Monday, December 22, 2008

Time To Get Kinky

...feelin scared, hidden cameras everywhere
Stop! hold on. stay in control

Something weird is going on the last two weeks. Feel as if I am being watched.

cause theres a red, under my bed
And theres a little yellow man in my head
And theres a true blue inside of me

I see him everywhere. He stops. He walks by.

Paranoia, the destroyer.

The last two weeks every time Numb Nuts sees me talking to a student or a teacher he makes it so obvious. He changes direction, tries to see what is going on. Why I wonder?

She said, man, theres really something wrong with you.
One day you're gonna self-destruct.

No, this is demented. he doesn't even know how to be subtle in his eavesdropping.

You blowing it all with paranoia
You're so insecure you self-destroyer

Maybe if Numb Nuts felt more secure, maybe if he didn't have a mentor that comes in 3X a week after being an administrator he wouldn't follow me and listen in on me.

Theres a red, under my bed
And theres a little green man in my head
And he said, you're not goin crazy, you're just a bit sad
cause theres a man in ya, knawin ya, tearin ya into two.

I got a Numb Nuts attached to me. Following me. Watching me. Gnawing me. But stay away from my bed please.

Just remember Numb Nuts........
wreck your health
Destroy friends, destroy yourself
The time device of self-destruction
Light the fuse and start eruption

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Chosen One

It's official. There was white smoke seen from the school's chimney. Today, pending any unforeseen happenings, the interim acting title has been removed and the third, yes you read that right, third assistant principal in our school of about 500 has been anointed. I hope I am wrong. I hope the C-30 committee was able to see the light. I guess we will find out tomorrow.

The Chosen One had been an AP, both acting interim, on two previous occasions in my school. Two years ago The Chosen One quit after a month because The Chosen One got the ten month gig and returned to the classroom. Last year The Chosen One was IA for the entire year only to learn The Chosen One was excessed and had to return to the classroom. John Deacon comes in and presto! The Chosen One licks up the excrement that John Deacon spews and is now sitting pretty. Just proves that the third time is the charm.

Think about how lucky The Chosen One is. The third time as AP, the third AP. Things that come in three are good. Think about it. Chip, Ernie, and Robbie. Moe, Larry and Curly. Tinker, Evers and Chance. Groucho, Harpo and Chico. The list is endless. If I were The Chosen One I would play all 3's tomorrow.

I must leave now. But I have written a song for The Chosen One. It goes to the tune of Lionel Ritchie's Three Times a Lady.

Thanks for the times
That you've given us
The questions are all in our heads
And now that we've come
To the end of the process
Theres something
We must say out loud
You're once, twice
Three times an AP
Yes you're once twice
Three times an AP

When we are working
What you do we wonder
With every ounce of our brains
To see you to know you
To feel that you sold it
Theres no soul left in you
You're once twice
Three times an AP

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Manhandling What Is Right

Thursday, December 11, 2009. Numb Nuts in order to punish, correct, the behavior of Ba Ba Booey in the cafeteria made the student clean the cafeteria. Is this not corporal punishment? I know that as a teacher that we can't make a student write repetitively, stand in one place for a long time, or cause undue duress.

Now, Ba Ba Booey's mom came in pissed to the hilt on Thursday. She went to meet with John Deacon, but John Deacon would not deal with her. John Deacon sent for Numb Nuts. Numb Nuts is the reason the mom is there. John Deacon is the leader of the school. Why is not John Deacon being a leader?

But there are bigger questions. Why is Numb Nuts unable to control a lunch room that consists of only three, yes THREE, classes? It is not as if he is alone. He does have several aides to assist him. But here is the more serious question and one that will never, ever be answered. How many corporal punishment allegations need to be made against Numb Nuts for someone to see the light? When will something be done? When a student is seriously injured? If that is when, it will be too late.

As mentioned earlier, The Big O is in the rubber room for accidentally having his hand come in contact with a student's face. The student was out of his seat. The Big O was teaching with back turned writing on the board. When The Big O turned around to reach for something, contact was made. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! He gets sent to the rubber room, but Numb Nuts continuously, and not by mistake, manhandles children and what happens to him? He gets rewarded like George Tenent, et al. did for leading us into a f***ed up war.

John Deacon really truly needs The Big O. Anything less and it is not real.

My Hand, Man!

My left hand.The hand that I write with, the hand that I throw with, the hand that eat with, the hand that I, oh never mind. TMI. Anyway on Thursday I was covering a class. A Certain Student, on advice of Mrs Met, suggested that I take him for a walk when he gets agitated. No problem. We walk around the school, try to get him refocused, etc... Now mind you this is a CTT class I am covering. On the way back to the class he takes off from me. No one to call in the school. So I follow him. He is in the class but as I open the door he pushes back on it. I am halfway in, and then turn my head to ask a student in the hall to return to class. At this moment A Certain Student closes the door on my left hand. Ouch. Sh**.

Still no one around to take care of A Certain Student. I, and the other teacher fill out occurance reports. I, since I had my hand slammed in a door, fill out an accident report. You would think that John Deacon would take some kind of interest in this fiasco. No. Grossberger is the one to fill out these reports. It will be interesting tomorrow if there is a number and if it was filed within 24 hours.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Too F**king Funny! Or Pathetic?

The ineptitude of Numb Nuts just continues to grow.

Want to know what happened today?

Are you sure?

A warning. If you have issues with bladder control go to the bathroom now.

Or go to the closet and put on your Depends.

Also, remove all beverages from your mouth. We wouldn't want it shooting out your nose, would we?

I will wait while you do these things.



OK ready? Here we go. Today a student in a lower grade smacked his teacher in her face. The teacher, Tin Foil Girl promptly brought him to Numb Nuts office. Now this is not the first time the teacher has been met with violence. A student once threw a chair at her head and connected. Both these student fall under the auspicies of Numb Nuts. What was Numb Nuts solution to these problems?

Numb Nuts sent the boy back to class today, and the other one as well. In fact Tin Foil Girl has given, or at least attempted to give, Numb Nuts five incident reports. But Numb Nuts either refuses to accept them or does not file them. Seems that is an illegal act. But he is above the law, he is an administrator.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tweed, Another One For You All!

Pay attention. Watch. Learn. Feel what we feel.

Incident Report

An incident report is filed by a teacher whenever there is some sort of serious incident. Usually a fight, an assault upon a teacher, etc... The union wishes us to file one for everything and generally I and other teachers have no problem with doing so. There is a catch. The principal has 24 hours from the time of the incident to report it, and when it is reported a control number is given.

What this does is it leaves an all important paper trail. What it also does is makes the principal do what a cockroach does when the lights are turned on. It scurries away. The principal does not wish for this kind of attention. It does not bode well for them. So what do they do?

Incident reports are buried. And in my school they seem to be deep under the lush carpeting of reality. I can think of at least eight incident reports that have been filed. These range from teacher assaults, to student on student assault, to first graders making out, to a five year old masturbating, to threats upon staff. Not one teacher has received a control number. Go figure.

