SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: September 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

See More Of Michael R Butz Of Chicago

I rarely comment, in fact I don't believe I have, on any of the so called "unsolicited" blog posts by concerned parents over at, but tonight I feel compelled to.

One reason is to support my pal TFT, and the other is after reading the specious, disingenuous blabbering of the latest "guest blogger," Michael R. Butz (please, no snickering, and I shall refrain from comments).

Mr Butz sees more time added to the school day as a way for teachers to truly show they care about the students, that as Michelle says, or at least claims, "students come first."

Butz starts out my blithering; Children in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system - the country's third largest - have one of the shortest school days and years in the country.

According to where, to whom? Has Mr Butz picked this quote out of some crack in the moon? The Chicago school day is 6.25 hours a day, less any lunch. Since I don't have all the facts, and am only using this as a reference, I do not wish to comment further for fear out of talking out the side of my butt. But the crack team here at SBSB will like to see more documentation from Mr Butz.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is firmly opposed to Mayor Emanuel's Longer School Day Pioneer Program, which offers teachers a $1,250 bonus (equivalent to 2% of the average CPS teacher salary) and $150,000 to the school for any school voting to lengthen the school day this year. That's an additional 250 more hours per student this year alone.

Good! Money doesn't talk. But I know what would. I can guarantee something, one thing that all teachers would accept for the longer school day and it won't cost the CPS, Illinois, or anyone a dime. Simple and plain respect. Guess what Mr Butz? Teachers already work long hours that you never see or ever know about. But of course you are a hypocrite. See Mr Butz is the Director of Compliance and Quality Improvement at Illinois College of Optometry. How would he feel if he was told to add 250 more hours to his already busy schedule? How would he feel that he would be compensated a mere pittance of the time that is added on to his work? Mr Butz would shit.

Why are they denying Chicago kids a comparable education? 

Comparable to whom? Please Mr Butz, cite neighboring communities in the Chicagoland area that have a longer school days and because of that the students perform better.

Butz rolls on; ......the Mayor is trying to destroy collective bargaining and bust the union by urging teachers to seek waivers from the union contract. There is no evidence to support this. This program was designed to be implemented in the most American of ways – by a democratic, majority-wins vote of all union members at a school, held under the conditions of all other union votes.

No evidence? ROTFLMFAO!!!! Oh my God!!! I laughed so hard my sphincter tightened up! You have got to be kidding? Rahm comes from the Obama administration that has given us Arne Duncan and has done everything possible to destroy unions.

The union is intercepting teachers on their way to and from school and providing information that is, in my estimation, misleading and presented in a manner to incite fear.

Mr Butz, I suggest you read the Bill of Rights in which Amendment I states that we as Americans have the freedom of speech. But yet again you offer no proof as to the fear mongering you cite.

I am not go to go on as I usually do Mr Butz and point out to you the dingleberries in your argument. It'll be a waste of my time. But I do have several points to make.

Mr Butz, do you scamper around the Illinois College of Optometry telling the professors and instructors how to conduct their business? I betcha that the professors there teach less hours in a week than CPS teachers do in a day.

As for as adding 250 hours a year or 6 hours a week, just how does that benefit children? Should a six year old be in school until 5 30 or 6 PM? How long do you think their attention span is? If you ask me, this is child abuse. Kids need to be kids. Surely, since you claim you are a great parent you must have many after school programs for your child, like learning proctology, that you feel will make your child a better, more rounded person. Aren't these students in the inner city of Chicago allowed to have extra curricular activities?

Why not be a leader and not a follower and help build ball fields, indoor recreation centers, help build from within the community a sense of togetherness? Surely, this will help the students more so that being in school and being bored shitless by 5 30 PM.

But Mr Butz what you fail to realize is that staying in school leaves the children with the same old curriculum that it is that is truly the most damaging. You fail to realize, or even have the cognitive thinking skills, that it is the ass backwards curriculum that the teachers are FORCED to incorporate that is failing the students. Why is this curriculum allowed? Because of butt buddies such as yours like Rahm Emanuel bid out the contracts for the curricula to their butt buddies.

Think about it Mr Butz. Get your head out of your...........

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unsheathing The Truth About Little Evan Stone And Princess Sydney Morris

The crack team here has prided itself at being at the forefront in the ability to peel back the sheath of malarkey that is Educators4Excellence. Not because we have to, but because we want to. E4E, it's co-dependent leaders, and its enablers leave us no other choice to not only uncover their web of deceit and falsehoods, but fiduciary duty to ridicule them whenever possible.

Thanks to the intrepid crack team, lots of elbow grease, and the power of the Internet, we have been able to crack the cone of silence permeating amongst E4E and have been in contact not only with former colleagues of Princess Sydney and Little Evan at their former school, PS 86 in the Bronx, but also someone deeply involved from within E4E who has become highly dissatisfied with both the message that E4E attempts to sell and Princess Sydney and Little Evan as well.

