Sunday, February 28, 2010

Joel Klein And Eva Moskowitz Love Emails

The crack investigative team here at SBSB has recently uncovered yet another email between Eva Moskowitz and Joel Klein. This is not one of the original emails that has been unearthed by Juan Gonzalez and the Daily News.

Click to enlarge

Friday, February 26, 2010

Funny Joel And Eva Stuff

Two funny things I came across today in all the comments regarding Joel Klein and his "special" relationship with Frau Eva Moskowitz

A comment from this morning's;


Am incredibly upset re call on snow day. Streets and sides from 96th St to Battery Park are bone dry, SUV is ready to roll. Must frame this as unionized meteorologists hurting our kids. They are so organized and relentless as you well know.

From: Joel I Klein:

You are so brave and doing such important work. I could just squeeze you.

This next comment comes from a loyal reader.

Joel and Eva sitting in a tree
First comes Joel
Then comes school closings
Then comes Eva in a charter school

Exclusive Photo Of Joel Klein

This photo just came into the SBSB newsroom. The photo is of Joel Klein alone in his den communicating or whatever with Eva Moskowitz on his home computer.

When Eva Thinks Of Joel

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DOE Contract Demands Giving Up Of First Born Child

Gotham Schools has a leaked, or some would say, a planted copy of The Reich's, er, I meant DOE's contract demands. Though draconian in their scope, worse the demands show just how little Klein and Bloomberg think of teachers.

These demands include:

Teachers would have higher raises in the early and middle steps of their careers.

Makes sense. Why not keep all these young, single teachers that want to live the Manhattan live style? Again shows what the DOE thinks of veteran, experienced teachers.

The city would institute a career ladder, labeling teachers “apprentice,” “practicing,” “mentor,” and “master,” and would pay them according to their position on that ladder.

Big mistake. The DOE should have labeled the "career ladder" as; youngling, padawan, knight, and master. But if it was up to me that would be acceptable only if Bloomberg is henceforth known as a Sith lord, and Klein, loses the title chancellor and his known as a Sith apprentice. Of course all those who work at Tweed, ATU, Mike Best, etc... will be known as clone warriors. Or Ewoks.

Once a teacher is excessed, he will have four months to remain on the city’s payroll while he finds a new job. Once those four months are up, he’ll lose this pay check and benefits. Today, there are about 1,200 salaried teachers who have been excessed, are looking for work in the system, and are working as substitutes.

Perfect method into removing any teacher over 40 and making over $70K. Also will save big bucks on pensions. Do they honestly think that any principal in their right mind will hire a teacher that is too knowledgeable and makes too much money?

Teachers who have charges brought against them will be suspended without pay unless they can prove that the DOE is unreasonably delaying the hearing.
So let's see. Principal A who is 27 years old has no experience in teacher and feels threatened by a 49 year old 24 year veteran teacher. Gee, I wonder what shall happen? Anyone care to guess?
Instead of using "just cause" in 3020a hearings of incompetence, the city wants to lower the standard to an “arbitrary and capricious” one, meaning the DOE’s decision to fire the teacher is assumed to be reasonable and just unless the teacher can prove otherwise.

"Just Cause" generally means; "the arbitrator first asks whether the employee's wrongdoing has been proven by the employer, and then asks whether the method of discipline should be upheld or modified." However in 1966, arbitrator, Professor Carroll Daugherty expanded this into seven tests that are frequently used by arbitrators. They are:
  • Was the employee forewarned of the consequences of his or her actions?
  • Are the employer's rules reasonably related to business efficiency and performance the employer might reasonably expect from the employee?
  • Was an effort made before discharge to determine whether the employee was guilty as charged?
  • Was the investigation conducted fairly and objectively?
  • Did the employer obtain substantial evidence of the employee's guilt?
  • Were the rules applied fairly and without discrimination?
  • Was the degree of discipline reasonably related to the seriousness of the employee's offense and the employee's past record?
But now, Tweed, not only wants to change the rule of law as we know that the prosecution has to prove guilt, to the teachers proving their innocence, but wants to change state law and the laws of physics as well. Arbitrary is defined as;
  • depending on individual discretion (as of a judge) and not fixed by law
  • marked by or resulting from the unrestrained and often tyrannical exercise of power
Capricious is defined thusly;
  • sudden, impulsive, and seemingly unmotivated notion or action
  • a sudden usually unpredictable condition, change, or series of changes
What is frightening is that Mike Mulgrew will actually accept this.

Oh and the best, but not certainly the least. Hearings will be conducted before OATH hearing officers.

What is OATH Uncle Teacher in the Bronx? OATH boys and girls is an acronym for Office of Administration Trials and Hearings. Yep, you guessed it. A city agency, whose hearing officers are paid by the city.

Mulgrew, what is the word you have been trained to respond to so you can turn over have have your tummy rubbed?

For those that want a good laugh, here are the rest of the demands.