Suffice it to say, one would have to assume that the incident reports were never filed. Can't prove it, but come on it just seems so obvious. I guess it is a good thing John Deacon is a principal because why else would John Deacon think John Deacon is above the law?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lawbreaking 101

Hey. Guess what? Another law is being broken. Or at least it is being seriously bent. Remember that 2nd grade CTT (collaborative team teaching) class I have mentioned in the past. The one that has 15 special ed. students as opposed to 6 general ed. students. Yeah, you know the one. Do your math. DOes that come out to the 60/40 split of general ed. to special ed.? No, and I am not a mathematician and I was able to figure that out. So you ask what is going on with this?

Gladys the IEP bag lady is on the case! But it seems are method is somewhat unorthodox, if not somewhat treyf. Gladys, and I am sure this is coming from above, wants to decertify enough special ed. students so that the ratio would be the lawful 60/40 split. Hey this is great. But the problem is that these students are not able or ready to be decertified and and not only does Gladys no it, but the assistant principal for that grade knows it as well. And can you guess whom the AP is? Yes! It is Numb Nuts.

They are pressuring the teacher to decertify these students. They are doing an end run around the PPT team, and education law so they can cover their asses. I guess they are infected with the children first doctrine so bad they really feel the need to show it. Oh, for those who don't get it, I am being sarcastic.

So there you have it. Another shining example of the students being thought of first and what is best for them. Oy vey!

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Mistake On My Part

Several weeks ago I wrote how The Dude had his shirt torn by Numb Nuts. You can read more about it here. It seems I did not have the entire story, and for that I apologize. It is worse.

The Dude was being The Dude out in the yard. Numb Nuts grabbed The Dude by his forearm and led The Dude approximately 200 feet from the yard to the cafeteria. Whilst holding onto the aforementioned forearm The Dude noticed that his fingers were turning blue and that "pins and needles" feeling in his hand. I am not a medical doctor nor a scientist but to the layperson this seems to indicate some sort of loss of circulation to the hand. The Dude feeling uncomfortable attempted to pull away and Numb Nuts did not let go which then resulted in the tearing of The Dude's shirt and The Dude falling to the ground. The Dude immediately reported this to John Deacon who at no time asked the nurse to check on The Dude and then the subsequent cover up of the incident. Oh one more thing. There was another student there being held as well by Numb Nuts, The Detroit Lions Kid. I wonder if John Deacon got a statement from this child. I doubt it.

So there you have it. Numb Nuts is still there. No OSI investigation, no Rubber Room, no nothing. Meanwhile The Big O is in the Rubber Room because he accidentally touched his hand to the face of another student. Go figure.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Numb Nuts Gave Professional Development

Numb Nuts presented a mind numbing professional development yesterday during faculty conference time on Bloom's Taxonomy and differentiated instruction in lesson plans in accordance with any special needs students that are in our classes. At least that is what I understood it to be when I was not excitedly thinking of the colonoscopy without any anesthetic I am scheduled for at the end of the month. It was amazing how even when plagiarizing the material what a clear concise f**k up he is. Better, while having John Deacon watch him whilst taking notes, he still screws it up. But we are not hear to bury Caesar, we are here to critique him. I have given many professional development seminars in the past I feel I am able to objectively give the skinny on Numb Nuts.

1. Always be on time
Duh! This is easy. Being ten minutes late to PD that is only scheduled to be forty minutes does not make you look good. it just reinforces everyones beliefs that you are a incompetent imbecile. You are not Liza needing to make a grand entrance. You are Numb Nuts and need to be there on time. The rest of the staff was. Why weren't you? In fact you should be there as staff is assembling.

2. Be prepared
That means have everything set up before hand. This includes having your laptop, handouts, and sign-in sheet already available and present at the beginning of the session, not as an after thought once you arrive.

3. Know how to use PowerPoint
This is a pet peeve of mine. People think it is cool that they know how to use PowerPoint. The have the cool backgrounds, make the text do really neat things. Bollocks! PowerPoint is there to enhance your presentation, not take it over. Kind of like using Lowry's when you cook. With PowerPoint you want to be succinct and to the point with your text. What you should be doing is highlighting your ideas; bulleting as it were. Not copying and pasting of what you find online and having everyone read it. That is plagiarism. It is illegal. It is also unoriginal. The bullets support what is spewing forth from your mouth.

4. Know your material
You are clueless. You are just regurtitating what you have read online. Like a mama bird feeding her babies. The only differences are the mama bird serves a purpose, is loved, and respected.

5. Stop the empty compliments
It's the true sign of phoniness. You do it with the students, don't do it with grown ups. We don't seek your approval, only seeing you drive over the Triboro (RFK) Bridge never to return. Or at least finally held accountable. Or to stop dragging students by the arms through the hallway. Or to stop being such a phony. Or to get a clue. Or to get laid. Or to have some humility.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Goodbye to The Big O

The Big O is toast. He was sent to the Rubber Room today for a corporal punishment allegation. Notice the key word there? Allegation. This is the second teacher that happens to have a ding dong that has been sent to the Rubber Room thus far in this three month school year. Looks like the only way to not incur John Deacon's wrath if you are a male at my school is to become a eunuch.

I find it funny that The Big O is being sent away on an alleged charge. But I can see why. The Big O has been elusive to John Deacon. In fact I doubt if John Deacon has ever had the pleasure of truly knowing The Big O. John Deacon might think John Deacon knows The Big O, but it was a faux Big O, not the real Big O. I think if John Deacon took the time to relax, become more familiar with how The Big O works, John Deacon would have been a lot more relaxed and smiled quite more often. John Deacon is now left to having to finger around in the dark looking for The Big O in all the wrong places.

Has anyone noticed the irony here? The incompetence, the hypocrisy, the corporal punishment allegedly committed by others continues to go unabated, unchecked, unnoticed, uncalled for. Numb Nuts can drag students through the hall, tear students shirts and what happens? Nothing. The administration can pressure a mother to sign off on her child's IEP and this is considered ethical? John Deacon can break every state education law, violate chancellor's regulations and nothing happens. If teachers, especially tenured ones, are not allowed to make mistakes or errors what then of administrators? The principals were given all this power, all this freedom. Fine. But who is watching them? Where is the oversight? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Farting Can Be Harmful To Your Career

Flatulence is a big no-no in school. Well, at least in my school. Seems a teacher didn't fart in the proscribed Department of Education manner last week and John Deacon needed to take care of this formally and requested a meeting between the farter and chapter leader.

In the meeting the farter had explained that farting whilst lifting a buttocks cheek is incorrect and against Chancellor's Regulations. It was explained that when one farts, one should keep both buttocks cheeks firmly planted on the seat so it will be more dainty and the sound will be muffled by not only the chair, but by the underpants as well. This also tends to keep the odor localized and less people are affected by the smell. By lifting the buttocks cheek the stench tends to affect more people and the sound is several decibels higher.

The farter attempted to apologize for the fart that so annoyed and dismayed John Deacon and apologized profusely for the improper cutting of the cheese and promised that henceforth all farts will properly executed with all due respect to DOE protocol. The farter also promised that beans and broccoli will be off the breakfast menu.

That was not good enough for John Deacon. John Deacon explained that as a tenured teacher the farter is not due any room for error, nor is allowed mistakes. John Deacon explained that if the farter was a new teacher time would have been taken to explain how to fart in a correct manner.

It is a wonder that will all the crap (pardon the pun!) going on in my school that John Deacon can not let a silly thing like improper farting go. This shows how petty a person John Deacon really is, and where John Deacon's priorities are.

