Tuesday, April 23, 2013

School Rat Patrol

On these pages we have taken to task and eviscerated (and rightly so) fellow teachers and UFT members when necessary. Evan Stone, Sydney Morris, Ruben Brosbe, Matt Polazzo, Michael Loeb, etc... or any of the E4E or StudentsFirst turd blossoms the are deserving.

In our opinion here at SBSB, once you start stabbing your colleagues in the back, once you go against the Union, once you go try to separate a teacher from their direct deposit you are then fair game.

So here is my question. Does a teacher in your school that lives in the administration's colon, that runs back and rats you or your colleagues out time after time, do such types deserve not to have the tables turned on them, but upping the ante? Outing them on the blogosphere? Twitter? Facebook?

And mind you, we aren't just talking about the rats. What about those teachers that not only live in the "inner circle," but know it and flaunt it as well? What protections do they deserve?

Opinions please.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Martin Burney and PS 154 in the Bronx

What was it with that movie, "Sleeping with the Enemy?" Every girl, including my girlfriend at the time, wanted to see that movie. Not the best movie, but definitely creepy, and who can forget Patrick Bergin as Julia Robert's husband Martin Burney? Certainly not the staff of PS 154.

Remember Martin? He of the anal retentive, OCD, perfectionist, micro managing, control freak,
patronizing, condescending, and smarter (so Martin Burney believed) than everyone else type? One must wonder. Did Martin Burney met his demise in the movie? Maybe not. For he has been seen at PS 154 in the Bronx.

Remember how Martin was so fastidious in his insistence that all the cans in the cupboard were facing the same way with the label out? Well, Martin Burney at PS 154 has no labels to insist upon facing label, but does insist that all bulletin boards are the same all over the school. There is to be no deviation from this. If there is, instead of the physical beating that Julia Roberts got, staff instead is subject to a written beating in the form of a 300 page treatise criticizing you in the most raw form imaginable. This treatise oozes with venom, sarcasm, and worse type of condescension possible.

Recall how Martin Burney, after a night of beating Julia Roberts said, "Oh, how I hate it when we quarrel?" Seems the same thing happens at PS 154. But after a beating of hearing how horrible you are as a teacher, 154's Martin Burney will act concerned and claim that the abuse is only to help you grow as a teacher.

Oh, how about this? When Martin Burney beat up Julia Roberts because he thought she was checking out their neighbor? Martin Burney at PS 154 does the same. Only just a verbal beat down when one shows a modicum of independent thought.

So what is it with Martin Burney? What makes Martin Burney such a anal retentive, OCD, perfectionist, micro managing, control freak, patronizing, condescending, and smarter (so Martin Bruney believed) than everyone else type?

We here at SBSB asked back Dr Hans von Schlaggel from Vienna, Austria. Dr von Schlaggel is currently the director of the Institut für schweren psychiatrischen Erkrankungen, or in English, Institute of Severe Psychiatric Disorders. For those that might have forgotten, Dr von Schlaggel discussed malignant narcissism back in 2009.

So we here at SBSB turn it over to Dr von Schlaggel.

Danke, Herr Teacher in the Bronx, and guten tag to all the loyal followers of this blog. I hope this evening finds you well.

So, vhat ve vant to know is vhy someone such as Martin Burney is a control freak, or as we say in Vienna, "Ein total verrückter geistige Arbeit"

Oh Dies ist so einfach, er, I meant, this is so simple. A control freak is a perfectionist, or in German, a perfektionistisch. This person sinks that;
Control freaks are often perfectionists defending themselves against their own inner vulnerabilities in the belief that if they are not in total control they risk exposing themselves once more to childhood angst

If we read the DSMR-V control freakishness is a diagnosis and eet iz caused by childhood traumas. Now in dee case of Martin Burney they are perfectionists as adults because they feelt that they did not get love from their daddy. In der minds they felt that nothing they did was ever guden for daddy.

Ah, but there is more;
Such persons manipulate and pressure others to change so as to avoid having to change themselves, and use power over others to escape an inner emptiness.