DOE Contract Demands

Fool Us Twice Shame On Us

In the Star Trek episode, "Friday's Child," Commander Montgomery (Scotty) Scott (who at the time had the con of the Enterprise) refuses to answer a distress call of the USS Carolina. Kirk and the gang are down on surface of Capallea IV with a very pregnant, and cranky Julie Newmar and a people that are being manipulated by the Klingons. Having already been suckered into leaving the planet once on a bogus distress call, Scotty proudly proclaims in his Scottish brogue, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." We should listen to Mr Scott.

We, the teachers of NYC have been fooled one too many times by the Unity leadership of Weingarten/Mulgrew. Too often we get, "Oh, let's not get them upset," or "lay low is the best way to deal with being humiliated in the rubber room," or my personal favorite, "we have a super duper secret possible court case we are in the process of filing and we don't want to screw it up right now."

So what can be done? It is so simple, a caveman can do it. Vote for ICE/TJC slate in the upcoming UFT elections. Vote out Mulgrew and Unity. They are not part of the problem, they are the problem. If anyone has seen the DOE's draconian contract demands, wagering is already being done on what specific requests Mulgrew will cave on. ICE/TJC will be there for its members. Not for itself.

So if you want to believe Mike Mulgrew when he says, "I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really mean it that this time the UFT won't cave," you might be interested in purchasing a certain bridge in Brooklyn.

We are in this mishagos because Weingarten had to open her mouth in 2001 and favor mayoral control. And it will get worse under Mulgrew.

Full disclosure. I am on the ballot for the upcoming elections.

Download, print out and distribute as many copies of this ICE flier as you can.

ICE UFT Election Flyer

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thomas W Carroll Your Charter Slip Is Showing

To paraphrase Captain Renault, I am shocked to find out charter schools select only the brightest and turn away low achievers.

In today's Albany Times-Union it turns out that The Albany Preparatory Charter School was "milking its books." They were denying admission to wait listed learning disabled students. According to the Times-Union, "Some parents of students who did not perform well on a reading test were counseled that the school was 'not a good fit' or would have their applications denied, according to a scathing new report by the State University of New York's Charter Schools Institute."

What is ironic is The Albany Preparatory Charter School is run by Brighter Choice. Sound familiar? It should to readers of this blog. Brighter Choice was founded by current chairman Thomas W Carroll. Yes, the same Thomas W Carroll whose bragged to me in a tweet that he "opened 11 charter schools," in response to an article he had written in which I tweeted that he is demented.

I think he founded 11 illusory charter schools. All claims by Brighter Choice should be re-examined with a fine tooth comb. Right here Brighter Choice brags how it has the top ranked schools in Albany.

The website for Albany Preparatory Charter School claims; The school is open to all age-eligible students – there are no entrance exams, no eligibility requirements, no income qualifications. Yeah, sure.

One more thing came to light as the crack investigative team here at SBSB held Albany Prep under the magnifying glass. Seems that Thomas W Carroll and Brian Backstrom, Albany Prep's chairman, were president and vice-president of Change-NY, a conservative think tank that helped push Mario Cuomo out of office and brought us George Pataki. They billed themselves as a taxpayer advocacy group. But Carroll and Backstrom seem to have no problem going after government money when it is for their own projects. Like Race to the Top.

I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as malfeasance in charter schools goes. Unfortunately the Albany Times-Union has more guts combined than any of the three papers here in NYC.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Time Is Now For ICE/TJC

Why am I supporting ICE/TJC in the upcoming UFT elections? Why am I running in the upcoming elections on the ICE/TJC slate? Why should whomever reads this and is a UFT member vote for ICE/TJC? Simple. It is time for change and it is time to for teachers to be treated as adults and professionals again. But of course substance is needed.

  • If Randi Weingarten did the right thing in 2001 and kept her mouth shut about mayoral control we would not have the reign of error we have had for the last eight years
  • All Mulgrew had to do was endorse Thompson for Mayor and the reign of error would have been over. But he didn't want to get Emperor Bloomberg "mad at us" during contract negotiations. Guess what? They are mad at us no matter what! Which brings me to...
  • Something fellow blogger Chaz wrote a few days ago. A high up UFT official when asked to do something with testicles, to confront the media about the DOE planted stories, this official blabbered, "it is best to lay low and be quiet since it is hard to defend some of the teachers." Thanks. Thanks a lot, UFT hotshot who has the same last name as a former pitcher on the San Francisco Giants.
  • A system that allows a teacher to be written up for flatulence is broken. Guess what? I am being metaphorical here.
I know I can go on and on and on. All Klein and Bloomberg have done is shift the deck chairs on the Titanic. Spread the word. Just check the ICE/TJC box on the ballot and your work is done and you will feel much better about yourself.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Reforming Teacher Discipline

The crack investigative team here at SBSB came across a study on how to reform the teacher discipline process. The authors appear to be, or have been students at Columbia University, presumably in the journalism school. Neither as the crack team been able to determine when this was released, but are assuming sometime between 2007 and today.

