Thursday, February 26, 2009

Farty Pants

Back in December I discussed how a teacher did not fart in the manner as prescribed by chancellor's regulations. Today that teacher had a meeting with John Deacon in which the teacher was accused of not farting improperly, but not informing dear principal John Deacon that a fart had happened.

John Deacon was irate. John Deacon told this teacher that according to chancellor's regulations when one is about to cut the cheese that principal must be notified. John Deacon was asked to show where in chancellor's regulations it mandates officially notifying a principal that a fart has commenced or happened. In my opinion, and this is without delving into the deep, twisted abyss of the principals head, John Deacon wishes to be informed of any and all farts in case there needs to be something covered up.

Anyway this teacher was livid. This seems so petty. Why is John Deacon obsessed with this teacher's flatulence, when we have Numb Nuts that continues to sh** on students. Even when Numb Nuts knows that the eyes of the world are upon him, he sees no reason to stop his defacating on students. Numb Nuts will seriously hurt a student one day with his excessive pooping. But John Deacon has bigger concerns. Like whether or not it was informed that a fart was on its way.

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