Oh my! Such Menschen are, how you say in English? Ah, yes, miserable, so they must make others miserable as well and make others conform to they own version of perfection. But such people have an inner emptiness. Like they are missing zomething in their lives. Perhaps neglecting close loved ones.
Control freaks appear to have some similarities to codependents, in the sense that the latter's  fear of abandonment leads to attempts to control those they are dependent on
See, like the Frau already mentioned, Martin Burney has a feeling that Vater will say Auf Wiedersehen to his kleines Mädchen, er, I forgot  I am not in Vienna, his little Martin Burney, but the little Martin Burney feels if Martin Burney is perfect Vater will stay.

Ja, it iz very complex, but a control freak is very insecure and iz that way from child hood trauma caused by daddy.

Ein thing I would like to add. Control freaks, or perfectionists, love the John Lennon song, Instant Karma. 

 As we say at the strudel shoppe in Vienna, "That Martin Burney is one fucked up person!"

Thank you so much Dr von Schlaggel. We here at SBSB look forward to you joining us again and let's hope and pray it will be real soon, not another 4 years.

Martin Burney is nuts. Martin Burney needs to go to Vienna.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Landru Pervades PS 154 in the Bronx

The clarion call came from far and wide. A meeting there was to be. For some, it was a rally, for others it was a march of doom. But this entity that controls PS 154, Landru (OK, I know, another Star Trek reference, but it is so appropriate. For those that don't sleep in their parents basement, click here to learn more), was determined to be heard and and be heard it must.

All those who gathered for the meeting sat down amongst the self perceived greatness and perfection of Landru as it served ice cold, chilly coolattas to those awaiting its knowledge. A hush fell upon those assembled as Landru began to speak.

"There is not a discipline problem at PS 154," Landru bellowed to the mass of the beaten, the downtrodden, the blissfully ignorant. Besides, Landru shared with everyone, "We have a plan in place as we speak." The downtrodden, the beaten, those who are "not of the body" snickered and laugh.The general feeling is that these types must be "absorbed."

A plan? There is a plan at PS 154 for discipline? The Crack Team here at SBSB went into investigative mode and indeed there is a plan, the contents of which will be published now;

Psych! Really, The Crack Team does suggest a plan used several years ago and published on these pages. They come highly recommended. Though the Crack Team would like to add an idea that was omitted several years ago; close eyes really, really hard, and hope that when the eyes are opened the problem will have gone away.

After that Landru offered another edict concerning the following year, "Those that think that they can arrive at 8:15 AM and leave at 2:35 PM, those days are over!" The exclamation is added to simulate the tenseness in the jaw as these words were spoken.

But those not of the body were reassured, there was something they could do to continue "those days" that were supposedly over, "You can use the Open Market and leave," they were told with the same tenseness in the jaw.

On a happier note, those not of the body were reminded that there will be only happy, condescending, patronizing talk in the future with all students no matter if they tell you go fuck yourself or if they throw a chair at you. Happiness is what it is all about.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

WARNING!!! All Those Seeking Open Market Transfer, Stay Away From PS 154 in the Bronx!!!!

Pennywise is alive and still at work in the South Bronx. Only this time, Pennywise is not only destroying the lives of children, but of teachers as well.

Pennywise in and of itself has a benign appearance to children and adults, but the true form of
Pennywise, the IT entity, resides in PS 154 in the Bronx. With Open Market season soon upon us, this is an open warning to all teachers interested in a transfer to PS 154. Stay away.

PS 154 should be seen by anyone seeking to use the Open Market to transfer (That is if transfers are not hidden again like they were last year) to 154 as the Starfleet's General Order 7 used to for Talos in the year 2264.

As the Talosians destroyed and toyed with the lives of the crew of the USS Enterprise, so does the IT entity destroy and toy with the lives of the staff of PS 154.

IT demands only perfection from staff, those that are imperfect are dealt with in much the same way that Nomad dealt with imperfection.

IT can only criticize and condemn those that are not perfect nor drink the Kool-Aid it offers to those that wish to be one with IT. If you're looking for praise, a pat on the back, a "way to go," then 154 is the wrong place for that.

IT believes that the lack of discipline at PS 154 is due to the non-liberal, non-coddling, non-happy views of the staff. Only if the staff rewarded bad behavior would there be a sense of discipline at PS 154.

IT believes that every act, every thought, everything a staff member does, should be controlled and mapped out. The staff handbook is not a handbook, but rather a manifesto. From the proper method of washing your hands, to how many steps you must take from your classroom to the bathroom, it is all there for you to read and pull your hair out.