I wonder how John Deacon feels about those that queef.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hey Mister, Can You Spare $230,000?

Two hundred thirty thousand dollars. Say that ten times fast. Nice chunk of change to have. Would anyone object to winning that in New York's Mega Millions? Imagine what you can do with that kind of money. I wonder what my school can do with that, but I know it is just a dream. Unfortunately we at my school will never know. That's because that is the amount I have conservatively estimated is spent on the two extra AP's and what would be a secretary's salary if we did not have the "administrative teacher".

How many extra teachers would we have? Heck, we would have more room because the useless three are taking up space. The 12:1:1 classes would be able to move into smaller quarters and there will be classroom space opened up. Perhaps we would be able to hire more reading specialists, or actually have math and reading coaches.

Hey I bet the school can get about two hundred and seventy five computers for that money. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit. I mean you have to buy the service and the software, but at least the lower grades will no longer go without computers in their classroom. Better yet, instead of desktop or laptop computers, each student in the school can have their own hand held computer. In fact hand helds are the way to go nowadays. But we will never know at my school because the money is being pissed away.

But noooooooooooo!!!! The children's needs do not come first. The adults, the incompetent, useless adults come first. Taking care of those who do thy bidding John Deacon, is that all that matters to you? Wake up and smell the coffee already! There is no curriculum, there are no supplies, the students are not being prepared for the 21st century. But you see fit to shell out $230,000? Bravo John Deacon. Do you manage your household expenses in such a laissez faire manner? I doubt it.

Amy McIntosh Must Come Clean!

Oh Amy McIntosh, the winner of the 2008 SBSB Unqualified To Be In Education award, when are you going to come clean? What not make public your lack of qualifications (here too!) and the conflict of interest you have with Time Warner in the case of your husband Jeffrey Toobin.

Why is this a big deal? In the upcoming Time Magazine, which just happens to be owned by Jeff's employee, there is a love letter written about Washington DC school chief Syngman Rhee. Coincidently, Rhee happens to be one of Klein's sycophants, and was recommended for the position by Der Chancellor himself. But that is not all there is from Time.

If we enter the wayback machine, and travel to October, we see yet another article in Time concerning UFT members wishing to show support for their preferred presidential candidate. Now why would Time make such a big deal of this? It is a local issue, not a national one. Who planted the story?

See this is the problem Amy. It is time for you to come clean and fess up to any and all conflicts of interest you might have. I have taken the first step for you and exposed your relationship with Time Warner, now it is your turn to admit it and any other conflicts you might, and probably do have.

I also think sharing with others what you think your qualifications are to be in education will be a good first step as well.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Video of When Bloomy and Klein Met

This is a SBSB world exclusive video.

And a few years later.......

DOE Consultants Never Before Seen Videos

A never before video of DOE consultants divvying up the cash.

In this video we see what happens when Chancellor Klein decides to save money with the appropriate repercussions.

Oh and a video from the Rubber Room during a Chancellor Klein visit.

The Body

In addition to the plethora of assistant principals we have at my school we also have what is officially an "administrative teacher". Yes, on our organization sheet there is a position called administrative teacher and it is filled by a Body. What is it an administrative teacher does? Here is my answer. I have been unable to answer this thus far until now. However the crack team here a SBSB have rigged our supercomputers, put our brains together and have come up with the answer.

It seems that this Body that takes up such a position has mastered the art of suckling at the sphincter of those who are able to make decisions. The Body has fully ingratiated itself into making others think it is indispensable to the running of the school and takes up space in a beautiful office that can be used, and has been use, for student purposes. Remember, the mantra of Children First at my school is a priority.

The Body in years past was the school's attendance teacher and was brought to our school several years ago by her good friend who took an AP job at the school. Her friend, tired of the abuse heeped upon her by the previous principal, left after nine months but The Body had already learned how to pick and clean dingleberries from its host so thus the Body stayed on.

Last year The Body was doing its internship for administration at the school. The Body rolled over whenever it was asked and had its brain skewed to think of how to best serve The Body and the powers that be first instead of the children. The Body was also hoping that it would be an assistant principal at the school. But alas, it was not to be. There was a plethora of AP's at the school and The Body did not want to move on and leave its host.

So this year someone, somehow created this job, this administrative teacher for The Body. Not a bad gig. The Body was able to purchase a brand new car in keeping up with the status of its position. The Body has fancy new clothes, and fancy new hairdos and extensions. It has even been rumored that when The Body defecates it does not emit a odor.

The problem as I see it is that The Body is being paid roughly $65K to do the work of a school secretary which if you get someone way low on the pay scale will be paid about $30K. Think of what an additional $35K can get for the school? Now I know that The Body is performing attendance duties. But this can be combined with another school in a .5 capacity. See money saving made easy. So then why is an administrative teacher so desperately needed? Is The Body an administrator or a pedagogue? From what I have been able to ascertain The Body is being paid as a pedagogue. Which brings me to this.....

Why, if The Body is being paid under a teacher's line, as I walked by its office Tuesday during extended day I saw it inhaling a chicken leg? I thought extended day was for teachers, pedagogues, to work with small groups of students so they can improve academically. The Body arrives at 8 30 AM promptly so the excuse of other professional activities is moot, so why is the Body not working with students during extended day? What purpose does The Body serve?

OMG! I just thought of this. The $65K salary is justified. The Body was handing out the photographers envelopes and was the liaison with the photographer for picture day. Whew! I must say sixty five thousand well spent!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Where Da Cavalry At?

We at my school were expecting this, but we wound up getting this.

We thought we were going to be helped by this guy, but instead this dude comes.

But the law is on our side. So when we ask for him, why do we get this guy?

Know what? Send us these three and we will be happy.

My Union and My Goodies

I just got kicked in my goodies by my union today. I filed a grievance several weeks ago. John Deacon never scheduled a step I meeting. I guess it should automatically go to Step II or III or whatever it is called now. Today I got a certified letter in from the Bronx UFT. It stated, "the grievance committee of the borough feels that your case can't be successfully pursued." But my case is concerning coverages, that it must be rotational. Says so clear as day in the contract. Besides, we never had a step I!!! Mrs Claus does pick and choose her battles. In fact my eight years in the district I don't remember once there being an election for Mrs Claus. This is the second time the ball has been dropped by the borough office. I need to start wearing a cup. A titanium one at that.

I mean what should I think or others in my school think? We were promised that John Deacon will have a talk with about the lack of a SAVE room so a grievance on that is put on hold, we were told that the Big Cheese of the union is coming, ain't been no coming. A first one or a second one.

Maybe I am being sacrificed by the union. Or the teachers of the school. So glad to see my union dues hard at work. Gives me a warm fuzzy inside. Except for my goodies.

No. 2 Pencil

There is this kid, sweet as can be, a big heart, a boy who is just dying for affection and approval that when he does not get his way he explodes. I am going to call him RCA. Why? Cause I can't think of anything better.

During lunch Wednesday RCA gets pissed and throws a pencil at a teacher, The Nun. I don't know why. I don't know the details. What I do know is The Nun followed all procedures to a T. Well really all except one. But it is not her fault. She couldn't send RCA to the SAVE room because there is not a SAVE room. But what she does do is fill out the DOE incident report as she should, and since John Deacon decided to start John Deacon's Thanksgiving holiday (and John Deacon left early at 3 30 both Monday and Tuesday) at noon yesterday she handed it to Numb Nuts. This is where it gets interesting.