So for everyone's perusal and enjoyment...

20647481 NYC Teacher Discipline

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Sleazy Are Jeffrey Toobin And Amy McIntosh?

In light of today's Daily News article in which Jeffrey Toobin impregnated Jeff Greenfield's daughter and has refused to allow his love child to take his last name or pay child support, I would say the sleaze factor is a ten.

Amy McIntosh is part of the education deformer's cabal. Hate to say this Amy, but what goes around comes around. Find out more about Amy, here, here, here, and here.

For more about her stud muffin, Jeffrey, read about him here.

Amy, I hate to say this, but you are getting what you so wholeheartedly deserve. Your work with the DOE has been only how to find ways to jam teachers. Boo-hoo.

And Jeffrey, you know that Amy only got to where she is because of your connections. You and your support of Teach For America is not good. You are not good. Be a mensch and do the right thing to your baby.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Max Bialystock Opens A Charter School

Ever have 400 things go on in your brain at once? Just as I was going to bed last night, a thought crossed my mind in regards to charter schools and the Mel Brooks movie The Producers. Think about it. With all this money to be had, doled out, given to as favors, what is to stop someone to be the charter school Leo Bloom and Max Bialystock.

For those who do not like Mel Brooks, campy Jewish humor, nor have seen The Producers, the 1968 version here is a brief summary.

Bialystock is a scheister Broadway producer, Bloom his accountant. They come up with a way to make millions of a Broadway show. Sell more than 100% in shares for a horrible, rotten musical that is sure to close down the first night. Hence the musical Springtime For Hitler. But the tables are turned on them when Springtime For Hitler turns out to be a success. Only this won't be the way the charter(s) turn out.

So just imagine this scenario, someone knowing that Tweed and the white liberal hedge fund managers give out money for charters like a drunken sailor, alone at Hunt's Point after being at sea for six months, will put in an application for a charter school. This educational Max Bialystock will be real smooth. Promise the world. Bloomberg and Klein will be found over a toilet rubbing one out they are so darn happy. But.......

One of two things will happen. The school will open and be so poorly run, and none of the promises kept. It will be closed down and the Max Bialystock of education will simply say, "oh well," and keep the money leaving kids in the lurch. Or, the school will never open, Max Bialystock will flee to Brazil with the money or somewhere else and Tweed and the hedge fund managers will be caught with their proverbial trousers down around their ankles looking to blame the UFT on the mess.

To paraphrase a scene from The Producers:

Max Bialystock: Don't you see, darling Bloom, glorious Bloom? It's so simple. STEP ONE: We found the worst charter school ever , a surefire flop. STEP TWO: I raise a million bucks. Lots of little old ladies, Tweed, and hedge fund managers out there. STEP THREE: You go back to work on the books, two of them - one for the government, one for us. You can do it, Bloom; you're a wizard! STEP FOUR: We open a charter in the South Bronx. And before you can say STEP FIVE, we *close* on the charter!!! STEP SIX: We take our million bucks and fly to *Rio!*

It could happen.

It can happen.

It will happen.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Whitney Tilson: Where Da White Folk At?

Oh Whitney, it is so much fun getting to know more about you. Let's share with the readers what you really are about.

From The Perimeter Primate Blog:
One of Chavis’s more recent forays into the national public limelight resulted in an incident lovingly described by Whitney Tilson, a top elite-school-trained investment manager, minor TV business celebrity, and aggressively connected Democratic, "no excuses" charter-school adoring, neo-liberal education reformer who resides in Manhattan posts his family photos for public viewing of YouTube and Picasa, and sends his own children to the exclusive upper West Side private school which served as the inspiration for Gossip Girls.

At a public education forum last April, Tilson witnessed Ben Chavis’ aggressive verbal attack on New York City Council Member Charles Barron. According to Tilson, Barron was approached by Chavis who said, "“You're a mother f-ing black pimp, you're f-ing our kids. Come to the reservation and I'll beat your ass. You want our kids to take Home Ec? YOU should wear a dress!"

For those who don't know who Ben Chavis is, he is principal of American Indian Public Charter School in Oakland CA. For those that are unaware of what Ben Chavis is referring to in regards to Charles Barron please click here.

For those of us in Oakland who have been experiencing Chavis for years, hearing something like this was nothing new. But then there was Whitney Tilson’s enthusiastic response of, “I LIKE this guy!”

Wow Whitney, you sound so tough. Would you act like that if you were alone on the corner of 153rd St and Melrose Ave? I don't think so.

Tilson's day job is as the founder and managing partner of a New York company that manages investments. He also writes about financial investing and is a minor TV business celebrity. He has posted some of his appearances on YouTube.

He is a major celebrity in his own mind though.

