SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: BREAKING NEWS!!!! Former NYC Principal Caught On Audio!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Former NYC Principal Caught On Audio!!!

Way back in June of 2012 I reported on my former principal at PS 154, Marsha Elliott, lack of true Christianity. She repeated a lie, and repeated it repeatedly.

But first a little back story. In May of 2011 I was teaching character education, which is basically
citizenship. I gave up being dean and SAVE room coordinator due to a senior teaching whining and kvetching about filing a grievance. Honestly it is a fantastic  curriculum.  But needs to be kept away from stupid decision makes that tend to ruin curriculum.

I wanted to do a lesson based on the late 60's experiment Jane Elliott did in Iowa, the “blue-eyed/brown-eyed" experiment. Unfortunately being in the South Bronx negates such an experiment, since all the students are brown eyed, and me being the only blue eyed person in the class or for that matter, that the students have ever seen, I would have to come up with something different.

I switched it to the "left handed-right handed experiment." Sadly, I did it with 2nd graders, I took it a bit to far, and the lesson went a bit awry. However, I thought outside the box and if certain people were not so shrill and unrelenting in how righteous that think they are, the hub bub would have subsided quickly.

Typically, a collegue decided to share with Elliott (and as reported in June 2012);

....finding out that after a former principal accused me of having porn on a computer and being completely cleared by SCI, claimed not only that

"XXXXXXXXX (District 7 Superintendent Yolanda Torres...which Yolanda vehemently denied.) said you can't be the computer coordinator" A blatant lie
But worse said,
"even though they didn't find anything and cleared you doesn't mean it never happened."

 But in that meeting in which Marsha Elliott perpetuated these blatant falsehoods, she suggested that it was time for me to leave the school, that as a common branch teacher that was a cluster, and out of classroom teacher, a dean, a computer coordinator, someone that did everything I could to help out the school without asking for much in return, was useless, a nothing.

Lunch duty, mass prep coverages, when a student was throwing chairs in the classroom it was me they called upon. I did this for the school, for the students, and for the community. Running a soccer program without getting a dime of per session.

Before I give a link to the audio, I just was reminded of something.

In August of 2009, I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus. I came back to school pretty much healed that September. Around the 2nd week of September during lunch duty a 3rd grader threw a tantrum in the yard. I attempted to hold back the young man from punching another student. This boy kicked me in the side of the knee that was just surgically repaired. Something happened. A few days later I went back to my surgeon he told me that I had a grade 1 tear ligament tear. I had to wear a knee brace and my PT was pushed back months.

I asked Marsha Elliott if I could park my car in the school lot. It was quite difficult to walk from the parking lot in the Mitchel Houses to the school. She told me no.'

Here is the audio. Principals lie, deceive, obfuscate, manipulate, use subterfuge, whatever they can to fuck you over. It's all about power. The reason they do is they know how incompetent and in over their heads they are. If they had any confidence in their abilities 99% of the shit that happens in schools won't happen and Francesco Portelos will not be where he is.



Francesco Portelos said...

Ahh the good ol recording trick. I have gigabytes I am bringing to court. Technology is our friend.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the last paragraph.
I wish you and Portelos the best in this sorry excuse for an "education" system. Stay strong. What I find interesting is that in the "free" country we live in, teachers are soooo scared to stand up and act in solidarity with colleagues such as yourselves.

Thank you both for taking the time to keep others informed of the truth. Portelos I read your piece on the SLT. As a former CL (I chose not to run again) I empathize with your frustrations as you realize what a farce it is.

As I was writing this comment a teacher friend of mine called to inform me that her mother,a speech therapist, had a stroke yesterday. It occurred right after a staff meeting at her school. She has been harassed by admin 'cause they want her out.

It's just sick!

Anonymous said...

I love how one-sided all of your articles are.

You fail to mention that there are only about 10 parking spots in the school's parking lot that are all assigned to administrators and the heads of the janitorial staff. And you claim Ms. Elliott has a "lack of true Christianity," yet you continue to gossip, call people names and curse. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Who are you to judge her Christianity?

It sounds like you have an issue with authority. Regardless of the principal, staff member or situation you always paint yourself as the victim. It seems like you may not only need to leave P.S. 154, but it'd be better for the NYC DOE if you leave education period. You're immaturity shocks me and is worse than some elementary students that I've come across. You're obviously not in the classroom for good reason.

And by the way, who "caught" her on audio? Was it in the paper or your phone? What does it prove? That she held you accountable for doing your job? Aw man... How dare she!