Numb Nuts looked at the logo on the form and told The Nun that the form she filled out is the wrong form. That he can't accept it because, ready for this reasoning? Instead of saying "Department of Education" it says, "Board of Education". But these are the forms the UFT told us to fill out. The Nun asks Numb Nuts for the proper form. Numb Nuts responds that he does not know which form is proper, nor is he aware of which one to use. The Nun goes and gets our union rep, Norma Rae for assistance. Norma Rae tells Numb Nuts that this is the correct form, and that he must accept it. He tells Norma Rae that she would not be taking this stand if John Deacon had not pulled an Elvis. Norma Rae tells Numb Nuts that she would and that he must accept the form.

Here is what I see as the problem. One, Numb Nuts does not wish to accept it because that would mean work for him. An incident report must be submitted within 24 hours and a control number will be given. Two, Numb Nuts is clueless as to proper procedure and this shows how in over his head he is and that as an assistant principal he should know all regulations, procedures like the back of his hand. Lastly, three. And I think this is the most credible. There is a massive cover up of student behavior in the school. Part of the reason we do not have the SAVE room. The administration wants to sweep problems under the rug, hope problems go away. If there is no paper trail, it means it never happened. They know teachers get lazy and that the incident reports are the last things on our minds at the end of the day.

Also, I think that Numb Nuts is just incompetent.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

F Me!

I seem to have erred. In a previous post, "F You!" I posted how we have an F Status teacher that is working at the school five days a week. I am deleting that post because it seems to be that I might have been mistaken regarding this person. I apologize. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Brush With ACS

On Friday afternoon I called the child abuse hotline in Albany to report what the King did on Tuesday. I just had to. One I am a mandated reporter, and two there is something just not quite right at the home that this boy uses these phrases that he does. Also I feel that this was going to be swept under the rug at the school and proactive stand needed to be taken.

By the time I got home on Friday a representative from NYC ACS called me. It was too late and was planning on calling her today at lunch but she got hold of me quicker and stopped by the school. Was simple. Just told her again what had transpired and what my opinion is of it. She interviewed the King and the paras and I believe the teacher. A home visit is going to be made, and what will be done will be done. All I want is what is right for the King. He is five years old and already is starting from the back of the pack. It is just not fair that the school where we are in loco parentis and should know better has just screwed him over.

The King has gone through three teachers, countless paras, and zero help. He has been in the wrong setting for the entire year and it was known, well known to the administration that he must be where he should. District 75, in an 8:1:1 setting. Bollocks to them if they say there was no room. Make room. Move heaven and earth and do the right thing. Hopefully this will grease the skids and it will now happen.

But will the right thing be done? Last week because of the weather the students stayed in during lunch. Two first grade students were in the auditorium with their grade and were caught making out. Yes you read that right. Making out. With tongues in each others mouths, and hands all over the place. What became of it I have no idea. Was the right thing done? I would bet my paycheck that it wasn't.

Know why I doubt it? because I filed a DOE incident report with John Deacon Tuesday. By law or chancellor's regs it must be submitted within 24 hours. I am also, if I request it, to receive a control number. I asked for it on Friday afternoon. I was told that it was unavailable, to come back on Monday. Today I had my first chance to ask for it just before school ended. John Deacon was nowhere to be found. John Deacon had left the building.


John Deacon the other day said that tenured teachers are not allowed to make mistakes. That we are held to a higher standard than new teachers and there is absolutely no room for error. So if that statement were to be true, then what is to be said of all the stupid ass things the administration, John Deacon and Numb Nuts included, is responsible for in my school. If the tenured teachers are supposed to be perfect, what about administrators? Surely they must be infallible.

Tony Is Getting Screwed

Tony got a superintendents suspension for kicking or hitting a safety officer. He was sent to another school in which there was no SAVE room and placed in a third grade class without any work, and worse, without the services he must have according to his IEP, federal law, and chancellor's regulations. Since he is a busing student, a bus is not available to take him to this temporary school and dad must drive him.

He has been out of the school about ten days now without a hearing. His hearing was originally scheduled for tomorrow but from what I have heard John Deacon does not plan on coming to work tomorrow so the hearing is now going to be December 2nd. Maybe John Deacon will be absent as well on Wednesday? Anyhoo, think about this. Is Tony, even though he is a major pain in the butt, deserving of this treatment? Dad is pissed as hell. In fact he was in the school today and the principal, John Deacon, refused to meet with him. But you ask, what about this past Thursday which was parents night? It appears that not only did John Deacon refuse to meet with Tony's dad, but refused to meet with other pissed off parents as well. John Deacon enjoys the rich comfort of the bunker.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Priorities Update

No one showed. It must suck to give a party, make a big deal of who is invited, imply that they are coming, and have no one show. The big breakfast this morning, the hundreds spent for breakfast was all for naught. As Nelson says, "Ha Ha!" I guess the politicians had other things to do this morning. Like having boils lanced off their buttocks.

One did show up, but without naming names, this assembly member is basically useless. In fact anyone from the New York State Assembly is useless. They don't do anything unless Sheldon Silver tells them to so it is safe to say that the member who showed was there for the free grub. And the rumor that there was to be an omelette station.

John Deacon had custodians arrive at 4 AM to prepare the school, had the PA get everything ready, have everyone wear special school T shirts and John Deacon was dressed as if the prettiest girl at the prom. Oops, forgot there were some others there. Mainly some DOE deadheads, and a few other principals. A good time by all it wasn't.

Ok I am tired now. But coming soon the skinny on today's parent-teacher conferences and how John Deacon hid in the bunker.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Albany is coming to the school for breakfast tomorrow morning. Not the entire city, just the people from Albany who are considered influential and advantageous. Why you ask yourself are the super duper big shots coming to my school. One word. Breakfast. Oh yeah, and air conditioning. Wait, that is three words. Or two if you hyphenate air-conditioning. AM I making sense?

John Deacon has invited every big shot that represents anyone south of Fordham Rd to the school because John Deacon wants central air conditioning for the school. It doesn't matter that Albany is cutting state aid to schools by over $300 million or that the city is having schools cut 2% from their budgets. John Deacon wants AC for everyone. How can you not see the leadership qualities of John Deacon in spearheading this initiative?

So what if the students do not have any books, materials, or a curriculum. To hell with the fact that in our school we do not have any working Xerox machines. Crocodile tears for the teachers who are allowed one ream of paper for the entire school year. Are the students prepared for the 21st century technologically? No freakin' way! Screw purchasing computers for the classrooms and software. As long as we have central AC the students will be able to ace any and all standardized tests and have John Deacon smelling like a rose instead of the pile of cow dung that John Deacon really is. John Deacon is a fine leader that knows how to prioritize the school needs. We see this every day this drive to prioritize the children's needs by having 35 F status teachers, 21 assistant principals, and one, yes ONE administrative teacher that no one in the school can figure out what she does. If anyone does know please let me know. I am desperate for knowledge.

I wonder if there will be an omelette station tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Feel So Frustrated

Today I had to cover a class, that kindergarten 12:1:1 class I have mentioned previously. The students were taking their after lunch nap and myself and three other paras stayed next to the rambunctious students to prevent any mayhem.

