SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Ruining a Teacher's Life At PS 157, District 7

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ruining a Teacher's Life At PS 157, District 7

Everyone should read this very carefully. Especially our new UFT Reichsführer, Mike Mulgrew.

As was written on August 13, Francis Blake a teacher at PS 157 in the Bronx was found guilty of incompetence and suspended two months without pay. He was also fined five thousand dollars for dozing off for ninety seconds, but more on that in a bit.

But the rape of Francis Blake's career continues. Today Francis got an amended finding by arbitrator Alan Berg. Mr Berg rescinded the suspension and instead now is fining Francis two months pay for incompetency which comes to about $13, 497. This is in addition to the five thousand dollars Francis has been fined for the ninety second snooze.

One of the incompetence charges against Francis stems from a social studies lesson that he did with a kindergarten class in January 2007. Francis had a pre-observation meeting with Assistant Principal Beverly Andrews. The lesson was to be on police officers. Ms Andrews approved the book Francis was to read to the class, "A Day With Police Officers," by Jan Kottke.

Francis performed the lesson verbatim that Beverly Andrews approved. But Francis received an unsatisfactory rating for the lesson. One of the discrepancies Ms Andrews pointed out was the book was not appropriate for the lesson. WHAT? Yes, you are right. Ms Andrews already approved the book. How can this be? Ms Andrews cited that the print was too small.

Here is a page from that book:

Looks just fine to me. So what be the problem Ms Andrews?

Now as far as the snoozing. In September 2006 Francis was asked to go to a special ed. class to help with dismissal. The para for that class had been receiving special treatment in being allowed to leave school early by Principal Ramona Duran to get to her undergrad classes. Francis was in no way supervising the class, the teacher was already there, nor was he giving a lesson. Francis sat down in the rocking chair and dozed for ninety seconds. He was woken up by AP Beverly Andrews.

Now in no way is Francis' actions being condoned. Shit happens. The day before Francis injured his back. He had never done anything like this before or since. He apologized profusely the following day. Yet, Principal Ramona Duran chose to put a letter in his file when she could have very well have given him a counseling memo. She was out to nail him. Plain and simple.

Why did the arbitrator decide to come down so hard on Francis? He owned up to the dozing off. Others, and the arbitrator admitted it, have continually lied and offered false and perjured testimony. Is that not right Ramona Duran? It is not like Francis committed some lewd and lascivious act in an adult book store a la DR Mychael Willon. So what gives here?

Francis is out over $18,000 becuase of a vindictive, lying principal. He is out $18,000 because of some LIS who can't wait till he gets home to pleasure himself and has a false doctorate choosing to continue to show a lack of character and testify falsely against Francis.

He is out over $18,000 because the system and those that run it are out of control.




I believe there is another book in that children's series called
"We Are Dept of Education Stooges"

Here are the first few pages:

We are Dept of Education stooges.
We hurt Teachers
We keep our bosses happy.

We are often called "lackeys"
Because we lack all decency or morals.
We do whatever we are told.

We will lie if ordered to lie.
We are like Lapdogs in Alaska.
We pull the Chancellor's sled.

As a separate issue your article left a few questions unanswered-
not that it matters now.

-Did Mr. Blake videotape his Observations for the record.

-Did Mr. Blake tape his meetings with his "supervisor"- ( Legal in NY State) to prove his materials were approved by his "supervisor"

-What steps has Mr. Blake taken to protect himself against adversaries who are convinced they are "above the Law".

Anonymous said...

That would be $18,000.00 after-tax dollars and is an unbelievably stiff fine!! Just think about how much he earns in take-home dollars a year (I don't it about 50?).

He needs to call his NYSUT attorney back and fight this stupidity.

How on earth does a fine fit into the purpose of a 3020a (its purpose is to determine fitness for teaching and fitness for the fulfillment of professional responsibilities)?

OK. Now the math. First, he cuts a 5,000 dollar check. That sucks and should be appealed in and of itself.

Second, instead of going without a paycheck for the next two months while he works at some other odd job to earn an income for his family he gets nailed again. this is vicious.

