SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: More Details on Mychael Willon

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Details on Mychael Willon

This just in to the SBSB newsroom. DR Mychael Willon was arrested on August 8. 1989. Not only was he charge with lewd and lascivious behavior, but also a charge of sexual battery. This per the September 30, 1989 issue of the Wichita Eagle newspaper.
Wichita Eagle, The (KS)

Author: From Eagle staff reports Edition: CITY EDITION
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Former McCollom Elementary School Principal Mychael Willon, who was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior and sexual battery in an adult video store on Aug. 8, pleaded not guilty Friday in Wichita Municipal Court and an October trial date was set. Willon took a voluntary leave of absence from McCollom after his arrest.



My Goodness, My-chael:

Whether or not parents in 1950 had problems spelling "Michael" I do not know.

What is clear is that you have problems differentiating between moral versus immoral behavior.

But then that is likely precisely why you have succeeded so well in the field of Education where individuals attracted to the obscene as well as obscene behavior seem to thrive and flourish.

My, My, My. Isn't it something.

Anonymous said...

At this point nothing surprises me about this New York City School District Administrator.

While his sentence for his sex crime and the negative reactions of several school boards upon discovering his criminal past as well their reactions to discovering his misrepresentations about his "Doctorate" have been well documented all over the web it seems there was another issue in Owego Apalchin when he served as superintendent and left under mysterious circumstances to surface in...wait for it..New York City's Department of Education.

In Owego Apalachin School district he was known as DR. Willon although he seems not to have used the while serving in the New York City's Department of Education as a community superintendent. But then he whipped it out again (I'm talking about the fraudulent Doctorate of course)) to apply for positions in Vermont and Massachusetts.

I wonder why he left his superintendent postion in Owego Apalachin?

Anonymous said...


Editing issues as I tried, really I did, to avoid the 'double entendre' in my post.

Add the word "Doctorate" before the word "while" in the third paragraph. And of course 'postion' should be 'position' in the second to last line.

David...this is why you should google the heck out of any opposition witnesses. I'm a silent fan of yours that keeps missing your hearings.

Anonymous said...

I would still like to see the police report and mug shot!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: FOIL Wichita Police Department (August 8, 1989). It is easier than commenting.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:39 AM (8/27/09), one would have to cite KORA (the Kansas Open Records Act).

But it looks as if an arrest report is only partially accessible:

Maybe South Bronx would be good enough to do a bit more investigative research into Mychael Willon, and then share the fruits with us all!

Anonymous said...

Is Francis Parker appealing the 3020a?

What is the name of the Attorney?
Private________or, NYSUT_________.

I requested of Carol Gerstow, Esq. an aide to Randi Weingarten, for UFT members to have access to a comparison of how Grievants fare with private lawyers vs. lawyers provided by UFT/NYSUT.

Ms. Gerstow replied, "No comment."