SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Benefits Of Ass Kissing

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Benefits Of Ass Kissing

There was this colleague I had in my first full year teaching. Nice enough lady. Except there was one problem. She was major ass kisser. I mean MAJOR. We both taught the same grade. I was doing it without a net. No mentor, no direction, no materials, no nothing. She on the other hand had a plethora of stuff. But there was something askew.

My students learned. My students were challenged. Hers weren't. My classroom looked like a mess, hers didn't. She had nice, I mean really nice bulletin boards, and great stuff hanging from all over the room. Me? Eh, it was OK, but I busted my ass each and everyday.

Not only did her students not learn, but she was a nasty, mean person to the kids. I mean really nasty. She would drag kids off the line, out of their seats, down the halls. She would scream at them. I mean really nasty screaming. But it was OK, she had gorgeous bulletin boards. And she kissed ass.

On the other hand though I never came out and disagreed with the principal, I gave off the "aura" of I am going to do it my way. That I know better. And I did, for my students.

So what point am I trying to make here? If she and at the time had the same amount of seniority in the building, and there were layoffs, but not under last in, last out, who do you think would have been laid off?

This is the root of the problem. Bloomberg, Klein, Kellerman, all the EDiots want to do away with last in, first out in the event of layoffs. To go by merit. But look at this woman I had taught with. She couldn't teach. But she gave a wonderful perception that she could teach.

Principals like the ass kissers. They are the only ones who say the emperor is clothed.


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I say the principal is an ass! If a teacher is a senior teacher and is a horrible mean teacher than, yes that teacher should be bought out! I Blame the assholes who get paid tons of money and are supposed to be going into the classrooms. Many principals don't have a clue what is going on in the classrooms. Many don't care as long as the data shows improvement.