I drew short straw and got to watch The King. The King's favorite phrase is "f**k you bitch" which I am sure he does not get from watching SpongeBob. So there I am and suddenly The King starts to shout "Bite It" repeatedly. Looking down I see that his ding a ling is out and he is stroking it in a manner that is not conducive to the educational process. Assuming that this is a matter that should not be ignored I attempt to notify several of our hydra headed AP's. I get no response. Unfortunately I then was left with nothing else other than notifying Numb Nuts.

I bring The King to his office figuring that Numb Nuts would take a manner of a five year old student stroking his ding a ling seriously. Oh how wrong I was. Numb Nuts response to me was, "so what do you want me to do about it?" For a second or two I just stared at him dumb founded, perplexed that a supposed administrator is incapable of taking any kind of leadership position. I said he need not worry that I will take care of this. He said thank you and let me leave his office with The King. About ten minutes later he came down stairs and after confirming with a para that The King was diddling his doodle took decisive action in taking The King to his office and then sending Mrs Met with an "official school anecdotal" form for me to fill out. But strangely at no time did he ask me to fill out a DOE incident report. Only after relaying this incident to my chapter chair did I fill one out.

Here's the catch. This is being taken not seriously. It is a "boy being a boy" experimenting with his doodle. Guess what? Again, for the second time in a week I call bullsh**! I was a boy and this is not happen. Neither is "f**k you bitch!", or "f**ker", or "I am going to take my belt and beat you". The King is getting this from somewhere. You think ACS is going to be called? No way. Never. Ever. Will.

But guess what a little birdie told me today? The King's IEP states that he must be in District 75 in an 8:1:1: setting. December is almost here. Think he will be moved soon?

The Numb Nuts Theme Song

Hey, what the hell? Even Jim Rockford got one. Apologies to the Beatles.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Return of the Dude

This post is not going to be how The Dude is being totally f***ed educationally by the administration, which he is. No it shall be something completely different. Today's post will about corporal punishment and those that get away with it. Hmm, that sounds like a topic for the next Jerry Springer Show.

So here we have The Dude walking down the stairwell to go outside for lunch. His grade goes outside before it eats and Numb Nuts goes outside with his grade. Anyhoo, The Dude does something to annoy, irritate, or something or other to Numb Nuts. Since Numb Nuts does not have the mental fortitude to handle human children, Numb Nuts resorts to what he does best. Get physical with a child.

So whilst The Dude is at the bottom of the stairs in his irritating mode Numb Nuts grabs The Dude by the arm and drags him. Now I am not sure if The Dude was dragged off the stairs, or if he was off the stairs and dragged. But in the midst of being dragged Numb Nuts tore The Dude's shirt. Did I see it? No. But I heard about it by several other reliable sources, and The Dude confirmed most of what happened. Now ask yourself this question, "why A Teacher In The Bronx should one be concerned with such happenings?"

Because this is not the first time, nor do I think it will be the last time that Numb Nuts grabs a student. As I have mentioned before in several other posts, Numb Nuts seems to have a propensity at grabbing and dragging students when he gets upset.

"But A Teacher In The Bronx, we all have gotten mad at a student and lost our heads". Yes, or maybe not. But here is the difference. Numb Nuts is not some first year teacher. As he likes to remind others, "I have had a highly distinguished career as a teacher in special education before I became an assistant principal." Road apples! I call bullsh**! He is an administrator, he is held to a higher standard no matter what he wants to believe he is, or what he thinks he can do.

Why or how does he consistently get away with a plethora of corporal punishment charges and verbal abuse charges? If he was just a lowly (his thoughts of teachers, he believes that his feces is without odor!) teacher his ass would be sitting in the rubber room so fast. He bit the bullet two years ago and he has learned absolutely zero. I know of teachers who have been sent away for much, much less than he has done.

The Dude did the right thing and reported it to John Deacon. John Deacon received a written statement from The Dude and I guess now all that is left is a waiting game for The Dude, John Deacon, and Numb Nuts. But surely one would ask, what about mom? What has been her take on this whole sordid affair? Nothing. Know why? Because at no time was mom ever notified by John Deacon that her son was assaulted. I might be incorrect, and tell me if I am wrong, but that seems a wee bit f***ed up not to at least notify mom.

Can't people ever do the right thing?

I Met A Grown Up This Morning

This morning I played some two hand touch football with the guys at the local high school. Several of the guys are teachers in the Bronx. In fact the guy who invited me to play, Lex Luthor, a good friend of mine is a teacher and he invited his assistant principal to play with us.

Can you imagine Numb Nuts playing football with the guys? Anyway, I got into a conversation with the grown up AP and put forth to him the scenario concerning when the Big O went to go pee pee. He explained that he has the mental capacity to understand that one would not take a plan book with them to make a pee pee. That at worst, he would wait until after the pee pee is deposited and then ask for the lesson plans once the person is back in the classroom. Wow, as Robin Williams says, "reality, what a concept!" I guess this AP doesn't feel that he has some major physical shortcoming to make up for and feels confidant in his ability to do the job.

I wonder how if he drags students through the halls. Nah!

Friday, November 14, 2008

House of Cards

John Deacon's house of cards just might be starting to fall. This is inevitable. Anytime you create something and at its root are lies, subterfuge, duplicity, when you create your own reality, the foundation will eventually start showing cracks and it will all crumble. It is starting to happen. Look what happened to Nixon.

The first salvo has been fired. Our district rep and the safety rep from the Bronx UFT came in on Thursday. The district rep, Mrs Claus truly understands the contract and when she fights for you goes all out. Unfortunately, and we as a chapter feel that at times, she picks and chooses her battles. On the other hand the safety rep, Lara Croft has a take no prisoners mentality, believes that the proverbial foot should be pressed on the proverbial neck and you don't let up until you get what you want. That there are no gray areas. Mrs Claus feels this way to most of the time, but when things get as desperate as they have at my school there is no time for talking, only time for action.

Which brings us to this coming Monday. There is a grievance hearing at DOE offices on Chambers St. This is concerning the lack of the SAVE room, which according to New York State education law and chancellor's regulation A-443 we MUST have. This is not open to interpretation. So why does John Deacon not settle this? It, at least it should be, open and shut. Whatever John Deacon says it will be a lie. My prediction: It is settled before a ruling. They don't want to leave a messy trail of a precedent. But if we win, this will be in my estimation, just the beginning. And this is not a victory for the teachers, this will be a victory for the children. The children will start coming first in the school. Because right now the children aren't. The only people being taken care of is the administration of the school. They are looking only to bolster their egos, their self esteem, to justify their own meaningless existence. They do not care one iota about the children in my school.

The only people in that school who care, who truly give of themselves and want to make a difference are the teachers of my school. They are all very good teachers. But we are getting tired of being pissed on, of being treated like chattel, of seeing people in positions of authority that not only don't have the skills to be in their positions, but don't lead, or earn our respect.

But we need to stick together as a chapter. John Deacon has tried to divide and conquer the chapter. We need to hold steadfast, to look out for one another, to keep the foot pressed on the throat. Too often we get teachers who are afraid, which I understand, because they do not have tenure. But when you stand up for yourself not only can you look at yourself in the mirror, but the bully will back down. Not to get mushy here, but I believe that if your motives are pure, that if you are on the side of right that God will always look out and take care of you. OK, end the sappy background music.

