Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Awesome Example of Children First

This past Monday, February 23, the students of mine and yours favorite second grade CTT (Collaborative Team Teaching) class lost their teacher. Their teacher, their surrogate mother, was transferred to a fifth grade 12:1 class. And this is nothing against the teacher who remains. The teacher who remained is an excellent teacher, a teacher that cares. And so is the teacher that was removed. But what is troubling is why this teacher was removed.

The teacher was removed because the students in the 12:1 were roaming the halls every single day, just about all day long. Instead of disciplining the students like a competent administrator, Dear Principal John Deacon is dealing with a problem the best way it could by closing its eyes and wishing really, super duper hard the problem will go away. But it gets even better.

As I mentioned in the past this class had been out of compliance. This class had 22 students. Thirteen general ed. students, and nine special ed. students. Remember, the ratio is supposed to be 60/40 general ed. But another second grade class was collapsed, and this CTT class received six students from this class. Now there are twenty-eight students all together in this class. So the ratio is a tad off kilter still. Now nineteen general ed. students, and nine special ed. I am not a mathematician, but this not not seem to make that magic 60/40 split. However, I can be wrong. But wait!!

The class limit for 2nd grade is twenty-five. But, you ask, a class size grievance can be filed. Oh no, not just yet. That is because these six new students have not been officially added to the class roster. Funny stuff is being done with ATS. Tsk tsk. But, Dear Principal John Deacon's main sycophant, the person with the most access to ATS, has yet to make the change. Is this person just following orders as the Nazis claimed at Nuremberg? Could be. But I am sure this sycophant is getting something in return; such as a close family member being taken care of in a certain way. **Cough** indirect pay-off **Cough** (I will have more on this tomorrow!)

Here is a question I am throwing out to the reading public. District superintendent and BFF Yolanda Torres is very much aware of what is going on in this school. I wonder how Ms Torres feels what is transpiring with this second grade class is an example of Children First. I think it is time that BFF has an intervention with her BFF and tell her the jig is up.

NYPD Knows

A student goes up to a teacher in my school and says, "Me and my gang are going to kill you." What does the teacher do? Better yet, what should the teacher do? Notify Numb Nuts of the indiscretion? Of course not. Numb Nuts will talk to the boy in his condescending, patronizing voice to the boy and ultimately do nothing. Perhaps Dear Principal, John Deacon might be notified? No, John Deacon is too busy holding up in its bunker to care or do anything other than being useless. So what should this teacher do?

The teacher did the right, and now the only thing to do. The phone was picked up and 911 was called. We are done dealing with incompetent, lazy, hide their head in the sand administrators. From now on when a teacher is either touched, or threatened 911 will be called. This should also be done whenever Numb Nuts touches a student.

The cops came an awoke Dear Principal John Deacon from some useless endeavor it was involved in. Unfortunately NYPD instead of sending Sipowicz and Simone sent Toody and Muldoon instead. They informed all involved that there is nothing that they can do, and that another city agency can't investigate another city agency. Yeah, sure. And I am the queen of England.

Remember, see something, say something. Keep calling 911 and the light stays shining on the school, and hopefully Numb Nuts can be in a perp walk.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Farty Pants

Back in December I discussed how a teacher did not fart in the manner as prescribed by chancellor's regulations. Today that teacher had a meeting with John Deacon in which the teacher was accused of not farting improperly, but not informing dear principal John Deacon that a fart had happened.

John Deacon was irate. John Deacon told this teacher that according to chancellor's regulations when one is about to cut the cheese that principal must be notified. John Deacon was asked to show where in chancellor's regulations it mandates officially notifying a principal that a fart has commenced or happened. In my opinion, and this is without delving into the deep, twisted abyss of the principals head, John Deacon wishes to be informed of any and all farts in case there needs to be something covered up.

Anyway this teacher was livid. This seems so petty. Why is John Deacon obsessed with this teacher's flatulence, when we have Numb Nuts that continues to sh** on students. Even when Numb Nuts knows that the eyes of the world are upon him, he sees no reason to stop his defacating on students. Numb Nuts will seriously hurt a student one day with his excessive pooping. But John Deacon has bigger concerns. Like whether or not it was informed that a fart was on its way.

An Exclusive Numb Nuts Video!

SBSB has come across another before seen video of Numb Nuts going through training to be an AP.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It Serves No Purpose

The Body went on a special mission today. The Body with all its training in education administration is nothing more than the lowly gofer or errand boy. I doubt The Body had anticipated doing this for a living, but circumstances that it controls has enabled The Body to be nothing more. For 66K, one must wonder if the DOE is getting its money's worth.

