SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Goodbye to The Big O

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Goodbye to The Big O

The Big O is toast. He was sent to the Rubber Room today for a corporal punishment allegation. Notice the key word there? Allegation. This is the second teacher that happens to have a ding dong that has been sent to the Rubber Room thus far in this three month school year. Looks like the only way to not incur John Deacon's wrath if you are a male at my school is to become a eunuch.

I find it funny that The Big O is being sent away on an alleged charge. But I can see why. The Big O has been elusive to John Deacon. In fact I doubt if John Deacon has ever had the pleasure of truly knowing The Big O. John Deacon might think John Deacon knows The Big O, but it was a faux Big O, not the real Big O. I think if John Deacon took the time to relax, become more familiar with how The Big O works, John Deacon would have been a lot more relaxed and smiled quite more often. John Deacon is now left to having to finger around in the dark looking for The Big O in all the wrong places.

Has anyone noticed the irony here? The incompetence, the hypocrisy, the corporal punishment allegedly committed by others continues to go unabated, unchecked, unnoticed, uncalled for. Numb Nuts can drag students through the hall, tear students shirts and what happens? Nothing. The administration can pressure a mother to sign off on her child's IEP and this is considered ethical? John Deacon can break every state education law, violate chancellor's regulations and nothing happens. If teachers, especially tenured ones, are not allowed to make mistakes or errors what then of administrators? The principals were given all this power, all this freedom. Fine. But who is watching them? Where is the oversight? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

The DOE is running "Guantanamos" aka the Rubber Rooms aka The Reassignment Centers. It is a simple as that. When a principal who is chosen to be principal because it is in his or her DNA to be corrupt(particulalry in da Bronx)has someone on the sraff that is a thorn in their side and they don't like they imprision them in a dimly room of rubber. It has nothing to do with their teaching ablities or whether they did anything illegal or unethical. God knows they have teachers who do that everyday but are favored as you have pointed on in this blog.

Please tell the Big O to sign up for the free langauge courses, the thai chi classes, guitar and calligraphy classes offered in his rubber room. Some of the best teachers I have met are in the rubber room.

Question: Is it better to work in a school that violates the law in which you have to leave your dignity at the door when you come in and pick it up at 3:00 PM when you leave or to sit in a Rubber Room organizing, discussing and learning new skills?

Don't get me wrong I am sure there are educators who have done wrong either at the school or on the outside and should be removed from a school but who are we to judge them? I firmly believe in innocent until proven guilty. The burden is on the DOE.

Keep the paychecks coming--that what I say! I say two to three years in da rubber room is not so bad.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you but nothing is happening! Is John D. connected to some big head in the DOE bc if you notice it took two months for Bx UFT personnel to come to the building? But you have a surprise tomorrow morning- someone else got a letter on alleged corporal punishment!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete Zucker said...

Does this teacher have a ding dong, ho ho or yodel? If so he is toast.

Anonymous said...

The titanic continues to sink. Jump overboard. Throw out life vests. Row or swim to safety!

Pete Zucker said...

Look at what good it did Leonardo Di Caprio.