Keep filing the grievances, file all paperwork that we must, keep your feet firmly planted in the ground. The squeaky wheel always gets oiled. Or as they say in Brooklyn, "erled". Funny, huh?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Check This Out

I swear on a stack of bibles I am not making anything up in this blog. I am not that creative. Well, I am, but this stuff is just out of my realm.

Today, and as I have learned several times in the recent past, a student that had a superintendent's suspension was sent to our school because whomever thought that we had a SAVE room. That whomever was incorrect. We have here a student that needed to be removed from his school for the simple fact that he is a danger to the educational process at his school. He needs to be isolated. Yet he still needs to do work, and to learn. That is the carrot and the stick of the SAVE room. Does this happen in our school? Of course not. This morning Numb Nuts drops him off unexplained in a class. No papers, no reason, no nothing. Is he grade appropriate? Does he have work from his school? That I do not know, though I would doubt it. The teacher asked Numb Nuts about why is this kid not in a SAVE room. Numb Nuts replied, "The law states he does not have to be sent to a SAVE room." He is an assistant principal and he is not familiar with state law, and chancellor's regulations? I am myself shocked and appalled! On top of this the special visitor was a major behavioral problem throughout the day.

Let's now examine the extended day of today. A student, Logan, bolted out of his classroom. Numb Nuts took complete control of the situation like a good numb nuts that he is. He made many, many announcements admonishing, and cajoling that Logan to return to his classroom. I was busy working with students, well not really, all his announcements actually were quite distracting, and slowed the learning process. Anyway the safety officer was looking for the kid, but no one else. Eventually Logan was found somewhere. Where was John Deacon? Rumor has it that John Deacon is on an educational fact finding mission on the beaches of Waikiki. But it is reported that Numb Nuts said that no one should worry, that we know Logan is still in the building. He said this without one iota of proof.

I am so proud that this man is my supervisor. I just feel so humble that everyday when I go to work I am afforded the opportunity of source material to write about in this blog. Numb Nuts, without you this blog would not exist. I am eternally indebted to you.

So what you think Randi?

Friday, November 7, 2008


Yet another blatant Who rip-off by me. Today we had six teacher absences. Big deal you say, all that means is six substitutes to educate the children. Oh wait. I forgot. We are not allowed to call in for subs. Anyway from what has been explained we have no money for subs. Where has that 28K we have set aside for subs gone? Oh, the F Status lackeys, cronies, and sycophants. Screw the students, take care of your friends.

So without any further adieu, and with apologies to Pete Townshend, I bring you the NYC DOE's version of the hit 1966 Who song "Substitute".

I think I am pretty good for your school
I think your school has the budget

But I'm a substitute for another school
Your school has the money but won’t use it
The simple things you see are all self involved
Your classes are split, the children are ignored, yeah

Substitute your lies for fact
I can see right through your F status
I look all right, but the class was split
Your lame explanation is full of crap

You are misappropriating school funds
The third grade class was split up, and the first grade had mass prep
And now you dare to look us in the eye
Those crocodile tears are what you cry
It's a genuine problem, you won't budge
To work it out at all you just spend it on kids, spend it now

Substitute one for class
Substitute one for kids
Substitute you for the kids
At least they’ll get my learning done

Just in case, the real song.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Going Pee Pee Can Be Bad For You

Sit down. Please. You will laugh so hard at what I am about to share. This shows how incompetence, and some physical shortcoming puts a teachers career in jeopardy.

A male teacher, the Big O, needed to go pee pee. It was during his prep. His own time. No students. As he was walking towards the men's room Numb Nuts came up and asked to see his lesson plans. Being that he was about to go pee pee for some odd reason his lesson plan book was absent from his person. Perhaps if he was going doo doo he would have had his plan book as to be able to read something in the process. You figure that anyone with any sense would say, "I understand you are going pee pee, when you are finished will you please bring your plan book to my office." A person that has had a lobotomy would be able to have the critical thinking skills to figure this one out.

All those except Numb Nuts. He needs to prove that he does not have any physical shortcomings or perhaps to validate his own useless, inane, waste of taking up space, wrote up the Big O. The botard put a letter in his file. Is this what Numb Nuts does so he can feel important? To justify the idiot that he knows he is. This is an AP that drags kids through the hall, that in January 2007 after being on the job less than three weeks beat the shit out of three students within one weeks time and the principal knew and LIS knew and no one did a damn thing. I swear Numb Nuts must have a rabbi somewhere in the DOE.

I have a solution to all this. Pull the letter from the Big O's file, and hire a piss boy. Yeah, a piss boy. Remember in the Mel Brooks movie "History of the World Part I"? You hire someone to walk around with a bucket of piss and let the male teachers relieve themselves in it whenever the feel the urge. Where does the money come from you ask? Oh John Deacon will find the money. Perhaps one of the three assistant principals we have in a school of five hundred can be eliminated, or the three F status cronies that were just hired, or the "administrative teacher" who is actually the attendance teacher and slotted in on the budget as something else, to hide the position (can anyone say misappropriation of funds?) can be eliminated.

Monday, October 27, 2008

John Deacon and Snack Cakes

Seems we need to be watching out for our goodies at South Bronx School. It is becoming increasingly clear that John Deacon does not like anyone that has a Ding Dong, Yodel or Ho Ho's. It seems that if you are the owner of one of these snack cakes you can expect to be harassed simply because you have one.

I don't understand why John Deacon has a problem with these particular form of snack cakes. Perhaps it is because these cakes are chocolate. But then when I think about it, John Deacon has a problem with Twinkies as well. Even the elusive, rarely seen, devil's food Twinkie. Even snack cakes made by Bimbo's seems to irk John Deacon.

How could someone not like these snack cakes? I think it might be that John Deacon has not bit into one in quite some time and has forgotten how tasteful it can be. Especially the cream filling that is found inside. John Deacon must get over the prejudice that John Deacon has with snack cakes and come to realize that there are advantages to embracing these cakes.

All John Deacon wants is mindless yes people and this.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Numb Nuts At It Again

A few weeks ago Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a "category 5 moron". I think that Numb Nuts is holds that dubious distinction with her. Can this administrator abdicate his responsibilities any more? I can't sit and and believe that no one has noticed, not a school administrator, and district administrator, anybody. Numb Nuts just takes up space. He is useless. But then again I really shouldn't be when administrators are not held accountable.

I was walking up a stairwell and saw a young boy, a boy that I don't know that well, alone, and looking for Numb Nuts. I inquired as to where he was going and this is when he told me he wanted to ask Numb Nuts something. I took the boy with me and walked to Numb Nuts office. No Numb Nuts. We went to the main office. No Numb Nuts. I decided to take him back to his class and as we were walking Numb Nuts magically appeared before my very eyes. I asked Numb Nuts where the young man was supposed to be, Numb Nuts said, "his class", that the boy was not with him at all. OK I thought to myself I told Numb Nuts I will walk the boy back and I did.

Upon returning with the young man to his class I explained to the teacher where I had found the wayward student and what he was in search of. That the boy told me that he left the classroom in search of the elusive Numb Nuts. The teacher told me that was not true, that the boy had not left the class alone, but had earlier with Numb Nuts. I then raised an eyebrow in a curious way as Mr Spock does when he sees Captain Kirk.