One more thing. The Body needs to stop wearing that Judy Garland hat. Only Judy can wear that hat. Not It!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another John Deacon Sighting

Our Dear Leader, er I meant, principal has been located yet again. It seems that it somehow traveled back in time.

I have your located your principal in Rome. I do not know the technology of the 21st century, but how did she get here?

Julius Caesar, Ancient Rome

Thanks Jules for locating her! We will somehow send you an official SBSB T Shirt.

Dinonysus Follow-Up

Sometime ago I had mentioned another assistant principal in another school that had used a slur against a teacher. That assistant principal, Dionysus, finally got his last week. He was forced to spend several hours in an EOE sponsored sensitivity class. I guess this is good for any teachers who in the future use a slur against administrators. All that teacher needs to do is go to a sensitivity class and the matter is dropped.

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Morality. Been thinking about it a lot lately, especially in how it relates to the happenings in my school. We can go by the theory that children are all moral, in that they do not have the capacity to understand nor comprehend immorality, that they are the innocents. Educators, those that should know better, can be either or. We are given someone else's kids and for six hours and twenty minutes we are responsible for the lives. No other way to put it. That is a fact. I don't want to delve into curriculum, instruction, etc... because in my opinion you can't have that if you do not have a safe, warm, inviting environment for students. Am I making sense?

So this brings me back to the morality, or the lack of it in my school. Are these administrators, John Deacon, and Numb Nuts, are they moral people? The students certainly are. The teachers certainly are. But to me the moral people in my school portrayed as selfish, and self centered, and the administrators and their enablers are, hiding behind their religious teachings, in this case directives from Tweed, to protect and justify their actions, or inactions.

I just want to know if these two can look in the mirror at night and like what they are.

If You See Something, Say Something

Calling OSI is a waste in regards to Numb Nuts continuing habit of assaulting students. I refuse to call it corporal punishment. It is assault. The report will get lost in the labyrinth of OSI.

Call 911. Simple as that. The next time you see a student assaulted or a student reports to a teacher of assault by Numb Nuts call 911. Let NYPD deal with this. Don't think for a moment that the administration will protect you and not call NYPD if the situation ever arises. By having NYPD involved, the parent will be called and best, there will not be the Nixonian cover-up.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

Where is the outrage? The two people in the highest positions of educational leadership in NYC, Joel Klein and Randi Weingarten, both know of and are aware of the situation in my school and have done nothing to help the children. Oh yes there has been lip service, but the Tweed tactics of stall, delay, hide head in sand are apparent from the UFT.

There are just a few in my school that are doing all they can to facilitate change at my school. Sooner or later these teachers will just get to exasperated and give up. Go elsewhere. These teachers, including Mrs God, and Candy are two of the best teachers I have seen. They give their all, not just as teachers, but as people. Is this not the type of teacher Joel Klein wants?

Errol Louis of the Daily News has this blog sent to him. Today he had a great column about how school safety more or less uses excessive policing on students. But do you think for one moment he has inquired about students being assaulted (yes I am calling it that from now on) by an assistant principal? Wouldn't he care about the laws that are being broken, the regulations being ignored? Someone needs to get the word out. We thought we had someone from The Middle Kingdom, but we are being screwed.

I care about these students. I know I might not come across as if I do, but I truly do. What I am doing I am not doing for myself or any kind of adulation. I am doing it because the children of my school deserve the best. This is a great school, with great teachers ,and a real caring community. But the children are learning that they don't mean anything. That they are just being used to make administrators justify their own lack of skills. Kids are smart. Kids know the deal.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Exclusive Video of Numb Nuts

We here at SBSB have just come across a video of Numb Nuts at assistant principal school. This video was taken during the AP school Olympics. I can't use his real name, see if yolu can figure out which one Numb Nuts is.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yet Another John Deacon Sighting!

Yes, the "Search for John Deacon '09" continues. This time our principal was located in a town called Rock Ridge.

I have come across your principal spending time with Sheriff Bart. I secretly recorded their encounter so that I might one day be able to blackmail the sheriff and then I will be the ruler of Rock Ridge.

Hedley Lamar, Rock Ridge

Thanks Heddy. We will send you out an official SBSB T shirt.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The First John Deacon Sighting

We already have a response in SBSB's "Search for John Deacon '09" A reader wrote in.

I saw your dear principal in a Bed and Breakfast just outside of Carmel, CA. I enclosed a video and hope that it is useful.

