SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: DR Mychael Willon and Wichita

Saturday, August 15, 2009

DR Mychael Willon and Wichita

The July 19, 1990 Wichita (KS) Eagle reported on page 4D that DR Mychael Willon was arrested for "lewd and lascivious" behavior, a misdemeanor, in an adult video store. DR Willon pleased no contest and was sentenced to three months in jail, but the jail time was suspended because he paid the $100 in a timely manner. Click here and here. Click image to enlarge.
This brings to question how this man has continued to stay in education, and how he has come to work for the NYC DOE where supposedly Joel Klein has zero tolerance for such behavior.


Anonymous said...


Excellent Work.

Let's get this fraudulent and perverted creep out of the business of educating children.

And this fella is going after perfectly good teachers in false 3020a actions. I hope nobody shook his hand after the hearing (YUCK!!)

DOE, SCI, UFT and NYSUT - Are you listening?

Anonymous said...

Was this on his resume when DOE hired him? Perhaps they were too busy chasing after potted plant donors and and veteran teachers to be concerned with a convicted pervert with a fraudulent degree.

Nice priorities Joel. Great investigation (as usual).

Hmmm...I wonder what DR Willon did in the adult bookstore to be arrested for 'lewd and lascivious" behavior.

This needs to be in the Daily News, not to mention a UFT publication.

Anonymous said...

So it is factually correct to say that sometime after his arrest and sentencing for 'lewd and lasciviious behavior' in an adult bookstore in 1990 he resigned from his position as an elementary school principal in Kansas, purchased a fraudulent doctorate from a notorious (and now defunct) mail order diploma mill, and subequently surfaced as "DR Willon" a superintendent of an upstate (Owego - correct spelling))district. Somehow, in 2005 he was hired by NYC as a superintendent. In 2006 he withdrew his name from consideration as a superintendent for Rutland, Vermont following an inquiry into his fraudulent doctorate. He remains gainfully employed at the NYC Department of Education as a Superintendent. He slithered out to testify at a
3020a hearing this year against an honest and competent teacher and was considered credible.

This is freakin' unbelieveable!!

And it is all verifiable.

Anonymous said...

Check out the following:

New York State Education Department, Office of Higher Education, Johanna Duncan-Poitier, Deputy Commissioner
Office of Teaching Initiatives

Person Inquiry

Issued Certificates
Description Effective Begin Date Effective End Date

School District Administrator Permanent Certificate 09/01/2002
School Administrator/Supervisor Permanent Certificate 09/01/2002

Anonymous said...

Nailed: He lost out on a superintendent's position in Leominister, Massachusetts in July 2006 because they found out about the arrest! When is the DOE going to find out. Note his weaselly explanation:

This is separate and apart from Rutland, Vermont's refusal to hire him as superintendent becasue of his fraudulent educational degree!! When is the DOE going to find out!

Anonymous said...

Nailed Again: Seems the Windsor Southwest School District of New Hampshire ditched him as a finalist in December 2006 because of his fraudulent degree.

The district, one board member explained, escaped being "embarrassed" .

Just to show I'm not making it up, here is the link from the Eagle Times of New Hampshire:

Have we become the refuge for the fraudulent and the perverted?

Why yes, yes we have.