Sunday, July 9, 2023

Lying Liars of the NYC DOE

 The APPR travails continue. 

When last I blogged I shared how my principal, XXXXXXXX XXXXX of PS XXX did an end run around me. I was refused to be observed and rated through Advance. But, however, thanks thus for to the
Bronx UFT this case shan't wither away. We will have a step 1 hearing come September and I am sure this will go further. That is in addition to the appeal for the bogus U rating I received. 

But I believe in getting all the information possible. And apparently others do as well. In my blog post of June 29 I posted just a memo with the agreement to Advance, who will be under it, etc... But it is just a memo. Or whatever. How much juice would it have?

Blogger NYCDOENUTS contacted me last week and suggested I look to the contract. OK. I looked. In Section 8J Part D Covered employees, Section 2 it states...

Same words, but in the contract. But codified. In the contract. But yet another method that our administrators pay no heed to the contract, to a legal agreement. Just because they feel they are above the law. McDonald's managers are more honorable. 

Thank you DOENUTS! You're a mensch.

So during one of my conversations with Principal XXXXXXXX XXXXX of PS XXX I was told; 

"I am not sure if you are on Advance. I will have to check."

I made this inquiry in February regarding my IPC. Wouldn't a principal be aware of this without having to check? A manager at McDonald's would know who is qualified to perform each task (I in no way am belittling working at McDonald's. I worked at McD's myself in 1980). 

But someone, way, way up in the NYCDOE got in touch with The Crack Team concerning how one gets on or off of Advance.

"Your principal has the ability to make teachers eligible or ineligible based on the eligibility requirements listed here (section 1.1.1)" (Remember, the above mentioned memo)

So why would Principal XXXXXXXX XXXXX of PS XXX be uncertain whether or not I was in Advance? According to information received by The Crack Team it is the principal that determines whether or not one is on Advance

Is it possible I was on Advance and when I started asking for an IPC Principal XXXXXXXX XXXXX of PS XXX summarily removed me? I mean it was February, who asks to be observed, especially APPR observation? I am sure it was common knowledge. Advance was advantageous to me and other teachers, in particular ATRs that got a bogus letter to their files. 

Even if the new contract is ratified, the unchecked, unfettered abuse by administrators will continue unabated.