Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TWEEDle Dumber

Tweed, or the ATU or a lot of lawyers and investigators at Tweed seem to have a fascination with this blog. Particularly last Monday when David Pakter was supposed to be featured on Channel 2 and the posting "Thanks For Nothing Pablo." Who in particular?

Taejong Kim
Karen Antoine
Julianne Newman
Eduardo Miyashiro
Norris Knowles
Elsa Hampton
Nancy Ryan
Laura Brantley
Jordana Shenkman
Susan Jalowski
Rachel Collins
Cheryl A. Smith
Shari Ferguson

And of course the big man himself....

Just have a look see (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

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The Busy Esq. Beavers at 49 Chambers Street

I know my eye sight is growing increasingly worse due to all the countless hundreds of pages I must read to keep up with checking the Testimony transcripts in my 3020a Teacher Trial.

But have my eyes become that bad ?

I do not seem to seem the name of the Learned young DOE prosecuting attorney in my 3020a Trial case on the latest SBS list of DOE lawyers.

Of course I refer to Mr. Philip Oliveri, Esq. who is determined to see me Terminated for bringing two artificial plants to my High School, supposedly without the Official permission of the NYC Dept of Education which arrives at such decisions working in close cooperation with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Strangely, a third plant I donated to the Principal's Office was not considered a sufficiently egregious act to require a charge leading to Termination. Only the two plants I placed outside the school Auditorium.

In any event SBS team can you account for excluding Mr. Oliveri's name from "The List".

Is it because he knows everything there is to know and thus does not have join all The Truth Seekers in their daily Trolling.

Or is it because he has finally, at last, accepted the fact that even the harshest DOE Hearing Officer/ Hanging Judge, would find bringing plants to school insufficient grounds for Termination.

What to do, what to do ??

Maybe start spending Lunch hours and coffee breaks, doing a different kind of trolling.

For example, searching the NY Times Employment ads for a new job.

Does that imply that what he has been doing for the past year is actually a job.

Or is Mr. Oliveri occupied with designing a new website page to replace the one he removed, faster than a speeding bullet, after the SBS "Truth Team" posted his former web page on the Internet for all the world to see- that naughty, naughty boy.