SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Mychael Willon. When Will You Own Up?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mychael Willon. When Will You Own Up?

The hits just keep getting more interesting with Mychael Willon. A reader sent the blog a link that might shed more information on DR Willon and his phony diploma. When one reads what is there, the part that is interesting becomes more apparent.

'As for La Salle University in Louisiana, I enrolled in that college believing it was a credible institution and had no idea that the individual in charge of the school would end up involved in an investigation,' he wrote. ...

FBI documents show the lone faculty member at LaSalle University in Louisiana appeared be to responsible for all 15,000 students.

Bear thinks there are three type of people who enroll in degree mill programs: People who know and don't care, people who have suspicions but take a chance and a those who are fooled, he said. The last category is a small minority, he said.

But I noticed something in a previous post about DR Willon just now. In the Rutland VT newspaper they mention him as Mychael Willon of Owego, NY. But what is confusing is that in the fall of 2006 DR Willon was an LIS in the Bronx. Now I understand that I am just a lowly educator and not some big shot administrator, but it seems to be that must be one hell of a daily commute between Owego, NY and the Bronx. Which begs to answer, how often was DR Willon showing up to work? I doubt anyone commutes 3 1/2 hours each way for work.


Anonymous said...

This guy was a witness against a teacher?

Why not an ethics complaint similar to this one:

Was he referred to as Dr Willon on the record at the 3020a? Was he listed as Dr. Willon on the witness list? If so, this was quite a tainted 3020a...Even if he is no longer using it or just adopted it to look good in job interviews he nonetheless brings negative publicity to the NYC schools and thus needs to be disciplined. Rather unfortunate your friend's NYSUT attorney could not use this to discredit the witness ("Mr Arbitrator this 'Superintendent' did not know he was attending a non existent school and then lied about it on the on earth does he know anything about teaching and he would lie about it anyway etc etc")

There are over a thousand stories on the internet about this phoney diploma mill and the FBI investigation and subsequent jailing of its 'president'.

This could get interesting.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, apparently he was known as Dr. Willon when he was the superintendent of the Owego Apalachin School District (see page 1, lower right.) (
The district publication notes "Dr Willon" left in October of 2005 for a position with the New York City district. I wonder how he represented himself to the city...if he represented himself to Rutland as DR Willon sometime late in 2006!! Upon the discovery of his misrepresentation by Rutland's hiring committee , December of 2006, he withdrew his name from consideration for the Rutland, VT postion ( and apparently has escaped unscathed to appear at a 3020a hearing. About education. Under oath. Hmmmmmmmmm

NY_I said...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I've linked your article to my recent post which deals with the inconsistency between how the DOE treats principals and accused teachers.
-and the media, which one do you think call "pervy"?