SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Ramona Duran, Mychael Willon and Lies at PS 157 District 7

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ramona Duran, Mychael Willon and Lies at PS 157 District 7

This is going to be the first a series of posts about the shenanigans of Ramona Duran, principal at PS 157 in her railroading of Francis Blake social studies teacher. Francis was brought up on incompetency charges and has spent the last two years in the rubber room. Francis went through his 3020a hearing and was found guilty. He has been suspended for two months and has been ordered to pay a five thousand dollar fine. Ramona Duran perjured herself throughout his trial, admitted to it and yet the arbitrator found her lies to be credible because as he said in his findings, "she didn't mean to lie." That is akin to me farting in front of Queen Elizabeth. I didn't mean to, but I did.

But how does DR Mychael Willon play into this? Seems DR Willon whilst LIS of region 9 in 2006 observed along with Ms Duran Francis Blake's lesson. Yes, it was an observation, but aren't administrators supposed to stay for the entire lesson? Not in this case. DR Willon and Ms Duran both left with approximately 20 minutes left in the lesson. Neither ever saw the completion. Never saw the students work in groups or the end product.

I bring this up because this lesson was rated unsatisfactory by Ms Duran and she testified to it in the trial of Francis Blake. Also, DR Willon testified in the trial and concurred with Ms Duran. So is that the truth and nothing but the truth DR Willon? Does DR Willon have a difficult time with the truth and reality? Why am I putting the abbreviation for Doctor in bold?

It seems that DR Willon does have a difficult time with truth and reality. In 2006, while DR Willon was still an LIS, the Rutland (VT) Herald wrote:
Mychael Willon, of Owego, N.Y., withdrew his candidacy in the wake of questions concerning his doctoral degree, which came from a diploma mill in Louisiana closed down by federal authorities in 1995.

It goes on to say:
While Willon has a lengthy and often meritorious career in education as a teacher and administrator, LaSalle University in Louisiana, where he obtained his doctorate online in 1993, does not.

The founder, James Virdamon Kirk, was sentenced to five years in jail for mail fraud.

The Louisiana institution has nothing to do with the accredited Catholic college of the same name in Philadelphia.

Willon said in published reports he did not know the university was a diploma mill.

"I enrolled in that university believing it was a creditable institution and had no idea that the individual in charge of the school would end up involved in an investigation," he said.

Seems that DR Willon does have a reality problem. When he was hired from Owego NY did he present himself to the DOE as a Doctor? Does the DOE know now in 2009 that DR Willon who just happens to be Director of the Principal Candidate Pool (whatever that means) is a liar and a cheat?

It's funny when reading that DR Willon was not aware in 2006 that LaSalle University of Louisiana was not a diploma mill when LaSalle was shut down, Thomas James Kirk aka, Thomas McPherson was indicted for fraud in 1996 and spent five years in prison.

Is it not a felony or at least a misdemeanor to use false documents and to present yourself as having a diploma and/or doctorate? Since it took DR Willon until 2006 to "come clean" how long was he using the PhD ruse? At least until he got caught in 2006. The Owego school district and the DOE should look into this immediately.


Anonymous said...

A hot mess! I was always suspect that something fishy was going on in this—and other—schools.

Anonymous said...

I think it is excellent when administrators are held accountable for their lies under oath. If they had a fear of lying, teachers would be in a much better postion at 3020a hearings.

His explanation for his non EdD is and was gibberish. He 'earned' his EdD did he not know it was a diploma mill. How can he possibly be a judge of good or bad teachers if he cannot recognize education when he does not see it! Too bad this information was not available at the 3020a hearing.

EdD's are worthless but I would think mail order Louisiana diploma mill EdD's are less than worthless.

Any updates on DP's hearings?

Finally, how does one 'lie' and not mean to. A lie is a deliberate mistruth with an intent to deceive.

Anonymous said...

"While Willon has a lengthy and often meritorious career in education as a teacher and administrator, LaSalle University in Louisiana, where he obtained his doctorate online in 1993, does not."

With the exception of the adult bookstore 'lewd and lascivious' arrest and sentencing, I guess.

He seems to have hopskotched quite a bit around the country. Maryland, Kansas, Upstate New York, New York City. It would appear that this superintendent has some, ahem, dirt on his hands. Somewhow I suspect he will be moving again. soon. Real soon. Whoever checked his credentials and background at the DOE should also be moving out. After all, he must have been fingerprinted during the course of his arrest (after washing his hands of course) and those crackerjack investigators at DOE checked that in 2005-2006...didn't they? Perhaps they were distracted by the recent flurry of frivolous 3020a cases and rubber room sentences.

Let's see if Mr Blake gets a refund and a settlement offer. Time for him to have a chat with his NYSUT attorney and - if necessary - a private attorney.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1. Is this real perjury...can we get the NYC DOE to admit this in writing?

