SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Mike Mulgrew's Welcome Letter

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mike Mulgrew's Welcome Letter

I got a welcome letter by our new lord and overseer today, new UFT Reichsleiter, Mike Mulgrew. Basically as Peter Townsend wrote, "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." Seems that Klein has already started on him.

Not that there is anything wrong with it.



Anonymous said...

The present calamity that has befalllen the NY City public school system should hardly be viewed as a subject for levity.

At least have the decency to add or invite appropriate captions for such a tasteless billboard size photo.

Here are a few examples.

1) While someone seems "to have it in" for Mike, the new Union President seems to be loving it.

2) Though Mike seems to be the underdog at the moment he seems to enjoy that position.

3) How unsurprising that the Chancellor, as always, insists on being on Top of the Situation.

4) Silk sheets from Bloomingdales "we ASSume", noted a Daily News gossip columnist.

5) Love at first sight: Mike met Joel, he MULed it over and something GREW.

Anonymous said...


"Not that there is anything wrong with it".

I suppose that depends on which "position" Mike and Joel take.

Anonymous said...

Shocked, simply shocked, sir.

Just because David Pakter recently posted a statement that Mr. Klein represents "an obscene blight on the face of American education", something my wife and I agree with, there was no reason for you to translate Pakter's personal opinion about Klein in such graphic terms, especially when our daughter who is studying at NYU to be a teacher visits education blogs.

We are simply Shocked, Shocked, Shocked. Please demonstrate some discretion in the future.

Thank You

Fidgety said...

I think that your daughter should be fully prepared for the reality of the present state of education. She will find out soon enough.

Chaz said...

Maybe the picture is in poor taste but I can't see Mike Mulgrew standing up to Klein and Bloomberg.

A Teacher In The Bronx said...

Chaz what is in poor taste is that not once in his welcome letter did UFT Reichsleiter once mention the teachers in the Rubber Room, the ATR's how are it is open season on teachers.


The teachers in the Rubber Rooms and all ATRs were "written off" and tossed in the gutter long ago.

Both above groups as well as the teachers who are still in the classrooms are considered expendable by the present UFT leadership.

Ages ago when teachers were insulted and treated without respect OR dignity and illegally removed from schools, UFT President Albert Shanker closed down the whole system and brought the "Bosses" to their knees.

Whatever else anyone chooses to accuse Al Shanker of being, he never struck me as a Stooge and a Fifth Columnist for the DOE and the Mayor's office.

For decades I defended the UFT against all odds until I gradually began to see the light.

Power corrupts and absolute Power, corrupts Absolutely.

My NYSUT Attorney, the amazingly courageous Christopher M. Callagy, Esq. and a brave UFT reporter, Jim Callaghan, who has promised to Testify on my behalf during my current Trial, seem to be the only Union Men with any guts, still standing.

But anyone who doubts there are still some fighters out there, left among us, please attend my Trial at 49 Chambers Street, 6th Floor at 10 AM on Wed. Aug 5 and Thurs. Aug 6 in the Hearing Room of the Hon. Douglas J. Bantle, Esq.- who has been told my Trial will be his last.

He is yet another tragedy of the the viciousness of the Puppet Masters.

He is seen as too Honest, God Bless his Soul, and so he must go.

Anyone who may detect any trace of "obscenity" in the Billboard Photo of the "Great Pretender" should be aware that it is only a very tame and weak reflection of the Obscenities this faux un-credentialed "Chancellor" has visited on the lives of 100,000 (one hundred thousand) Dedicated NYC Teachers.

The miseries his policies and directives have caused a generation of Teachers and their more than One Million innocent children, will go down in the annals of NYC's history as New York City's "darkest hour".

Klein's unrelenting "give-aways" (wealth transfers) via No-Bid Contracts of Hundreds of Millions of NYC Taxpayer dollars that should be going into inner City classrooms is about as obscene as things get.

He will one day meet with Justice in the Federal Courts but tragically it will come too late for all the countless lives that were smashed up and destroyed by this ruthless, egotistical excuse for a human being- this Legend "in his own mind".

People who like Mr. Joel Klein, Esq. play with human Lives as if all Life is a game laid out on a table meant only for their personal pleasure, deserve whatever Fate the Federal Courts, in due time, decree for him.

For this writer the crimes of Bernard Madoff pale as meaningless compared to the heinous crimes of Mr. Klein.

Money lost is hardly the end of Life, but the dismantling and destruction of the Medical Illustration Program I created with my Blood, Sweat and Tears to free gifted Minority students from the drudgery of a life consigned to poverty, in the Galleys- that is a crime beyond forgiving.

No punishment can begin to represent Justice for the legions of people hurt by this pathetic excuse for a "Chancellor", Mr. Klein, Esq.

No picture or image, however large, can begin to convey what this sad spectacle of a man represents.

He is indeed the very definition of the term: OBSCENE.

DAVID PAKTER- Trial of a Whistle-blower
Wed Aug 5, Thurs Aug 6 at 10 AM
49 Chambers Street 6th Floor

Anonymous said...

We ATRs are told by the DoE and the UFT to look for jobs. But how can we when the official transfer login site

has the following "need not apply" message?:

“Important Note to All Users – Read Before Attempting to Register or Log In:
This system will not recognize user accounts from the Excess Staff Selection System or user accounts from prior Open Market periods. If this is your first login attempt for this Open Market period, please register as a new user.”
A cookie must indicate that my PC belongs to an ATR, because this subtitle appears early in the webpage:
“Excessed Staff Selection System - Sign In”

Activists and reporters need to know: we cannot apply to schools even if we want to. This flies in the face of official policy saying that ATRs have priority.