IT believes in only praising those that drink the Kool-Aid with IT. All others, no matter what praise worthy activities they do, well tough you know what, you ain't getting praised.

IT wants you not to have a life for IT has no life and IT only can see ITself and you through that prism.

IT only believes in GroupThink. No independent thought allowed. Only drones are wanted at 154.

IT has driven away many good staff members and will continue to do so.

IT is living in denial, seeing that with the transformation of District 7 to no more zoned schools and a charter moving in, IT believes that 154 will still attract the top of the line students.

IT teases you with professional development.

IT is a cultist of Lucy Calkins and Teacher's College Readers and Writer's Workshops. Though this is a failed method and the NYC DOE is no longer supporting it, 154 is going full throttle into next year with continuing failure. By the way, isn't a sign of insanity doing the same failing thing time after time, thinking there will be a different outcome? Just saying.

IT is unable to use introspection.

There is zero discipline at PS 154 thanks to IT.

IT tries to be your pal, tries to show IT cares, but it is all a facade, a scam, moral is at an all time low.

IT can't and won't admit any failings. IT is perfect.

IT lies, omits facts, twists truths.

IT won't listen.

IT is a bully.

If you see PS 154 on the Open Market, run far away, do not apply. You will be so much better off elsewhere, like a prison in Mexico. Your well being is much more important. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School Part XI: More Crazy Shit!

 More from the "You can't make this shit up department."

Oh my God! The wheels are falling completely off the bus at The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School. The fail is going to be epic, but unseen by those with their heads so deeply buried in the ground or the (CENSORED) sphincter.

How nutty have things gotten? The shit just gets crazier by the day!

A student, one of the oldest students at The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School, but for the sake of the blog we shall call him Abe Vigoda turned and ratted out a teacher, who we shall call Phil Esposito.

Now Abe is the type that never ever stays in his classroom, goes where he is supposed to be, or follows any rules but his. The (CENSORED) is scared of him, or worse, has given up dealing with him. Now this has not been going on just this year. It has been like this for Abe Vigoda at The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School for 4 years! Four years of getting away, and knowing he is getting away, with anything and everything.

Now there is a teacher at The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School, for the blog we shall call him Phil Esposito. Now Phil is a pretty decent guy, a good teacher, and has gone above and beyond for Abe numerous times in the past. But sadly, it has come to an end.

A while back Phil got a letter from of office of Equal Opportunity, or something like that, requesting a meeting with that office and a UFT rep. Why? Seems Phil was being accused of sexual harrassment. 

Phil Esposito wracked his brain trying to come up with whom he sexually harassed, or something that perhaps he said that was taken the wrong way. Nothing came to mind, not even when his UFT rep called him to tell him that all he was being investigated for was that he told a female student that she was wearing a nice dress.   

So he finally schleps out to Brooklyn for the meeting. Even the rep from EOE, whatever agency, tells him and the UFT rep this accusation is a joke and that he had nothing to be concerned with.

But, Phil Esposito did find out that it was Abe Vigoda that made the complaint. Now conjecture would lead one to believe that either (CENSORED) encouraged Abe to make the phone call (Which the Crack Team highly doubts) and complaint, or even more worrisome, that Abe Vigoda made the phone call on his on from his own home. 

There are any number of reasons why Abe did this. First and foremost is that Abe knows he can do and get away with anything he wants, whenever he wants. That is the culture of The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School. As long as he his happy, we all are happy. Just like that Twilight Zone episode with Bill Mumy.

But Abe Vigoda has the run of The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School and he knows it and takes full advantage of it. But as long as he is happy and everyone else is miserable, well, that is all that matters.

Friday, April 5, 2013

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Former NYC Principal Caught On Audio!!!

Way back in June of 2012 I reported on my former principal at PS 154, Marsha Elliott, lack of true Christianity. She repeated a lie, and repeated it repeatedly.

But first a little back story. In May of 2011 I was teaching character education, which is basically
citizenship. I gave up being dean and SAVE room coordinator due to a senior teaching whining and kvetching about filing a grievance. Honestly it is a fantastic  curriculum.  But needs to be kept away from stupid decision makes that tend to ruin curriculum.

I wanted to do a lesson based on the late 60's experiment Jane Elliott did in Iowa, the “blue-eyed/brown-eyed" experiment. Unfortunately being in the South Bronx negates such an experiment, since all the students are brown eyed, and me being the only blue eyed person in the class or for that matter, that the students have ever seen, I would have to come up with something different.

