is happy with the article, her name is mentioned.

So of course Mona took to Facebook to spew off some propaganda and untruths (Click to enlarge).

Mona says in regard to the added time; How unfortunate it is that when it come to issues like this it always seems to be teachers first and students last.

Yeah, teachers really like this. You think the teachers asked for this? But guess what? Since 2005 there has been an added 150 minutes a week, 37 /12 minutes a day, added to school. The difference is that schools could have SBO votes and condense those 150 minutes into 2 or 3 days as my school did for years as well as other schools did. But schools can have SBO votes to spread out the time.

During the UFT teachers contract negotiations parents were NOT ALLOWED to have any input even though that contract affected 1.1 million public school students. 

Heck, the teachers had no say, why would Mona expect the parents to have a say?

Why do the teachers get the blame? The last The Crack Team checked the DOE also signed the contract. So why not kvetch about the DOE not allowing parental input? Besides, didn't the light of Mona's eyes, Campbell Brown, call for time after the school day for teachers to interact with parents? 

The Crack Team wonders if NYPD, FDNY, DC37, and other city unions have community involvement in their contract negotiations. In light of what transpired in Staten Island, where is Mona asking for involvement in current NYCPBA and NYC contract negotiations?

Now that some parents want to discus the quality of education via a tenure lawsuit that WAS NOT brought against the UFT, the UFT is using their legal muscle to bully their way on to the lawsuit because it affects their members.

Using muscle? The UFT must be the Corleone Family? Why doesn't Mona come clean and share who is funding her lawsuits as well as Campbell Brown's? Why doesn't Mona come clean and share specifically how the students and families she is using and giving false hope to were harmed? In fact Mona should have some guts and name these teachers.

An attack on one teacher, an attack on our rights, is an attack on all. But we shan't repeat what was already said.

Is it just me or does anyone else see the hypocrisy and the complete and total lack of respect the UFT has for parents when student needs clash with teachers needs?

Mona needs to stop with the histrionics. Oy vey! As one can see, Mona is growing desperate. She knows she has a losing case. She knows she sold her lackeys a bill of goods. She knows people are starting to see her for what she really is (here, here, here, and here). She and her Minion Sam Pirozzolo are starting to be exposed rather quickly and caught in their lies, double dealings, and hypocrisy. There is nothing left to do but to take the low ground. Like calling people a racist, right Mona? 

The NYC Parents Union has been shouting about this issue since the first moments after details of the new teachers contract were announced. But the DoE and the UFT have consistently ignored and played dumb about the situation.

Oh now Mona brings in the DOE. A few paragraphs back it is the UFT's fault. Mona can't make up her mind.

Is it possible the UFT and the DOE are not playing dumb or ignorant and just don't want to deal with Mona? 

The ironic part it has been the rank and file that has been the most vocal about this. The very same rank and file that Mona is attempting to destroy.

But Mona is in this for Mona. Let's put this to Mona; Mona, why not drive up the Thruway, or have Sam Pirozzolo chauffeur you, and fight for the students of East Ramapo? Go into the sheitls of Monsey, Kaser, and New Square and get a little educational pogrom happening? 

Why won't Mona advocate for the students of East Ramapo? Because there is no there there in Rockland County. No publicity, one newspaper, one radio station, and one cable news channel. Mona wants the accolades, the rewards, the parades.

Wait, there is the Rockland Boulders. Yes, The Crack Team will arrange for Mona to throw out the first ball at a Boulders game if Mona fights for the students of East Ramapo. There will be around 4,000 fans there to cheer Mona on. To applaud her. To ask her for autographs. It will be all Mona. 

That is unless we can raise about $5K and give it to Mona to flip sides. Again.

Come back to the five and dime, Mona Davids, Mona Davids.

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