In addition to the things above, Tilson's super-intense hobby is being involved with education reform-minded things. He co-founded Democrats for Education Reform, and is on the board of directors of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. He has spoken to Philanthropy Roundtable members, guiding and reinforcing their K-12 education philosophy. Tilson is a huge fan of Joel Klein, according to whom he meets regularly, he adores Michelle Rhee, and Jay Green gives him praise.

I think it borders on some kind of sexual infatuation Whitney has with Klein. Don't be surprised to see Whitney one day on his knees in front of Klein with a towel handy.

Tilson explains on his blog that his parents spent most of their careers doing international development. His interest in education came about because of both the work of his parents and from his experience with TFA.

“I remember the many times, going back to my teenage years, that she [his mother] reminded me of all the good fortune I’ve had in my life and told me that I had a duty to give back and make the world a better place.”

Translation; "I know more that people of color and I must set them right."

Tilson invites his readers to look at the photos and videos of KIPP celebrations which he has posted online. I was surprised to see them intertwined with photos and videos of his personal life, and have no idea why someone involved in a controversial, public topic would do such a thing. But since he made them available to the world and I'm a curious person, I thought I’d take a look. I’m fascinated with trying to understand the make-up of people who think so differently from me. For some reason, or the other, I keep looking for a bridge.
The photos and videos feature the travel and activities of an extraordinarily privileged American family; Machu Picchu, Kenya, Prague, Jackson Hole, skiing, golfing, water skiing, private plane flying, white-water rafting, paragliding, and on and on and on. It strikes me that Whitney Tilson is one entitled dude. Incidentally, I learned that his children attend a private school who a mother described as "one of the most elite girls’ schools in the nation." It has a student to faculty ratio of 7:1 and its tuition is around $34,000/year. No public schools will be experienced here.

Wow, raise your hand if you wish you were Whitney!

Seems that Whitney is out of touch with the common man.

Tell you what Whitney. Give up your life style, move into the projects, smoke some Philly Blunts on the corner and then maybe we will talk.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is Whitney Tilson A Racist?

Something has been bugging me the last few days. I know what it is, but I just can't put a finger on it, or somehow put it into words but I will try.

It is about this charterization of schools. I mean I am not into conspiracy theories, but something kind of smells fishy. What I am noticing, and I have railed about this in the past, is all these rich white hedge fund mangers, involved. Except Al Sharpton. But he doesn't count because he is a whore and will do or say what is best for him.

Could it be possible that the reason all these rich white people are so "concerned" about the education of the inner city brown kids is so the rich white people can have control of their schools, basically reversing Brown v Board of Education?

Yeah I know it sounds too conspiratorial, but it gnaws at me. I mean take Whitney Tilson. I mean he would walk the other way if it was a black person in the stall next to him at a highway rest stop. Or maybe not.

Speaking of Whitney, in his latest rambling, written as if he were high on meth email, he wished for more white people to be involved. Whitney blabbers, "Let’s be honest: we need a lot more well-off, well-educated white folks with a personal stake in both charter schools and education reform in general if we’re going to take reform to the next level, both politically and operationally." Look here, clear as day (click text below to enlarge).
Seems a bit a bit askew. Whitney, come on tell us the truth. You think you are big white man put on earth to save the little brown boys and girls. There are no well off, educated black folks Whitney, or Hispanic folks?

But it is not just Whitney. I think it is Bloomy and Klein as well. Did you read today's Daily News? Black enrollment in the prestigious city high schools are down 10%. As one parent said, "There was stuff on that test they said they'd never seen before," she said. "They're too busy ... preparing for the New York State standardized test, and they're not getting a well-rounded education." But of course Bloomy and Klein think they know what is best. So does Whitney. Screw them.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mychael Willon And Alternatives Unlimited

We here at SBSB believe in journalistic integrity. The crack investigative team here at SBSB has been beating the drum that serial masturbator (Is this spelled correctly? I know there are some readers that have emailed me in the past concerning typos. Feel free!) Mychael Willon should not be employed by the DOE because of an arrest and conviction for lewd and lascivious behavior in Wichita KS. It seems that Mychael Willon is no longer employed by the DOE as of last month.

Mychael Willon is now employed as the Chief Academic Officer at Alternatives Unlimited, a Baltimore based student tutoring, and educational company. Willon is based in Houston TX, and started just last month. So that is the end of that. Right? Wrong.

What is does is raise several questions that should be addressed. First and foremost is, did Tweed find out about Willon's past since is story was first published here and ease him out of his job? Perhaps Joel Klein came up to Myke and said, "seems you have an issue bopping your baloney at inappropriate times. This could leave a stain (pun intended) on me and the DOE. How about I close my eyes, count to ten and you find another position?" This seems quite plausible.

But something else smells. It seems that Alternatives Unlimited is a vendor/provider for the NYC DOE. In fact provider ID # 175. This, according to SES 2009-2010 Parent Guide. Click here and go to page 12 of the file. Alternatives Unlimited provides tutoring as per NCLB for NYC students.

