SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Something Has To Be Done

Monday, March 2, 2009

Something Has To Be Done

I think it is official now. The school is completely out of control. The students are now in charge. The administration has now ceded control.

  • Students are running wild everyday, all day long throughout the school.
  • There is no physical education program. The gym is unlocked. Equipment not locked away. Students have taken basketballs and gone "bowling" in the hallways. The students have taken the basketball carts and have had chariot races.
  • Students are wearing colors and other gang paraphernalia.
  • Students have cursed at teachers repeatedly.
  • Students get physical with teachers.
  • There have been unauthorized water balloon fights.
Dear Principal John Deacon is officially a circus act. So is Numb Nuts, The Chosen One, and The Body. All incompetent and in above their heads. This core group is neglectful of students and are in the school for one reason only. To serve themselves.

But why is this happening?

  • The school is slated to be closed and turned into a charter school.
  • Dear Principal John Deacon is just counting down the days to retirement.
  • Dear Principal John Deacon is grossly incompetent.
Whatever it is, the students, the parents, the community are not being served at all. The only way to do anything is to start speaking up now. This is a great school, with a great foundation and it is being destroyed by a nasty, mean person. It is now March 2, the only way to save this school and this community is to take a stand now. We must not let this school fail, nor fail the children. We need to hold the administration, and the DOE accountable. There is strength in numbers. I know that for a fact. We can prevail if we as teachers, parents, students come together and let anyone and everyone know what is happening. The more people that are aware the safer we are. What would you do if your child was in this school?

All I can say is those that know me and are ready to do the right thing let me know.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

This story repeats itself again and again and again with the same cast of characteres only the names change. I know I have been there and expect to be there again!