Think about it. While working as a teacher and still reeling from the false 3020a hearings he turns over his next four paychecks (essentially). He then writes a check to cover the deductions he never sees (taxes, soc sec, etc.). So he is out far more than the two months of take home pay he would have been out for the original sentence.

Plus, of course, he can't work to provide for his family because he is not suspended.

What will the next amended sentence read?

At a certain point UFT/NYSUT accepted the move from unpaid suspensions to fines and I want to know exactly who agreed to that.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a bizarre extortion game is being run here?

How was the pervert DOE witness treated?

Is there a functioning teachers' union of any sort here?

What kind of legal representation are we getting here?

Why not a $1,000,000.00 fine while we are at it?


Re: "Why not a $1,000,000 fine ? "

When you illegally Railroad a New Tork City, dues paying, UFT member, Teacher, out of his/her profession and means of livelihood to sustain their family you HAVE EFFECTIVELY exacted a $1,000,000dollar fine.

Between lost salary, lost retirement benefits, lost Health Benefits for an entire family- all happening over a lifetime and/or several decades, in effect a $1,000,000 Fine and/or Punishment has been exacted, at least for those Teachers who end up being Terminated due to perjured Testimony by DOE stooge Witnesses.

Anonymous said...

I've worked in this school and I can contest that this game of cat and mouse exists.

Each year they target one specific teacher and make their lives absolutely miserable. They cite incompetency for issues that stem from their miscommunication. They reprimand for inexperience especially if the teacher is new to the system. They have spies that report gossip and then praise that teacher with additional preps and coverage's. They turn professionals against each other. They love the rush of making someone miserable and they laugh and chuckle as they watch this poor soul desperately try to save face over bacon and egg sandwiches for the first two periods of the day then again for the two hour lunch period over McDonalds or Popeyes chicken.

As for the UFT rep, what rep? They manipulate them and when teachers go and seek refuge, the rep then in turns always sides with the administration.

The literacy coach was an unlicensed teacher for 2 years, yet because she was amigos with the principal, her license was a hush-hush topic.

If I am not mistaken, one of the FOUR principals in that school is also unlicensed as they are unable to be found using both married and maiden names in the Teach Public Inquiry System.

Each year, the new teacher of "target" is, if not always, under Beverly Andrews supervision, who then lies to you and spread lies about you. She is one of the main reasons why I left that toxic environment.

I remember Francis Blake. I remember the attacks on it as well as the accusations. I also remember my colleagues who worked hard in my grade level who then were showed the door. By door I mean the "if you leave on your own, I will give you an S rating, if you dont, you get a U" speech by the administration.

I miss the staff at this school, but my new environment is much more fulfilling and by the book. I do not miss the stress, the lies, the miscommunication and the never ending anxiety because this school is run by people who can't do their jobs well... and if they do know how to do it well, they obviously could care less to.


Anonymous said...

"I've worked in this school and I can contest that this game of cat and mouse exists".

I believe this anonymous writer intended to say:

"I can attest that this game.......
"I can confirm that this game......

Surely "Anonymous" would NOT wish to "contest" the admirably true and factual remarks he/she posted in this otherwise splendid eyewitness account of what transpires, on a daily basis, in your everyday NYC public school re the illegal and/or criminal treatment of UFT members.

That is to say, teachers who are perpetually at the mercy of Klein's sadistic "Leadership" Academy clones, lackeys, enforcers and lapdogs who are specifically trained in every conceivable method of workplace harassment and Whistle-blower Retaliation.

The tragedy is that so few UFT members take the steps necessary to later be able to document and prove in a Federal Court, before a Federal Judge and Federal Jury, that the illegal behavior ever took place in the first place.

For those educators interested in learning how to protect themselves and their careers, it is advised that they attend the State 3020a Teacher Trial of David Pakter, (former Teacher of the Year), which continues Sept 8, Tuesday at 10 AM at 49 Chambers Street, 6th Floor.

Please request Hearing Room of the Hon. Douglas J. Bantle, Esq.

After Sept 8 and 9 future tentative Hearing dates are Oct 19, 20, 21 and December 10 and 11.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pakter:

Do not know if you ever consider to make it accessible to public of your hearing transcripts as your case is being followed by many teachers in the rubber rooms? Are they a part of public records?


Re: Transcripts of the David Pakter NY State 3020a Teacher Trial, which is Open to the Public.