I switched it to the "left handed-right handed experiment." Sadly, I did it with 2nd graders, I took it a bit to far, and the lesson went a bit awry. However, I thought outside the box and if certain people were not so shrill and unrelenting in how righteous that think they are, the hub bub would have subsided quickly.

Typically, a collegue decided to share with Elliott (and as reported in June 2012);

....finding out that after a former principal accused me of having porn on a computer and being completely cleared by SCI, claimed not only that

"XXXXXXXXX (District 7 Superintendent Yolanda Torres...which Yolanda vehemently denied.) said you can't be the computer coordinator" A blatant lie
But worse said,
"even though they didn't find anything and cleared you doesn't mean it never happened."

 But in that meeting in which Marsha Elliott perpetuated these blatant falsehoods, she suggested that it was time for me to leave the school, that as a common branch teacher that was a cluster, and out of classroom teacher, a dean, a computer coordinator, someone that did everything I could to help out the school without asking for much in return, was useless, a nothing.

Lunch duty, mass prep coverages, when a student was throwing chairs in the classroom it was me they called upon. I did this for the school, for the students, and for the community. Running a soccer program without getting a dime of per session.

Before I give a link to the audio, I just was reminded of something.

In August of 2009, I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus. I came back to school pretty much healed that September. Around the 2nd week of September during lunch duty a 3rd grader threw a tantrum in the yard. I attempted to hold back the young man from punching another student. This boy kicked me in the side of the knee that was just surgically repaired. Something happened. A few days later I went back to my surgeon he told me that I had a grade 1 tear ligament tear. I had to wear a knee brace and my PT was pushed back months.

I asked Marsha Elliott if I could park my car in the school lot. It was quite difficult to walk from the parking lot in the Mitchel Houses to the school. She told me no.'

Here is the audio. Principals lie, deceive, obfuscate, manipulate, use subterfuge, whatever they can to fuck you over. It's all about power. The reason they do is they know how incompetent and in over their heads they are. If they had any confidence in their abilities 99% of the shit that happens in schools won't happen and Francesco Portelos will not be where he is.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School Part X: Fun With Dick

Oh what a joy it is to be back at The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School after almost two weeks. Sadly, what was is, and what is, will be for the foreseeable future.

Today, one of the teachers at The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School was attempting to teach a 5th grade 12:1 one class. Yes, this is a rough class, but the kids are generally

Today the class was different. Keith Partridge and Danny Partridge happened to show up today. Keith, a student who never stays in a classroom and wanders the halls all day started up immediately with the teacher. He was disrespectful and was getting the other students to be disrespectful as well. Keith was openly mocking the teacher even after he was warned that the Responder on Duty (ROD) would be called if this anti-social behavior continued. It did, and even though the ROD was the BIGGEST ROD, BIG ROD was called.

Well, as soon as the call was placed, Keith got up from his seat threw several chairs and a garbage can and told the teacher to, "fuck off, you're an asshole," while flipping the teacher the middle finger.

Meanwhile, Danny Partridge feeling that he was not getting attention of his own continued his own anti-social and somewhat curious behavior as well. When threatened with an immediate call placement to his mommy, Danny said, "I don't care." The call was placed.

Danny immediately was deflated and lost the tough guy persona as mommy was letting him have it. After he handed the phone back to the teacher and the teacher said goodbye and thank you to his mommy, Danny had exhibited the wisdom of a lesson well learned.

"Suck my dick!" he screamed at the teacher as he stormed out of the room. Again, following The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School protocol a call was placed for the BIG ROD to come and take care of this.

No mind you, the teacher also followed the protocol of reducing their color cards, though both said they don't care. As well as they shouldn't for there are no real consequences.

But back to Danny, he eventually made it back to the class, came in, and asked the teacher another call would be placed to his mother for his suggestion several minutes early. Danny decided to raise the previous suggestion and countered this time with an observation in which he called the teacher, a "dick sucker!"

With this observation, Danny left the room. Only to return several minutes late again with Keith just as the BIG ROD showed. Oh, and while the BIG ROD was standing at the door, Keith was attempting to conspire with Danny in how they can lie and make all that happened the teacher's fault.