This raises several questions. Did Mychael Willon already have a foot in the door once Alternatives Unlimited became a provider? Is there some type of conflict in him leaving the DOE and getting a position at AU? Was there a quid pro quo, i.e. Tweed makes deal for them to take Willon off their hands for AU to still be approved as a provider? Did Willon lie once again to get this job at AU? Was Willon hired to help AU keep contract in future? This certainly does not pass the smell test. Better yet, did anyone at Tweed, if they knew of Mychael Willon's past, notify the State Education department?

Unfortunately, we here at SBSB are not very familiar with conflict of interest regulations and invite anyone who can answer these questions to please feel free to do so.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seventy-Five Dollars And A Dream

Seems in Kansas that if you are convicted of a misdemeanor, even those that involve sexual crimes, all it costs to expunge your conviction is seventy five dollars. And a good attorney.

As reported here Monday, serial masturbator Mychael Willon was arrested and pleaded no contest to a charge of lewd and lascivious behavior in a Wichita KS bookstore in 1989 and 1990. But in Willon's world it never happened.

The crack team here at SBSB has learned through an excellent source, though yet to have verified, that Mychael Willon had his conviction, yes pleading no contest is the same as a guilty plea, expunged. But you ask, "Teacher in the Bronx, how can this be?" Well in Kansas, it be, and it is.

The crack team at SBSB as learned that it costs just seventy-five dollars to file a motion to have your record expunged. It is reviewed by the court and then a hearing is held, and a judge then rules on the motion. That quick, that simple. And, I am sure, that having a well competent, well connected attorney helps smooth the way towards expungment.

But it does not change what happened. Willon was caught with his proverbial pants down in that Wichita KS adult bookstore in 1989. Willon's character is in question here. Just not with this instance, but with the fake doctorate as well.

Food for thought. If a NYC teacher did what Willon did, how fast would that teacher be on the front page of the NY Post, and in the Rubber Room?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thanks To Joel Klein The Aryans Hate Alan Rosenfeld

Came across a Google search someone did for "NY Post Alan Rosenfeld" today. Number three on the list was entitled, "Meet Alan Rosenfeld-a NYC Teacher-Stormfront. It piqued my interest. Perhaps it was a Billy Joel discussion group that had an opinion of Alan Rosenfeld. How wrong I was.

Stormfront is actually a message board for some whacko Aryan group. Their motto, "White Pride, World Wide" shows that Aryans have now attained the capability to rhyme. Rumor has it they are currently learning how to make ice. I applaud you on your endeavors Aryans!!

But thanks to The Official Newspaper of the DOE, The New York Post, seems to have taken up Joel Klein's cause. Let's have a looksee at some of the fanboi comments that have been made vis a vis Alan Rosenfeld.

Pure Noble BloodLine writes: If this isn't TJB, I don't know what is. The crack team here at SBSB researched the meaning of TJB and found out it the author meant TJP, "Typical Jewish Pedophile." WOWZA!

Cougarspeed wrote; I should aim to be a NYPD cop so I can show these perverted kikes how rippled the rubber handle of a police baton is. Hey Alan, I suggest you purchase a drum of KY, and grab your ankles. Cougarspeed seems to have special plans for that police baton.

MightyIrishWhiskey blabbered; Yet if you're not part of the "jew club" and you get injured on the job. They put you through the ringer.....But this yid, he gets the royal treatment in the rubber room. nice! Yes MIW, Jews do get royal treatment in the Rubber Room. They have their own special corner with a couch and 57 inch LCD HDTV. There is also a daily buffet of smoked salmon, bagels, whitefish salad, cream cheese and creamed herring. Mmmmmm. MIW also shared; Never accuse a joo of anything; afterall they deserve carte blanche because they are the chosen ones! Seems MIW has not yet learned how to spell. Chances are he will fail the ice making class being offered.

Lady Spirit Warrior had a special love shout out; The saddest part of all is the world will see this kike and think he is a White Man. I have yet to meet Alan and have only seen photos, but Alan seems whiter than Capser.

My my favorite comes from Gator61;
You don't suppose that Joel Klein is on of the Chosen as well? Chosen should have a lower case c. And yes, Klein is a Jew. The worst kind there is. A self-loathing Jew. One that knows that many Jews have gone into teaching and he for some twisted reason is subverting a noble calling for many Jews. Thank you Joel Klein.

Also Joel, thank you for having your henchmen plant the story with the Post. I am sure Alan Rosenfeld feels comfortable that you indirectly got the Aryans after him. All it takes Joel is one nut job to do thy bidding.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Alan Rosenfeld And Mychael Willon. A Contrast

Today in The New York Post, the official party newspaper of the DOE, we read of the trials and tribulations of Alan Rosenfeld. Mr Rosenfeld has been made the poster child of everything that is wrong with assigning teachers to the Rubber Room.

