SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Too F**king Funny! Or Pathetic?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Too F**king Funny! Or Pathetic?

The ineptitude of Numb Nuts just continues to grow.

Want to know what happened today?

Are you sure?

A warning. If you have issues with bladder control go to the bathroom now.

Or go to the closet and put on your Depends.

Also, remove all beverages from your mouth. We wouldn't want it shooting out your nose, would we?

I will wait while you do these things.



OK ready? Here we go. Today a student in a lower grade smacked his teacher in her face. The teacher, Tin Foil Girl promptly brought him to Numb Nuts office. Now this is not the first time the teacher has been met with violence. A student once threw a chair at her head and connected. Both these student fall under the auspicies of Numb Nuts. What was Numb Nuts solution to these problems?

Numb Nuts sent the boy back to class today, and the other one as well. In fact Tin Foil Girl has given, or at least attempted to give, Numb Nuts five incident reports. But Numb Nuts either refuses to accept them or does not file them. Seems that is an illegal act. But he is above the law, he is an administrator.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Tin Foil Girl is a moron. Getting assulated in her class is no way to make living!

Call the fucking cops and forget about that asshole NN. But then again Tin Foil will not have a job.

Someday I predict a teacher will get killed and then maybe something will be done!

proofoflife said...

right on Justice!!!