Here is the $64,000 question. Where the f*** was Numb Nuts and why is this boy, a boy that is known to run around the school, alone at any time? And if the boy did run from Numb Nuts, why was there no one curious as to where the boy was?

Instant karma dude.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Remember When....?

Remember when you wanted to become a teacher?

Remember when teaching was seen as a noble profession?

Remember when teaching was fun?

Remember when teachers weren't crapped on?

Remember when every day student and teacher were creative?

Remember when you thought you could change the world?

Remember when you were were able to explore learning with your students?

Remember when you were first told to stop being so independent?

Remember when you first heard from your mayor that you were no good?

Remember the first time you were hung out to dry?

Remember when you stopped taking chances?

Remember when you tried to recall why you became a teacher?

Remember when Eddie Van Halen was sane? Remember when this showed how teachers were thought of?

What's It All About?

How you treat people, that is what it is all about. Well, part of it at least. Or a good majority. Yeah you can be a dick, but that is what people see on the outside. It is what is on the inside that counts, what your heart is, where your heart leads you. If you come to work everyday ready to suckle at the proverbial teet of the Kool-Aid God. I think those that do do not have the confidence in themselves to do their jobs correctly, or a major lack of self esteem. What these people, or shall we say, incompetent AP's do is then need to make themselves feel bigger and take it out on the teachers. As long as the AP covers their butt then they are satisfied, but can they honestly look in the mirror and feel good about what they have done? Or when they are looking in the mirror, are they looking over their shoulder, see if anything, or anyone can knock them off their perch?

I truly believe what comes around goes around. But there are two words in this song that some should take to heart.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who's Next?

I was thinking about The Who today. Wish I had seen them in their heyday. My first day of high school was the day after Keith Moon died. It led the morning announcements. I mean how cool could that be? I probably could have seen them if I wanted at Shea in 1982. They were still The Who as far as I was concerned even though they had Kenney Jones at drums. But my mom was dying of cancer then and my head was elsewhere. But finally I saw them in 1996 at MSG doing Quadrophenia in its entirety. What a show! No Jones, but now they had Zak Starkey, Ringo's son, on drums.

So why thinking of The Who? The greatest rock anthem ever, "Won't Get Fooled Again." Just the title is so appropriate to what the teachers are feeling at my school. And the lyrics? Let's take a look.

With our children at our feet / And the morals that they worship will be gone /And the men who spurred us on / Sit in judgement of all wrong

Our students, those who we are supposed to be there for there morals are being corrupted by the Numb Nuts of the world. The Numb Nuts, the John Deacons, sit in judgement of us.

For I know that the hypnotized never lie

The Kool-Aid drinkers think they are so truthful, but they have been at the Kool-Aid trough too long.

And the world looks just the same / And history ain't changed

More things change the more the stay the same.

What is most striking is the album cover. For I feel that the teachers, not just in my school, but the entire city feel like that obelisk on the cover.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Joel, Why?

If I were to tell how many out of classroom administrators, coaches, etc... for such a small school population you would be shocked. John Deacon has decided, without any input from the school based support team, the chapter chair, or anyone, to announce to hires today. All the hires are redundant to what we have in the school.

The worse part is that the students have zero textbooks, the teachers are allowed one ream of paper the entire year, there are no computers, and no supplies for teachers. All we hear is,"there is no money available." How is this possible, when three created out of the blue, redundant positions are filled? When you have a man, Mr FG, who can't speak or write proper English teaching writing to students? Isn't it a requirement to speak and write English proficiently to teach how to write in English? Well, Duh!!

Joel Klein
wished to give more power to principals. What Joel failed to realize is that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thanks Joel for showing how to put children first.

A Correction

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let's Not Do Lunch

Numb Nuts does a lunch period alone. Actually he does it alone because a good 75% of the time he is not where he should be. He runs, he hides, he shirks his responsibilities and as usual, pawns it off on others. The thing is he has the easiest lunch period there is. Three classes!

Travel back in time to this past Thursday. Out in the yard whilst the children are playing and frolicking in the cool autumn air there is not one supervisor or pedagogue to be found out there with the students. Oh there are a some excellent aides out there, aides that are more aware of what to do than Numb Nuts, but what if a child gets seriously hurt? Would not the powers that be be curious as to why Numb Nuts is not out there? Or perhaps the lawyers of the parents that decide to sue the DOE when their child suffers from a head injury. I don't wish that to happen, but would it not be fascinating being fly on the wall and watch Numb Nuts being disposed by a lawyer? I don't think his smarmy attitude would go over to well.

You ask how about when he is there, actually making a lunch duty contribution. I don't know how to put this. It should be simple since Numb Nuts claims he is a disciple and sycophant of Lee Canter's Assertive Discipline. Oh but when he gives workshops on Canter's work, he just copies and pastes the information. See, he is a phony. One would think that the lunch period is calm, that Numb Nuts and the students are connecting on some Zen like plane. Sorry to inform you, that is the furthest thing from the truth.

The man is a shriek machine. I swear, his head will explode one day like that guys in the 1981 movie "Scanners". There is no sense of order, no sense of anything. All he does is go up to a student, get in their face and scream, "excuse me!" The students do not take him seriously at all. Several years ago some third grade students came up to me and said, "Numb Nuts is a pussy. He never means what he says and we can get over on him all the time." Shouldn't this make someone, somewhere wonder if this man is cut out to be an AP? This inane drone does not have tenure yet as an AP, so what is the DOE waiting for? Does John Deacon see something that students, teachers, and parents do not see?

Thank you Joel Klein for putting children first.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Detroit Lions Kid

I failed to mention something the other day about Detroit Lions Kid. Thursday, the day after he assaulted the teachers, Numb Nuts decided that he was too busy to continue to baby sit him and placed him back in his class with the teacher he had assaulted. Good thing the teacher was not assaulted again. Could have made Numb Nuts look even stupider than he really he is. I should stop calling Numb Nuts stupid. Calling him stupid is an insult to stupid people. But luckily was no assault on the teacher. Detroit Lions Kid just decided to attack, unprovoked, another student in the class. Punched the boy in the stomach, choked him, and tore up his notebooks. BRAVO Numb Nuts!

Yesterday morning Numb Nuts decided that he will pawn off his responsibility yet again. He was desperately looking for a class to pawn of the boy. He picked the wrong class. He had the contract and chancellor's regulations thrown in his face. The teacher told him that before Detroit Lions Kid his placed in the classroom that the teacher wished to see the proper paperwork on the boy's removal from his class. Oh this was over the phone. Numb Nuts didn't even have the common courtesy to bring the child to the class himself, instead he got school safety to do it for him.

Children First making a difference!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bomb Threat Update!

There has been slew of inquiries as any resolution in The Case of the Mad Bomber. Before I go on I wish to clear up any perceived ambiguities. Even though the Mad Bomber did not officially maker a threat of using a bomb, his words; "I want to blow up the school" do convey the wish and the use of using a bomb in the blowing up of the school. So no matter how you slice it, it is still a bomb threat.

