Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

John Deacon, when you arrive home, when others are are still hard at work, can you look back at the day with satisfaction? What about when you look in the mirror? Are you proud of what you haven't accomplished and what you are slowly destroying?

When parents drop their children off in the morning they expect two things. One, that their children will be educated, and two, that their children will be in a safe environment. Are you able to answer in the affirmative that both expectations are being served?

Why John Deacon, why this inability to look inward, this lack of self-reflection? The oasis in the Bronx that the teachers, the community have created is being annihilated by an utter lack of regard for anyone but yourself.

Do you feel what others feel? Are you bereft of any emotions, any empathy? Are you projecting some hatred and/or anger from whence you came? This are children, and all seem to care about is taking care of yourself.

If your children were in a school that operated as this school has under your reign, exactly what would you do? Would you not take umbrage? Would you be outraged, flabbergasted, appalled?

John Deacon, are you proud of what you see in the mirror?

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