2. Does this impugn her other Testimony? She is said to be a "joiner" While she will not initiate an action against a Teacher...she is said to "go-along" with al

3. Ms. Duran allegedly took part in the cover-up of a sex scandal in District 9.

Pete Zucker said...

Care to elaborate on #3?

Anonymous said...

Elaborate on the perjury.
With the right lawyer....

Anonymous said...

Regarding allegations of a sex scandal when Duran worked in District #9:
Ask her the circumstances of the Rating Officer's removal from the worksite. What were the allegations involving the UFT Delegate? What was the UFT Delegate accused of inciting children to do?

Duran has a lot of experience in "going out to lunch" with the UFT Delegate.

Peculiar...Ramona Duran will have no recollection of this--at all.
And records in the Superintenent's Office...?

Anonymous said...

Another esteemed alumnae from District 7.

Senor Pedro one time literally arrested on the job.

Later, reinvented as a Hearing Officer at the DOE...

Any info on the genesis...and troubling association of this person with the DOE?

In Fairness to him...if he WAS exonerated...and recycled as a Hearing Officer...why did Stancik make such a Bru-ha-ha about him?

Anonymous said...

Why was Dennis Sanchez removed from the work site when Ramona Duran worked in District 9?

She wasn't over-zealous go downtown...and testify...

She didn't hear anything...see anything...and all they did...was stick him in Santory-Guasp's Office...

The liability issues Early Childhood...witnessing what he did...?

See no Evil...Hear no Evil...Isn't that right...Ramona

Anonymous said...

Dear Catherine Hogan:

1. Please state the right, or lack of right, of Grievants to have the educational credentials of those testifying against them properly reviewed.

2. Please state the right, or lack of said right, of Grievants to have the backgrounds, and criminal backgrounds, of those who testify against them properly reviewed.

3. Please state the right, or lack of said right, of Grievants to be apprised of the relative success rates of those Teachers who avail themselves of the union lawyer, versus those Teachers who retain private counsel.

(This letter may only be written by the Grievant to the Attorney. Depending upon the answer, the Grievant may then go to the First Judicial District. Generally the lawyers will be very nice and professional...Some say it's because they don't want them to complain to the Bar Association...that there is a conflict of interest in the Unions' representation. The Bar not bound by the Statute of Limitations...

Anonymous said...

What is the upside of over-zealous testimony in downtown Brooklyn? What is the upside in covering up the shenanigans attendant with abuse of the public trust?

You wonder...

Anonymous said...

Are ALL members of the community allowed to review interactions between the Principal and UFT Delegate....for potential conflict of interests...ETHICS....?

What are the guidelines...personnel rules and regulations...regarding personal and financial matters between the Principal and the UFT Delegate?

What is the appropriate and ethical course of action...when Principal and UFT Delegate become romantically involved?

Anonymous said...

What is Alan Berg's working at these Kangaroo Court proceedings...and finding...that everyone on the NYC payroll is doing a good job?

How did he get his job? And, by the much money do the taxpayers cough up to pay him to determine that the Reading and Math scores...are in some way dramatic?

This is very politically incorrect!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ramona Duran:

What is the moral burden of the NYC DOE to address issues of Bullying as they relate to the children, parents, staff and community as a whole?

As an Hispanic community which is very macho, what are the special concerns?

What are the duties in regard to Orientation of staff? Are you under
no obligation to address this issue to staff and children?

Anonymous said...

In such a challenged school, what per cent of the children have Math and Reading scores at or above grade level? Is this information confidential? Is it accessible to the general public?

Anonymous said...

In such a challenged school...what percent of these children are born out of wedlock?

Is this information accessible to the general public?

Is there any relation between Math and Reading scores....and birth out of wedlock?

Anonymous said...

Who is the UFT Delegate in this school? How do we evaluate for Fairness/Objectivity?

Anonymous said...

Positive Reinforcoement
It is always important to note the daily challenges the Teachers face in such a school. They're doing a difficult a time of changing mores and values...Let's take think...and dwell on something positive...
It is only thru respect in education
that we will succeed.

Anonymous said...

Ramona Duran has told mothers on public assistance that they may aggrandize their entitlements....
by bearing children out of wedlock...

How's that for a moral leadership?

Anonymous said...

Fairness in Personnel Rules and Regulations...and Actions....

1. The New York City Corporation Counsel is ultimately responsible for the personnel actions taken by the NYC DOE.

2. They are to be applied fairly---to the extent that this is possible.

3. This means that the personnel penalties metered out by the NYC DOE
are subject to comparative review with ALL the agencies for which the NYC Corporation is liable.

Anonymous said...

1. Seeking blogs on the Ineligible/List

a. definition of the list.
b. Year in which it waas etablished...
c. Review of the list by age, race, gender, marital status, et. al.
d. Data on persons removed from the list.