Anyone can purchase Trial Transcipts from the service that is responsible for recording and typing the Hearing Testimony.

However, as the Defendant, I receive these Transcripts at no charge and eventually I will be reproducing them in their entirety for historical and archival purposes.

I believe this is crucial so that all interested parties who follow the contemporary Education scene in New York City can be better apprised of exactly how the NYC DOE attempts to illegally use the 3020a Hearing process and the Hearings themselves to Railroad innocent Teachers/UFT members, Whistle-blowers, etc., out of their careers in the Education profession.

Obviously the outcomes and verdicts at the end of these 3020a Hearings depends to a very great extent on the integrity of the Hearing Officer who is selected to hear the Testimony of Witnesses and arrive at the final written Decision.

In this respect, it is virtually a roll of the dice as to whether a Teacher's Hearings are assigned to a person of honesty and integrity or to what can often turn out to be "a Hanging Judge" or anything in between these two extremes.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

"You are not paranoid if they are out to get you."

I said it!

My family escaped dictatorships from three Latin American nations in the 1950s and 60s. I can confirm that this is what fascist governments do to people they do not like what has been described in this post. What's next mass killings at the new Yankee Stadium of people that wear glasses and think?

Anonymous said...


I too am involved in a 3020a. I would agreee that the most important call your NYSUT attorney makes is his/her selection of an arbitrator.
Some are doubtlessly hanging judges who tend to side wholly or substantially with the District while some are willing to recognize that administrators here in the New York City Schools are frequently dishonest in word and deed.
I have often wondered whether those of us caught up in BS cases (mine is even more BS than yours - minus the potted plant, simply untoppable - if you can believe it) are likely to have more sympathetic arbitrators arranged for us whereas those caught up in substantial and substantiated allegations tend to be steered towards the hanging judges.
In any case, I hope your arbitrator has the gumption to do the right thing and dismiss your case. There are always pressures to 'split the baby' as you undoubtably have been told. I am not sure the system is set up to completely dismiss completely BS cases.

Anonymous said...

It will be surprising to me if any hearing officer did not know that it is not about these cases, it is about a much bigger agenda of Bloomberg and Klein. The majority of the teachers being charged are the people who have been caught up at the wrong place and the wrong time. Someone has to come. Since the hearing officers are the participants, willingly or unwillingly, of this giant game, most of them will split the baby in their decision making if they manage to stay on the panel long enough.

Anonymous said...

I am a former employee of PS 157 and all the posts are true HOWEVER if you are unhappy find another school. There are 1400+ schools in the city--one for everyone. Also, if things are so rough at 157 why do all the teachers CONSTANTLY give the principal STELLAR marks on the Learning Environment Survey?

Chaz said...

What I find disgusting is that even when the investigators and administrators are caught in a lie, there are no consequences to them.

Anonymous said...

This is a very sad time. I am also a teacher and have found this happens in many schools. I live in New Mexico and have wittnessed/experienced it at numerous schools.

Anonymous said...

Please post the PROOF of Ramona Duran's lying as a response to this posting. This information can be used. This is an Emergency situation.
Among other things I am attempting to compel DOE, UFT/ NYSUT to generate a statement of liability regarding the use of testimony of persons determined to be lying in Disciplinary Proceedings.
Please post the PROOF on line.
This documentation can help others.

Anonymous said...

In reading this blog, one cannot help but ask, where is the respect upon which Education must be based? Without respect for the Teachers, the Administration, the children--who we are there well the Community as a can we have any credibility at Human Beings?

After scrolling through these items...does anyone remark how truly challenging it Teach under exigent circumstanes of the south Bronx? How do the Math and Reading scores of PS 157 compare to the state as a whole? One reads many accusations and reads no documentations whatsoever.

Allegations and accusations without proof is jargon. Disseminating jargon without proof further weakens the respect for Educators and generates, still more jargon.


Pete Zucker said...

Disseminating what jargon? The jargon in the blog,or the jargon of the DOE?

Anonymous said...

The opposite of jargon would be:

1. Docket #__________________
2. Date of Hearing___________
3. Name of NYC DOE's Hearing Officer_______________________
4. Name of Attorney Representing Teacher--NYSUT--or private.______
5. Better yet, post transcripts on line.
6. Is this the which Ramona Duran...lies while under Oath?

