SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Whitney Tilson: Hates The USA, But Loves Ignorance and EAG News!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Whitney Tilson: Hates The USA, But Loves Ignorance and EAG News!

It's been some time since I ripped Whitney Tilson on these pages, hell its been almost a year! But The Doucheney again is letting his really, really tiny head do the thinking for his not much bigger head as he still shows us he does not know when to speak or shut up or whom to trust.

Whitney in today's convoluted and mentally twisted he mass emailed, lamented how the unions, and I am sure he means the UFT most of all, protect sex offending teachers. Even more disturbing, Whitney looked to as the true arbiter and defender of those that are sexually abused and tormented by those, TEACHERS, that do the abusing.

But a little background. What or who is EAGnews? EAG is run by real estate agent and FOX News favorite Kyle Olson. Kyle is loved by the likes of Rush Limabaugh, Sean Hannity, and the poster boy for mental health, Glenn Beck. Hey Whitney, Olson is meshuga, and so are his buddies. Do some research first.

How are we at SBSB aware of EAG? About a year or so ago,myself and Shaun Johnson aka The Chalk Face, got into it pretty good with Kyle on Twitter. This lasted a good month or so until one day Kyle took his ball and ran away and blocked us both. Oh well. Truth can hurt some people very much.

So what is Kylie like? Olson and his partner Ben Velderman (in fact, Velderman looks like Corky) eschew such rants as this one directed at Shaun and his good friend Tim Slekar deriding their lack of patriotism and insinuating a belief that Shaun and Tim are attempting to turn Kindergartners into Godless communists.

So what has my knickers in a knot tonight? For it is Whitney and this line of **** from his email;
 ...about how the union protects sexual predators in its ranks and fights legislation to make it easier to remove them really burn me up;
No asshole, that is not how it works. Pardon my French, but it needed to be said that way.

 What unions do Whitney is to ensure that each and every teacher is afforded the right to due process. Nothing more and nothing less. If the charges do not merit dismissal or are unfounded, then the teacher keeps his or her job.

Let's play pretend for a moment, m'kay? Say one day Whitney is alone, bored, and looking for companionship. He gets in his car and starts traveling the interstates and byways looking for an appropriate rest stop to take care of those needs and urges he gets. Sadly, Whitney is unable to score any action and heads home.

Instead of heading on the interstate to 5th Ave he takes the back roads instead. After about 30 minutes of driving he comes upon what appears to be an abandoned farm with a lone farm animal, a donkey, alone in the field. Whitney pulls over, looks around and hops out of his car and walks towards the donkey.

Before you know it, Whitney is buggering that donkey pretty good. Soon enough Old Man Jones sees what is happening and calls the law.

The state troopers arrive and arrest Whitney and haul him off to county jail. The next day Whitney's attorney (thanks to the magic of the 6th Amendment),  bails (thank you 8th Amendment) Whitney out of the slammer. Whitney is then afforded a trial by jury (oh there is that pesky 6th Amendment again) and if found guilty doesn't have to spend the next year getting buggered in county or picking up the donkey's doody (again, the 6th Amendment).

And all this happens because in our great country each and every person has the right to due process thanks to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Oh, and before Whitney, Kylie, and the sycophants at EAG start kvetching how those in the real world don't have these employment rights, well those in the real world are not employed by a government entity. That's how it works.

I think it is time for Whitney, and Kylie, and the rest of the EAG sycophants to go back and watch Schoolhouse Rocks.

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