Monday, March 2, 2009

A Plan Is On The Board!

A special new program has been implemented last week to react to student's that cause mayhem in the school. There are revolutionary on scale, and just might set the standard for student disciplinary procedure throughout the 21st century. These plans have yet to be copyrighted so the lawyers here at SBSB have given the go ahead to publish the plans. The two plans are:

Operation Please:

In this plan a student that has hit a teacher, a child, used foul language, thrown milk, not gone to class all week is brought to Numb Nuts office. Once there Numb Nuts, or Dear Principal John Deacon, or The Chosen One sits the offending student down. They then say to the child, "please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, will you behave?" The child seeing that Numb Nuts, Dear Principal John Deacon, or The Chosen One is serious, promptly agrees to this and is sent back to class. Or the hallway.

Operation Office:

In this plan administration are assigned to be in their office at a certain time. This overrides the previous edict by Dear Principal John Deacon that "I do not want my AP's in their offices at all." Dear Principal John Deacon and its minions will be at their desks at scheduled times during the school day ready and willing to take responsibility for the circus like atmosphere they have created. Only during these appointed times will administration implement Operation Please. If sh** happens when they are not in their office, then tough you know what.

But if all else fails there still is:

Operation Ostrich:

Very Simple. Head is hidden in sand, hope the problem goes away.

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