A quick summary of Alan Rosenfeld's transgression. In 2001 he was accused of making inappropriate statements to a female student. There were numerous charges. He was sent to the Rubber Room. All but one charge was dismissed. On the basis of double hearsay he was found liable and suspended for one week. Yes, you read it right, one week. That was almost ten years ago. When Klein came into power, Klein, and Klein alone decided that Rosenfeld was a danger to children, and has kept him in the Rubber Room since. If you wish to know more check out Norm Scott's blogs, here and ICE blog here.

This is all I am going to say on the subject of Alan Rosenfeld. Because that is not the reason of tonight's blog. And neither is Ayn Rand going to be the subject as promised last night.

Tonight's subject kiddies is the continued hypocrisy of Joel Klein in regards to the lewd and lascivious behavior of the DOE's Director of the Principal Candidate Pool, Mychael Willon. For those who forget you can find out about Mychael Willon here, here, here, here, and here.

How does this tie into Alan Rosenfeld and Klein's hypocrisy? On August 8, 1989 Mychael Willon was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior in a Wichita KS bookstore. A misdemeanor. According to Kansas law
; 21-3508. Lewd And Lascivious Behavior. 1. Lewd and lascivious behavior is: -- Engaging in sexual intercourse or sodomy with any person or animal with knowledge or reasonable anticipation that the participants are being viewed by others; or -- the exposure of a sex organ in a public place, or in the presence of a person who is not the spouse of the offender and who has not consented thereto, with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desires of the offender or another. 2. Lewd and lascivious behavior is a class B misdemeanor.

So it seems that Mychael Willon was, for lack of a better phrase, waxing the proverbial carrot. Hey, no problem. Rub one out all you want. Just not in a public place whilst a principal at an elementary school. But there is more.

Seems on the same date Mychael Willon was also charged with sexual battery. According to Kansas law,
21-3517. Sexual Battery. 1. Sexual battery is the unlawful, intentional touching of the person of another who is not the spouse of the offender and who does not consent thereto, with the intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of the offender or another. 2. Sexual battery is a class A misdemeanor. 3. This section shall be part of and supplemental to the Kansas criminal code.
Maybe he was walking around with it out, and bumped into someone. Who knows. But he was
arrested and charged. But we are still not done.

In May of 1990 Willon pleaded No Contest, nolo contendere, which is the same effect as pleading
guilty. Willon was sentenced to three months in jail. However it was agreed that if Willon paid a
$100 fine by July 2nd he would just be given probation. Lucky guy. But it doesn't stop there with

While Willon was an LIS in 2006 he applied for superintendent's position for the Windsor
Southwest Supervisor Union school district in South Chester VT he had to drop out of the candidate pool
because the school board had found out he got his doctorate at a known diploma mill, La Salle
Univeristy of Louisiana. It was such a fine diploma that the founder was sentenced to five years in
federal prison. This according to the Rutland (VT) Herald. But hold onto your britches, there is more!

Also in 2006, Mychael Willon came up against the Leominister (MA) Public Schools while awaiting to be
interviewed for the superintendent's job, the school board found out about his conviction for lewd
and lascivious behavior. Again this made a newspaper, the weekly Leominister Champion.

The crack team here at SBSB as learned that Mycheal Willon either had the no contest plea either vacated
or sealed. Either way it does not take away from the fact that he had his ding-a-ling out where it should not
have been.

What is fascinating here is that these two small, out of the way school districts were able to find this out,
but the NYC DOE wasn't. Or did they know and just didn't care?

This guy was an LIS, reporting to Klein. What did Klein know and when did he know it? What does the DOE
know and when did they know it, or not bother to know it?

If it was a teacher caught doing what Willon has done how fast would the DOE, and its official publication, The
New York Post do everything it can to besmirch that teacher's career?

Klein, you have dropped the ball.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Leadership Academy Principals Want

They want mediocrity. When you are not mediocre it makes everyone nervous.

Sent to SBSB by a loyal reader. 'Nough said. Want to expand on this later. Specifically how it ties into the the DOE, Ayn Rand, the 1975 hit song Anthem written by Neil Peart and performed by Rush.

Benefits Of Ass Kissing

There was this colleague I had in my first full year teaching. Nice enough lady. Except there was one problem. She was major ass kisser. I mean MAJOR. We both taught the same grade. I was doing it without a net. No mentor, no direction, no materials, no nothing. She on the other hand had a plethora of stuff. But there was something askew.

My students learned. My students were challenged. Hers weren't. My classroom looked like a mess, hers didn't. She had nice, I mean really nice bulletin boards, and great stuff hanging from all over the room. Me? Eh, it was OK, but I busted my ass each and everyday.

Not only did her students not learn, but she was a nasty, mean person to the kids. I mean really nasty. She would drag kids off the line, out of their seats, down the halls. She would scream at them. I mean really nasty screaming. But it was OK, she had gorgeous bulletin boards. And she kissed ass.