Clint Eastwood, Carmel, CA

Hey thanks a a lot Clint. You will be sent an official SBSB T shirt. Now let's check out that video.

Where In The World Is John Deacon?

Looks like John Deacon has pulled a Matt Lauer and is somewhere, or better yet for John Deacon, nowhere to be found. Why is this important? Because John Deacon had issued an edict August 28th, 2008 that personal days will not be granted the day before a vacation or the day after a vacation. Why again you ask is this important? Let's back track a bit first.

The day before Thanksgiving, John Deacon mysteriously disappeared at 12 30 to allegedly attend a meeting. Who schedules a meeting the afternoon of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving? Only John Deacon. Wink, wink, nod, nod. But John Deacon was sans car that day. I wonder how John Deacon got to that meeting.

Now we flash forward to yesterday. John Deacon, again sans car, leaves early for an all important doctors appointment, and won't be returning until Tuesday, February 24, 2009. That is one heck of a long doctors appointment!

We here at SBSB will be looking under ever rock, in ever cave, in every doctor's waiting room attempting to locate John Deacon. Already reports have surfaced that John Deacon is at a doctor's office in Florida. But since this is unconfirmed it must only be reported as rumor. But check back during the week. All sightings of John Deacon will be reported here during the "Search for John Deacon, '09!"

Jethro Tull

Friday, February 13, 2009

How Can This Be True?

A colleague of mine that is sitting in the Rubber Room found out what his "charges" are yesterday. Understand that these charges are still under investigation, that they are alleged, and contrary to the DOE's believes, innocent till proven guilty. He was charged with allowing students to run out of the class, and verbal abuse.

But loyal readers I ask this question. Why does this teacher sit in the Rubber Room? Why does this teacher have charges? Why am I asking these questions? Why is this teacher any different from what is going on in my school?

Students run around all day in my school, John Deacon knows about it and does nothing at all. Except when John Deacon's best friend is in the school and locks the kids away like one would the crazy aunt when company arrives. I would have to come to the conclusion that not only is John Deacon condoning such behavior, but is culpable in it as well.

John Deacon also covers up Numb Nuts physical abuses of students. Numb Nuts has several allegations of corporal punishment. He continues to get ever so close to the line. Why has he not stopped this deranged, anti-social behavior? Could it be that John Deacon condones said behavior? And if John Deacon condones said behavior, then John Deacon must be culpable in this behavior. I wonder if John Deacon thinks this is OK: CHECK THIS OUT!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Fix Is In! Part 2

When I was a youngling, well actually 21 I was enjoying life far away from home in the SUNY system. One evening upon returning to my dorm I stopped by a room to say hi to the guys. I was standing in the door when suddenly out of the blue came the big headed resident assistant and told us we were all busted. Busted for having too many people in a room whilst alcohol was present.

The rule was no more than eight in the room. I was the ninth, even though I was standing in the door. The alcohol was a garbage can filled with a liner that contained a Blue Whale. For those who do not know a Blue Whale is vodka, Blue Curacao liqueur, orange juice. Tasty! Since all of us in that room were on probation from the first week of the semester for having 30 people in a room with 200 empties, and another two cases of beer to drink, our prospects did not look very good. And there was also other stuff we did. I think it involved a midget, an amputee, and Jell-O. But I digress.

What were we to do? The resident director really hated us. But he was hated by the other RD's that made up the council that was to hear our case. This was good. Because one night whilst delivering a pizza to another RD I told him of our plight. He told me not to worry, that he will see to it that we are exonerated. After my shift that night I told the guys not to worry. We then celebrated with a case of Labatt's Blue. Oh, and a week later we had the hearing. All went according to plan. We were just told to stay away from trouble. We didn't.

So why do I share this with the loyal readers of this blog? Compare this story and the story of the quality review in my school. Notice a difference? Something was fixed about college hijinks, or whatever it is that has gone awry. All who was affected were some drunken college kids and moron RD. It was fun, it was college.

But the fix in my school. Two middle aged women who ought to know better, something that is unethical, if not immoral, and conspiratorial has been perpetrated not only on the community, the teachers, but worse, on the children. These two culprits do not care one iota about Children First. All these two care about is taking care of one another, looking out for one another, and to hell with the children of the South Bronx if it will advance their own agenda.

Great News!!!

The preliminary report from the quality review says that my school provides a safe learning environment for students.

Must be great to have your best friend be involved with the review.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The SBSB Blogger Mail

I thought this would be a good time to answer some email that I have gotten over the last several months concerning the blog. I hope this will answer any questions my loyal and faithful readers have.