He was outside yesterday and today for lunch. No penalty, no foul. No phone call home, no call to the local precinct, no call to the DOE, no call for Chinese takeout, nothing. I am somewhat curious as to why such a piss poor response is taken. Surely, there is a slight disturbance in the Mad Bomber that some kind of preventative measures, at the very minimum, should be taken. But perhaps I speak in haste. I should not put the proverbial cart before the proverbial horse. Could it be the Mad Bomber learned his lesson and swore off ever again making bomb threats?

Not! Yeah, the Mad Bomber and Alfred E Neuman this morning, before school, opened their mouths about how they wish to blow up the school. Now mind you this is unconfirmed at press time, but the crack team here at SBSB are working the phones and their sources to bring to you, our readers the facts and facts only. But as Mr Spock once said, "rumor has its basis in fact."

I guess it really does not matter anymore what the students do or say. There are no consequences anymore especially since John Deacon issued an edict that there must be two witnesses per DOE rules for a student to dealt with in a disciplinary manner. Where exactly might I find those rules? I think John Deacon must have this mixed up with treason. In the Constitution Article 3, section 3 clearly states:
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

By the way, that is how Aaron Burr avoided getting convicted for treason in 1807.

As I see it John Deacon interprets chancellor's regs and state law to John Deacon's own liking, and mistakes DOE law for the United States Constitution. I am so confused. What is next, rallying the black shirts from the balcony?

Now I understand the daily martial music in the morning.

Time For The Exposing

Get your minds out of the gutter. Sickos. Think exposing only means one thing. Well keep it to your mind. The exposing I meant was it is time to reveal all those cryptic little doo-dads I have been leaving at the end of each post for a week or so. But let's review.

What do J D Salinger, Andy Kaufman, Thomas Pynchon, Brian Wilson, Prudence, Doris Day, and Bill Waterson all have in common? Anyone figure it out? They are all famous recluses. Yes, even Andy Kaufman. I don't care what is said I still believe he is alive and well and having a great laugh. Does this make be mentally unfit?

But you may ponder to yourself, what does this mean to me. Why references to recluses, and eccentric recluses at that. The reason is............

That basically what our principal is. A recluse. A John Deacon (recluse bassist of Queen). Hiding out in the principal cave delegating powers to know nothing Numb Nuts. Fiddling as the school falls apart. Hoping beyond hope that if problems are not dealt with they will go away. John Deacon has failed elsewhere and now our school, a school of wonderful teachers, wonderful students, wonderful parents is being flushed down the toilet into a cesspool reeking of incompetence created by John Deacon. A student clearly states that he wishes to blow up the school? Should 911 be called, NYPD come in? NO! We need to help the student feel better, give him self esteem. He can't go outside for two weeks. F*** that!

John Deacon thinks John Deacon is above state law, chancellor's regulations and what is best for the students. And those that enable John Deacon, and those that blindly follow John Deacon are nothing but drones who have drank the Kool-Aid and are just as complicit in short changing the students. But Tweed doesn't care. Because Tweed doesn't believe in Children First.

Sorry Piggy. It'll get better.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time For The Cavalry

Oh what a day. Can it get worse? It certainly is not getting better. Rome is burning, Nero is fiddling and no one from the outside world cares. We are being overrun. All the students need to make official is a conch shell, a fat kid wearing glasses, and disprove the existence of the beast.

Frank made another threat to shoot a teacher today. It was suggested that may a call should be placed to his mother and that perhaps a mutual admiration society be formed. Numb Nuts poo pooed so condescendingly about Frank's latest threat with probably the stupidest statement I have heard in my years of teaching. Worse than the principal who wanted to make an announcement about keeping stool samples in the refrigerator in the parents room.

"He is 11 years old, what can he possibly do?" What can he possibly do? DUH! Does Numb Nuts have any idea of reality? Numb Nuts was quickly retorted thusly; "I am sure the school workers at Columbine wondered what a teenager could possibly do," before the massacre. In fact Numb Nuts there have been several school shooting by 13 year olds. Nothing came out of his mouth. He was totally pwn3d. Complete and to the point.

But wait, there is more Numb Nuts idiocy. The Detroit Lions Kid assaulted three teachers yesterday including his own. Two teachers punched in the stomach, one in the ankle. One of the teachers hit suffered an asthma attack. I am sure Numb Nuts didn't care, I mean what can happen from from silly old asthma? I mean the teacher who got the attack has got to be the nicest, sweetest, friendliest person I have ever met. This teacher helped me, went of of the way for me three years ago when I needed personal help. In fact her family who never met me did as well.And how is she repaid. In fact how are the other two repaid?

The Detroit Lions Kid spent the day with Numb Nuts. Yes you read that right. Just spent the day with Numb Nuts. But wait! If you keep on reading it gets even more botarded. Detroit Lions Kid was taken by Numb Nuts and tossed into another classroom by this morning. The teacher was not told why, or what happened. Is it not putting this teacher in danger. Well you ask, the child was occupied with work provided by Numb Nuts. Guess what? You know the answer.

At least he was kept out of the classroom, away from the teacher you might inquire. The Detroit Lions Kid was brought back to the students classroom in the afternoon. But didn't he assault his teacher? Is it plausible, if not possible, that this student might turn violent again? I mean these are all valid points one should think through before making a dumb ass decision like this.

Yeah, Detroit Lions Kid got violent with a student. Punched the kid in the stomach and then choked him. Numb Nuts came and took the boy. Where? Nowhere. It happened during dismissal. So no consequences.

The students need a Ralph. Had enough of Jack.

Where is Bill Watterson when you need him?

Not to worry. Getting close to revealing my thinking.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bomb Threats and Mundane Things

Bomb threat today by a student. He couldn't be any clearer in what he wished to do to the school. Assumed protocol was followed. The student's assistant principal was immediately notified. This AP knows the deal. Is righteous. But unfortunately the AP's hands are tied. As I mentioned it has been officially made known to us that under no circumstances are students to be disciplined. That if a child throws a chair at another child, only a phone call to the parent may be made. So back to the Mad Bomber. No punishment. Well, not really. He got to choose his punishment. I guess the lessons of Columbine, Pearl, MS, West Peducah, KY, Stamps AR mean nothing.

I understand that we as a society have gotten too much of a cork up our ass when comments like these are made and treat all comments, no matter how trivial with a howitzer, but for a student to make a statement like this, to be this angry or upset where then at the very least is the inquisitiveness on the part of the upper echelon to delve into this matter? This is not something that if you wish goes away it will.

What if a student made this comment in Franklin Lakes, or Roslyn, or New Rochelle, or Hempstead. Would it be swept under the rug? NO! There would be immediate action. Police called, parents called, letters sent home, counselors brought in. Why can't students in the Bronx have the same learning environment as suburban students? Please, don't say it is money or that the students are not as smart as the 'burbs.

So Frank's mom came in today. Useless. Blank look the entire time. Got the "I don't know what to do with him" line. Didn't even register on her face the threats of violence he made or the racial remarks. Numb Nuts decided to interject and was splendid in his patronizing way.

Speaking of Numb Nuts he lost control of the third grade cafeteria today. At least when he was in the cafeteria as he should have been. There are only three classes and the mayhem is caused by one. This he can't handle? I had to save his butt and settle down the cafeteria which took all of about a minute, and I never had to write a check to learn what to do.

Doris Day, can you come out to play?

Very soon, I promise!