SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Amy Mcintosh Finally Gets Boinked

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Amy Mcintosh Finally Gets Boinked

First, a hearty welcome to all you Freepers who have found this blog. Please don't just read about Amy McIntosh's incompetence, get a cup of coffee, a beer, whatever soothes you and stay awhile. Read through this blog and see why urban education is a mess, and how Joel Klein enables an out of control school administration. My email address is on the sidebar and will be elated to answer any questions. I am also giving permission to use any and all content in its entirety.

Now back to Amy. Amy's husband, Jeffrey Toobin made the New York Post today for allegedly sticking his ding dong in another's hoo ha without Amy's knowledge. This is what happens when liberals run amok. Sorry Amy, chin up, OK?

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