On the other hand though I never came out and disagreed with the principal, I gave off the "aura" of I am going to do it my way. That I know better. And I did, for my students.

So what point am I trying to make here? If she and at the time had the same amount of seniority in the building, and there were layoffs, but not under last in, last out, who do you think would have been laid off?

This is the root of the problem. Bloomberg, Klein, Kellerman, all the EDiots want to do away with last in, first out in the event of layoffs. To go by merit. But look at this woman I had taught with. She couldn't teach. But she gave a wonderful perception that she could teach.

Principals like the ass kissers. They are the only ones who say the emperor is clothed.


Vote ICE in upcoming UFT elections. Robert Van Winkle seems to think it is a good idea.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

State Senator Carl Kruger (D) Brooklyn eviscerates Joel Klein. Wish there was a shot of Klein's face.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Susan Engel Is Smarter Than Whitney Tilson

Editor's Note: For those who don't know who Whitney Tilson is, he is one of the many white neo-liberal hedge fund managers out there that need to satisfy their white guilt and think they no more than people of color. Kind of like William T Carroll.

Yesterday I commented on a rather moving, lucid, well thought out opinion piece from yesterday's New York Times. The author Susan Engel is the senior lecturer in psychology and Director of the Program in Teaching at Williams College. OK, fine.

Whitney "I Love Rest Area Glory Holes" Tilson in his latest mass email and blog labeled her as just another "ed school professor." Of course Whitney is in love with his own thoughts and fails to properly vet his convoluted thoughts. Of course, we here at SBSB are willing to sit Mr Tilson down and educate him on properly thinking before he opens his mouth (oops, we don't mean to keep him from opening his mouth at rest area glory holes) or places fingers to the keypad.

See Whitney, Susan Engel is a psychologist who delves into education. At least that is what I have been able to ascertain. If the crack research team here at SBSB is incorrect, there will be a retraction. In fact maybe we should look at her profile page from Williams (click on image to enlarge).

I would say very impressive. In fact if you saw the photo Whitney you would leave the rest area glory hole life behind. Notice what she teaches? Yes, psychology. I am sure she would have a field day with you. However you probably need the entire team at the Institut für schweren psychiatrischen Erkrankungen. I mean like day and night for six months. But go the the profile page and see more. The many books she has written. How many have you written? What's that? I hear crickets Whitney.

One more thing. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence. Students from Sarah Lawrence are hip and cool. I know. I live stone's throw from there. See them all the time. I know, you went to Harvard. Not impressed.

As for your lack of credentials in anything remotely to do with children, aside from somehow, someway siring them (you probably closed your eyes during those "interludes" hoping for it to be over), your bio page at your website comes up a big fat zero. So the question begs Whitney, why do you know more than Susan Engel?

Whitney, you whine that she is not advocating testing. In fact you were in such a hurry to show how much you think you know, as if you were stuck in one of Freud's five stages of psycho-sexual development. Guess which one? I'll give you a hint. It's like every time you email or blog it is your way of showing your "tremendous" phallus. Your way of making up for a certain physical shortcoming. Which probably explains why you are never on the receiving end of the glory hole.

OK, back to what I was saying. You totally missed this line; "The reforms suggested by the administration on Monday have the potential to help liberate our schools. But they can only do so much." At no time, nowhere did she say to give up testing. But you were to in love with yourself to even read this. Or you read it and did not have the higher order thinking skills to understand it.

As far as your comment that schools need to do regular testing to be able to know that students are learning, it is being done and has been done for decades. Spelling tests, reading tests, math tests, surprise quizzes, are just a few examples. We know if a students is learning by speaking with the student. Asking students open ended questions. Problem with people like you and open ended questioning is that the answers are like snowflakes. No two are ever alike.

Whitney the challenge is still on the table. I also want to add another. Teach in an inner city school and show us all how easy it is. Please put your hedge fund money where your mouth is.

As a service to the SBSB fan base here is the clipping from Whitney's email (click to enlarge):

Joel Klein: Teachers Must Be Disciplined

Joel Klein was up in Albany the other day whining that he needs the legislature to make it easier for him to discipline teachers and have them terminated. This according to today's New York Mouthpiece Of The DOE, er, I meant Post.

Citing the teacher that engaged in a business whilst sitting in the Rubber Room, Klein whined, "On Sunday, the New York Post ran a front-page story about a teacher who has been reassigned to the rubber room for more than seven years"

Klein then decided to model for the joint Assembly-Senate committee his special attire he will wear when he has complete power to discipline teachers as he so desires.

Calls to the DOE for comment were not returned.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For The EDiots Of The World

What an amazing article in today's New York Times. Susan Engel, of Williams College basically, at least in my opinion, smacked down the whole aura behind testing students in elementary school. I know right now that Bloomy, Klein, Tilson, Carroll, and all the EDiots are just in a daze, readying a response to this professor, thinking they know more.