After this all happened, the students went to lunch where Keith and Danny were seen having fun in the lunch room and even more fun outside in the yard. Yeah, they really learned their lesson.

So why does situations like this continue to occur at The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School? Simple, because those in power have low expectations of these students as well as believing that they, the great white, upper class no what is best for this students.

Too often we hear in our schools, "Awww, this behavior is normal because of the lives they lead, what they have been through, etc..."  I say BULLOCKS! Quite the opposite, because of the lives these students have, of what they seen, of what they have been exposed to we must set the boundaries, mete out immediate, yet fair consequences for unwelcome behavior and let the students know that they are students and the teachers are there to teach them and give them life lessons.

But being the white, upper class, Ivy bred, upper echelon type that believes they know what is best for these students, well, how can you know the culture of the South Bronx when you have spent your life being raised on silver spoons in Upper Saddle River?

This kind of language to fellow student and to staff would never be accepted in Upper Saddle River or any district in Bergen County. And if won't be accepted there it mustn't be accepted in the South Bronx.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Whitney Tilson: Hates The USA, But Loves Ignorance and EAG News!

It's been some time since I ripped Whitney Tilson on these pages, hell its been almost a year! But The Doucheney again is letting his really, really tiny head do the thinking for his not much bigger head as he still shows us he does not know when to speak or shut up or whom to trust.

Whitney in today's convoluted and mentally twisted he mass emailed, lamented how the unions, and I am sure he means the UFT most of all, protect sex offending teachers. Even more disturbing, Whitney looked to as the true arbiter and defender of those that are sexually abused and tormented by those, TEACHERS, that do the abusing.

But a little background. What or who is EAGnews? EAG is run by real estate agent and FOX News favorite Kyle Olson. Kyle is loved by the likes of Rush Limabaugh, Sean Hannity, and the poster boy for mental health, Glenn Beck. Hey Whitney, Olson is meshuga, and so are his buddies. Do some research first.

How are we at SBSB aware of EAG? About a year or so ago,myself and Shaun Johnson aka The Chalk Face, got into it pretty good with Kyle on Twitter. This lasted a good month or so until one day Kyle took his ball and ran away and blocked us both. Oh well. Truth can hurt some people very much.

So what is Kylie like? Olson and his partner Ben Velderman (in fact, Velderman looks like Corky) eschew such rants as this one directed at Shaun and his good friend Tim Slekar deriding their lack of patriotism and insinuating a belief that Shaun and Tim are attempting to turn Kindergartners into Godless communists.

So what has my knickers in a knot tonight? For it is Whitney and this line of **** from his email;
 ...about how the union protects sexual predators in its ranks and fights legislation to make it easier to remove them really burn me up;
No asshole, that is not how it works. Pardon my French, but it needed to be said that way.

 What unions do Whitney is to ensure that each and every teacher is afforded the right to due process. Nothing more and nothing less. If the charges do not merit dismissal or are unfounded, then the teacher keeps his or her job.

Let's play pretend for a moment, m'kay? Say one day Whitney is alone, bored, and looking for companionship. He gets in his car and starts traveling the interstates and byways looking for an appropriate rest stop to take care of those needs and urges he gets. Sadly, Whitney is unable to score any action and heads home.

Instead of heading on the interstate to 5th Ave he takes the back roads instead. After about 30 minutes of driving he comes upon what appears to be an abandoned farm with a lone farm animal, a donkey, alone in the field. Whitney pulls over, looks around and hops out of his car and walks towards the donkey.

Before you know it, Whitney is buggering that donkey pretty good. Soon enough Old Man Jones sees what is happening and calls the law.

The state troopers arrive and arrest Whitney and haul him off to county jail. The next day Whitney's attorney (thanks to the magic of the 6th Amendment),  bails (thank you 8th Amendment) Whitney out of the slammer. Whitney is then afforded a trial by jury (oh there is that pesky 6th Amendment again) and if found guilty doesn't have to spend the next year getting buggered in county or picking up the donkey's doody (again, the 6th Amendment).

And all this happens because in our great country each and every person has the right to due process thanks to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Oh, and before Whitney, Kylie, and the sycophants at EAG start kvetching how those in the real world don't have these employment rights, well those in the real world are not employed by a government entity. That's how it works.

I think it is time for Whitney, and Kylie, and the rest of the EAG sycophants to go back and watch Schoolhouse Rocks.