Thursday, June 4, 2009

Randi Weingarten's Testicles

Yeah, I know she hasn't any. I mean literally. Unfortunately as a union leader, figuratively she hasn't any testicles. What is it with her and always acquiescing to whatever Mayor Bloomberg wants and/or demands?

Over at Gotham Schools I read how parents and my union brothers and sisters are pissed with her. Again. She just does not get it or want to get it. The system is broken, mayoral control, as it is, is not working. This quote bothers me the most, “It’s always been a balance of stability, cohesion, and responsibility, which is what mayoral control brought us," blabbered Randi. Please!! There is no stability, no cohesion, and certainly no responsibility. Not at Tweed and certainly not at 52 Broadway.

You mention stability Randi? Where? In the schools where teachers leave in droves because of dictatorial, incompetent principals? Schools that have any teacher over forty sent to the rubber room on trumped up charges? This is stable for the students? For the school community? Where are the regions? Oh they are gone. No we have LSO's, ISC's, etc... No one knows where to go or whom to see with a problem.

Cohesion is a laugh! There is none. Not in the schools. Instead of administration and staff doing what is best for the students, it has become a pissing match my the incompetent, dictatorial principals who seem to get away with whatever they want to. Everything now is top down. That is no way to run a business let alone a school.

There is no responsibility, unless Randi's idea of responsibility is passing the buck, and that is what Mayor Bloomberg and his hand puppet Klein do. It is never their fault. It is always someone else. And guess what? There is no responsibility from the UFT to its members. Zero. None. Nada. Everything is the teachers fault from Tweed, and from the union all we get is "let's not get them too angry." Bullocks!

How can Randi serve two masters? The AFT and the UFT?

Randi, you are a labor leader. Grow a set already.

Coming Soon: Proof how Randi lies.