What made you do start this blog?
Bob Smith, Weehawken, NJ

Good question Bob. I have always wanted to keep a journal of any sort, but I hate writing with a pen or pencil. Get too much strain in my hand and my handwriting is quite spastic. What better way I thought to myself than to keep a blog online in which my thoughts are transposed through a keyboard.

Do you have some hidden agenda?
Kyle Smith, Flushing, NY

Oh no Kyle I do not. The only agenda I have is to reveal what is going on within a NYC public school. If what I saw was benign I would write about those things as well. Unfortunately, what I see is what I write about.

You see Kyle, it is about the children. I am a parent, there are parents that read this blog. There are parents that don't read the blog and expect when they drop their children off at school that they will be in a safe atmosphere and be able to learn. This is not happening at my school. I have no ax to grind, other than the fact that the students at my school are being neglected by administration.

Come on, you really are bitter aren't you?
Harvey Smith, Poughkeepsie, NY

No, not bitter at all. If defending children is bitter than call me bitter. M'kay?

What is this obsession with Numb Nuts?
Amanda Smith, Greenwich, CT

There is no obsession at all. No hatred. The man is a treasure trove of material. If he ever changed his ways this blog would be kaput.

What is so special about your school? I am sure this happens at other schools, why single out yours?
Bertha Smith, Roslyn, NY

You write about what you know. And care about. I feel for the other students in other schools, but have to look at my little corner of the world.

What is the deal with all this videos you put up? Are there hidden meanings?
John Smith, Jamestown, VA

Figure it out.

How do I get cat pee out of my carpet?
Raul Smith, Yonkers, NY

You some apple cider vinegar. Will not only get the pee out but get rid of the smell as well.

Would what I read in your blog ever be allowed in my child's district?
Dean Smith, Scarsdale, NY


Did anyone win the SBSB contest?
Sean Smith, Utica, NY

No. No one entered. Couldn't find a way to put the scenario as a children first one.

Am I really that lame and incompetent?
Numb Nuts, Bronx, NY

Does a bear make a doody in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic? Does the Sun rise in the east? Does the Earth orbit the Sun? Are children our future? Is George W. Bush a dry drunk? Are there taxes? Come on.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The scream was almost blood curdling. It was during the 2nd grade picnic four years ago and a male student from another class started hitting a female student from Candy's class. The scream was coming from Candy as if her own flesh and blood were being attacked.

You see, this is the type of teacher she is. Candy just doesn't teach, Candy incorporates herself into the students lives. Candy will go through a wall for the students. Even when you see Candy completely frazzled and exasperated, she will be there for her students.

Candy has had some rough classes in the past. Real tough kids. And somehow Candy manages to see these kids through. This is dedication. I am not saying that there are no other teachers in the school like Candy, there are in my school, but we are discussing Candy now.

As a person, Candy is not a phony. You know where you stand with Candy. And best of all Candy is not shy with an opinion. Candy is the type of person will tell you whether or not you being a putz, or if you need someone to talk to you can count on Candy.

The administration is lucky to have Candy. But if things like this continue, Candy gonna be gone real soon.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Dude Rocks!

The Dude is smart. I mean smart. And boy is he perceptive. If he respects you, he will go through a wall for you. If he doesn't respect you, he can make your live a living hell. The trick is to win his respect, to win his trust. How is that done? Simple. Be firm. Mean what you say. Make him feel important. Give him boundaries. Do not patronize nor condescend. And don't abuse him.

Today a teacher told me that The Dude in a private conversation, completely on his own volition, explained how the school doesn't care about him. And that Numb Nuts abuses him. Wow, out of the mouths of babes comes this. The Dude is so verbal. The Dude knows the deal. The Dude speaks the truth. The Dude is all right.

Why won't my school administrators do right by The Dude?

Tune in tomorrow. I am going to explain my motive behind this blog, and why Children First is a scam.

The Dude and the ELA Exam

This is weird. Or is it disturbing? It can be both. But the fact that something like this can happen should show why certain people should not be administrators.

The Dude was late both days of the statewide ELA test. Once a student is late, the student can not enter the room and take the test. In my school the student goes to a holding area. The Dude, might I believe, also have some test modifications that are afforded him. But the thing is The Dude must take the test.

One of the assistant principals, not Numb Nuts, but The Chosen One, has refused to allow The Dude to take a make up ELA test. The Chosen One feels that The Dude had his chance and blew it. There is no time limit on the when to take a make up.

Just another story in the long list of The Dude getting screwed.

And what do you think Tricky Dick would have to say about this?