Saturday, March 14, 2020

The MORE Caucus Sickout to Force Schools to Close

MORE is at it again. Having become irrelevant and nonsensical and desperate for attention, the crew at MORE has now come up with a method in which it believes that will, make it seem relevant. In a Freudian way they think they are showing what they believe is a phallus, but in reality, is nothing more than a wilted dried up raisin.

I should've paid more attention when it was passed along to The Crack Team some sort of petition. The "brain"trust at MORE is calling for a sickout. Even made the Post.

Here's the deal. You have maybe 13 hard core members of MORE, Peter Lamphere, Dermott Myrie, Kevin Prosen, Aixa Rodriguez (She's an opportunist anyway.), etc. And about 13 followers. So 26 blind leading the blind while the blind follow in ignorant bliss.

Never mind that a sickout is a violation of the Taylor Law. Never mind that teachers who take this job action will be penalized 2 for 1. And never mind that the support we have now as a union will be hurt.

Worse, you think the MORE upper echelon will be there to pick up the pieces for the teachers who participate? No, not at all. They will be somewhere, anywhere, but not where they should be. They'll be off getting a big star for their Super Sectarian Socialist sticker book from what's left of the "let's burn down the house" dudes at the International Socialist Organization.

Just remember how many times the four (as well as others) aforementioned MORE people have continuously snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. As Captain Kirk said to Khan in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"...
"Still, "old friend!" You've managed to kill everyone else, but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target!"
Seriously, this is a crowd that you want to be around? A crowd that does not support teachers and has no problem calling in sick, not for some noble reason, but to make themselves seem important, and leaving children on their own?

And please do not call me a union shill. There is plenty I disagree with the Union about. I will call them out when I must and defend them when I see that they need defending. But one thing I will not waiver on is defending teachers. And this whatever MORE thinks of this sick out, it will be damaging for not only the teachers, but the students and communities as well.

The schools should be closed. Yes, I understand the difficult logistics. Yes, I understand that NYC is not equipped nor ever had the foresight for every school and every student to have access to online learning. But the schools must be closed. Call for a 10 school day moratorium on classes and then see what happens. My son's college has extended spring break through next week, and distance learning starting March 23 and it will be reassessed April 3. De Blasio can very easily do that. Now, not some time soon.

MORE is dangerous and irrelevant. They know it. Everyone needs to know it. Otherwise following them is like jumping off a cliff.