Engel says that if we want to make sure children can learn we need to, "overhaul the curriculum itself." That testing is, "is completely at odds with what scientists understand about how children develop during the elementary school years and has led to a curriculum that is strangling children and teachers alike."

Think about this. An adult speaking here. Someone with no horse in the race. The curriculum we have is not geared to students learning. It is geared towards students learning how to memorize and perform like trained animals just to take a test so a school district can feel bigger about itself. She says, "what children need to do in elementary school is not to cram for high school or college, but to develop ways of thinking and behaving that will lead to valuable knowledge and skills later on."

A few things in the article really stood out for me.

These kids in the inner city are not having complex conversations at home. We should as parents from the day they are born start their critical thinking skills. And this is done through language. Talking to our children, not at them. They do not get this, nor the vocabulary at home. No matter how many Head Starts there are they still come to school short changed. When a child asks "why is the sky blue?" and the answer is, "how the f**k do I know?" a child eventually learns not to ask questions anymore and loses a component, a critical component in how to think and learn for themselves.

But this is not being done with what is happening in the schools, in NYC today. The higher order thinking skills are not being developed. How can they be developed when all it is is test, test, test. Memorize, memorize, memorize. I remember in elementary school myself teachers telling us how in England and Japan the students have a lack of independent thought because of all the rigorous tests the students take.

She also is a big advocate for play. Yes, play. "During the school day, there should be extended time for play. Research has shown unequivocally that children learn best when they are interested in the material or activity they are learning. Play — from building contraptions to enacting stories to inventing games — can allow children to satisfy their curiosity about the things that interest them in their own way." But the charter folks, and the EDiots don't want that.

Sure, let's have school until 5 PM, and then home for hours of homework. Come in on Saturdays. Three weeks of summer vacation. All this is old-fashioned predicated on when the country was full of farmers. Bullocks I say.

This is when kids learn the best, and put what they learn into use. During play. Just as an aside. I truly believe the lack of opportunity for team sports, intra-mural, inter-scholastic, rec leagues, etc... really hurts students in the inner city. OK, no more digressing. Here is another really neat thing she said, "during the school day, there should be extended time for play. Research has shown unequivocally that children learn best when they are interested in the material or activity they are learning. Play — from building contraptions to enacting stories to inventing games — can allow children to satisfy their curiosity about the things that interest them in their own way."

Seems to make sense. And I don't think she means the 25 minutes of recess. But why can't we implement what she is advocating? Because it is not something concrete. You can't hold her theories in your hands and see that you have something. Tests are concrete. Testing gives the appearance of accomplishing something, anything. Mostly it accomplishes only hurting students.

TWEEDle Dumber

Tweed, or the ATU or a lot of lawyers and investigators at Tweed seem to have a fascination with this blog. Particularly last Monday when David Pakter was supposed to be featured on Channel 2 and the posting "Thanks For Nothing Pablo." Who in particular?

Taejong Kim
Karen Antoine
Julianne Newman
Eduardo Miyashiro
Norris Knowles
Elsa Hampton
Nancy Ryan
Laura Brantley
Jordana Shenkman
Susan Jalowski
Rachel Collins
Cheryl A. Smith
Shari Ferguson

And of course the big man himself....

Just have a look see (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mulgrew Grew A Set

Way to go Mikey. You finally grew a set! Today Dear UFT Leader Mulgrew decided the union will leave the dark side and sue the DOE over school closings. You are this close to being a mensch Mike. Now take up the cause of teachers in the Rubber Rooms.

From today's Daily News:

The city's teachers union will file a lawsuit Monday in a bid to block the closure of 19 schools - ramping up its already antagonistic relationship with City Hall.

The United Federation of Teachers lawsuit accuses the city of violating the state mayoral control law by failing to account for the impact of the shutdowns on the community.

Advocates complained last week that the Education Department did not give proper notice about replacement schools before the Panel for Educational Policy voted Wednesday to approve the closures.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was in talks about joining the lawsuit, sources said. NAACP officials refused to comment yesterday.

A UFT lawsuit last year over the proposed closure of three other schools led the city to abandon its plans. None of those schools is on the closure list this year, having all received A's on recent city report cards.

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein defended the 19 closures yesterday - and slammed the UFT for feeding the frenzy at the raucous meeting at which they were approved.

"There are a lot of other people stirring this up," Klein said on Channel 7. "A lot of people who spoke at that meeting were union leaders and chapter leaders."

UFT President Michael Mulgrew acknowledged the union provided 50 buses for parents and teachers to travel to the Brooklynmeeting, but he denied that the thousands who attended were pushed by the union. "The fact that teachers and the community were standing together, that's what should be the takeaway for the chancellor," Mulgrew said.

The UFT is in a protracted contract dispute with the city.

Mayor Bloomberg said last week the union would have to accept 2% pay raises up to a maximum of $1,400 - or face 2,500 layoffs.