Pete Zucker said...

Well maybe if you bothered to read this:

Your answers would have been answered.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this positing.
Now, where is the PROOF that Ramona Duran is lying? On what page of this 3020a?


Pete Zucker said...

Well I need to get the transcript of her testimony in which Ramona Duran is caught in a web of contradictions and untruths.

Just out of curiosity, why the vehemence in defending Ms Duran? Is this Ms Duran?

Anonymous said...

This is a very old fashioned person with the belief that all women and all men are entitled to the presumption of innocence--until proven guilty. This remains the cornerstone of our legal sys- tem. I am not defending Ramona Duran any more than I am defending all human beings to the right of all the process that is due.

That being said, produce the "transcript of her testimony in which Ramona Duran is caught in a web of contradictions and untruths."

Just out of curiosity, I am beginning to suspect that it will NOT be produced in this blog, ever, because it doesn't exist.

Lying under oath is a very, very serious allegation. The ethical obligation to prove it, if true, is equally serious.

Pete Zucker said...

HAHAHA!! You so funny! Of course there is a transcript. It is a hearing, a PUBLIC hearing with a court reporter! As far as me having a copy of the transcript, if I had a copy of the transcript I would gladly upload it as soon as I get it.

This case was full of lies, untruths, and unethical people. One person who testified against Mr Blake has a bogus doctorate and plead no contest to waxing the carrot in an adult book store. Donald Conyers ran the worst school in District 7, a school completely out of control and no learning going on and stayed in his office all day. And Ramona Duran was OUT to GET Mr Blake no matter the cost.

Anonymous said...

"if I had a copy of the transcript...I would gladly upload it as soon as I get it."

IF wishes were horses...beggers would ride!

Produce the proof that Ramona Duran perjured yourself...or recognize this as slander!

Anonymous said...

All alan Berg wrote was that "education improve under Ms. Duran."

Get the copy of the transcript which proves Duran perjured herself.."

Who was the NYSUT Attorney representing the Teacher? NYSUT is liabe IF perjured testimony is


Pete Zucker said...

Don't you think the computers at Laguardia Community College can be put to better use?

Anonymous said...

Please post the proof of her lying under Oath.

Please post the Name of the Attorney representing the Teacher at this Kangaroo Court. _________________________

Do you realize that the Attorney has ethical and professional obligations in such a situa-
tion? Do you realize that the attorney has liability here?

Anonymous said...

Does David Pakter's Trial continue?
Next date October 19--or is this changed?

Anonymous said...

Re: Ramona Duran's testimony in the Disciplinary Hearing of Francis Blake.

Did she impact her ability to generate testimony in future disciplinary proceedings...
does her testimony in Francis Blake...impact in any way on previous testimony she rendered?

Hos does she say she got the job at 157?

Where does the Appeal of Francis Blake stand?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can we generate a list of the things these lawyers are professionally and ethically liable for?

They are answerable to the
First Judical Department
61 Bway
New York, New York

Anonymous said...

Dear Ramona Duran:

Please share with your fellow pro-
fessionals the circumstances, and the reasons for the removal of Dennis Sanchez when you worked at C.E.S. 104.

Where was the $5,000 fine?
Records lost, files shredded...

Far more than 5 minutes snoozing!
WHAT are the liability issues involved...had children witnessed what he did?

He was supposed to be held on a Teacher pay-line for ETERNITY at the DOE!

All pigs are equal...but some pigs are more equal than others! That's just how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Teachers are to be persons of good moral character.

There was a time....wasn't there Ramona?...when even YOU believed in respect for ALL Teachers....
That is all over.

What were the moral reasons for the removal of Dennis Sanchez from C.E.S. 104? What did Ms. Santory-Guasp recommend? What did Ms. Marlene Marleme recommend?
He was supposed to work on a Teachers' pay line for Eternity!

And you, the perfect politician...smelling like a're rewarded for your political work with a Principalship!

Were they my children who witnessed it...I'd have you by the
scruff of your neck before the Commissioner of Education explaining the moral implications and responsibility of children witnessing what they did!