SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School Part X: Fun With Dick

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School Part X: Fun With Dick

Oh what a joy it is to be back at The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School after almost two weeks. Sadly, what was is, and what is, will be for the foreseeable future.

Today, one of the teachers at The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School was attempting to teach a 5th grade 12:1 one class. Yes, this is a rough class, but the kids are generally

Today the class was different. Keith Partridge and Danny Partridge happened to show up today. Keith, a student who never stays in a classroom and wanders the halls all day started up immediately with the teacher. He was disrespectful and was getting the other students to be disrespectful as well. Keith was openly mocking the teacher even after he was warned that the Responder on Duty (ROD) would be called if this anti-social behavior continued. It did, and even though the ROD was the BIGGEST ROD, BIG ROD was called.

Well, as soon as the call was placed, Keith got up from his seat threw several chairs and a garbage can and told the teacher to, "fuck off, you're an asshole," while flipping the teacher the middle finger.

Meanwhile, Danny Partridge feeling that he was not getting attention of his own continued his own anti-social and somewhat curious behavior as well. When threatened with an immediate call placement to his mommy, Danny said, "I don't care." The call was placed.

Danny immediately was deflated and lost the tough guy persona as mommy was letting him have it. After he handed the phone back to the teacher and the teacher said goodbye and thank you to his mommy, Danny had exhibited the wisdom of a lesson well learned.

"Suck my dick!" he screamed at the teacher as he stormed out of the room. Again, following The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School protocol a call was placed for the BIG ROD to come and take care of this.

No mind you, the teacher also followed the protocol of reducing their color cards, though both said they don't care. As well as they shouldn't for there are no real consequences.

But back to Danny, he eventually made it back to the class, came in, and asked the teacher another call would be placed to his mother for his suggestion several minutes early. Danny decided to raise the previous suggestion and countered this time with an observation in which he called the teacher, a "dick sucker!"

With this observation, Danny left the room. Only to return several minutes late again with Keith just as the BIG ROD showed. Oh, and while the BIG ROD was standing at the door, Keith was attempting to conspire with Danny in how they can lie and make all that happened the teacher's fault.

After this all happened, the students went to lunch where Keith and Danny were seen having fun in the lunch room and even more fun outside in the yard. Yeah, they really learned their lesson.

So why does situations like this continue to occur at The Happy Good Time Emotion Response Place and School? Simple, because those in power have low expectations of these students as well as believing that they, the great white, upper class no what is best for this students.

Too often we hear in our schools, "Awww, this behavior is normal because of the lives they lead, what they have been through, etc..."  I say BULLOCKS! Quite the opposite, because of the lives these students have, of what they seen, of what they have been exposed to we must set the boundaries, mete out immediate, yet fair consequences for unwelcome behavior and let the students know that they are students and the teachers are there to teach them and give them life lessons.

But being the white, upper class, Ivy bred, upper echelon type that believes they know what is best for these students, well, how can you know the culture of the South Bronx when you have spent your life being raised on silver spoons in Upper Saddle River?

This kind of language to fellow student and to staff would never be accepted in Upper Saddle River or any district in Bergen County. And if won't be accepted there it mustn't be accepted in the South Bronx.

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MALCO.New.York said...

Make your mark by not accepting others weak-points such as you spoke of. This is NOT to say that you "Take a stand", one needs to
correct, fluidly and placidly, that which is NOT FIT for ones own World.

Repetition and consistency is the root of ALL change.