One source at PS 86 shared how both Princess Sydney and Little Evan received special treatment from their principal, Sheldon Benardo, who just happens to be closely aligned with Teach For America and Deustche Bank, on a consistent basis.

As one would recall that in the official E4E manifesto on teacher evaluation, one thing that was a thorn in the sides of the children who wrote it was teacher attendance. Really Gracie? We here at SBSB find it ironic since both Princess Sydney and Little Evan whilst in the employ of PS 86 and the NYC DOE were allowed days off before holidays, left school early frequently, and during the school term and being allowed to go away to gatherings other than official NYC DOE/teacher business.

The source also shared that they are resentful of both of them receiving F Status while others more worthy of them deserve it yet don't receive it, and that the principal is too powerful and too aligned with Little Evan and Princess Sydney for teachers to speak out forcefully. Also, they are almost universally hated at PS 86.

A source from within E4E who would only speak on deep background, shared with SBSB that Little Evan and Princess Sydney fly out to California once month to meet with big buck benefactor Bill Gates. After these meetings occur, one will usually see some type of media story involving, or written, or before any of their big announcements by Princess Sydney and Little Evan.

The E4E source also shared that Princess Sydney and Little Evan were handpicked by those at Teach For America to start E4E and that Uncle Mike Bloomberg and Joel Klein were involved in their formation as well as pushing and promoting the E4E agenda. This seems to contradict the "aw shucks" genesis of E4E when the New York Post wrote this past January, "that started last March with a handful of Bronx teachers sitting around a kitchen table discussing ways to improve schools."

Our E4E source shared something else, that if it happens will be scary. Princess Sydney has been promised a charter school for her efforts and according to Princess Sydney, "there will be no union involvement whatsoever," in her charter school. Funny, I keep on hearing from those two that they are not anti-union.

Let's hope this is just the beginning of the unsheathing of Educators4Excellence, Princess Sydney, and Little Evan

Friday, September 23, 2011

When Does Whitney Tilson's Hypocrisy And Ignorance Become Criminal?

Yes, my freaking eyes again. Back in February I questioned whether or not a chimp could write better than Whitney Tilson. I believe the answer was yes, a chimp can write better than Whitney Tilson, I also believe that an inanimate carbon rod could write better than Whitney.

As I became a teenager, I heard that there were several habits that would enable me to lose my sight. At the time there was no Internet and little did I know that reading Whitney Tilson, particularity is long winded, self centered, attention whorish posts on the Huffington Post would be one of the things that my eyes must be averted from. Or perhaps I will eventually lose my sanity reading Whitney, much in the way that Mr Spock lost his by staring at the Medusan Ambassador Kollos.

Whitney just recently wrote a manifesto, a treatise, a screed wondering if schools matter. Other than wondering if Whitney got the word count to the suggested 700-800 words, I couldn't read it. My attention span couldn't last the entire 1,478 words (Bravo for reducing my 1,000 words your post Whitney!). I mean reading his convoluted babbling harkened me back to 1986 after making one of my Bronx Runs with a friend and after lighting up and downing a dozen Twinkies trying to study (This reminds me, to the crew reading this at Condon's office, DeKalb Ave off of Gun Hill Rd. See Manny, he is the one wearing a lot of bling.). There was just no there there. Whitney, you are dull, boring and way to self-important.

But something did catch my eye. As usual Whitney is always good for putting his foot (amongst other things) in his mouth, his finger in a..., well use your imagination, and consistently contradicting himself. It was right there for all to see. Whitney, whining and thinking he knows what is best for boys and girls of color blabbered;
On average, poor, minority kids are much more likely to be taught by teachers who:
  • Didn't major or minor in the field they are teaching
  • Are inexperienced
  • Did poorly on SATs and other standardized tests
  • Got poor grades in high school and college
  • Attended noncompetitive colleges
In the immortal words of Arte Johnson, verrrry interesting. But shall we break this apart and yet again show and immortalize the ignorance of Whitney? Sure, why not?

Didn't major or minor in the field they are teaching 

Hmm, isn't that practically ever Teach For America teacher? Surely, one will not be able to find a teaching job in their field they majored or minored in if that field was Russian Literature, or 13th Century poetry. Therefore according to Whitney, all TFA teachers should not be teaching boys and girls of color.

Are inexperienced 

See above. Also, no new teachers at all. Ever. In fact with this statement Whitney makes a darn good point for keeping seniority rights. Reading this Evan and Sydney? Whitney is throwing both of you under the bus.

Did poorly on SATs and other standardized tests 

You know, I got a 850 on my PSAT in 11th grade and came to the realization that SAT's suck. As for standardized tests, I have no idea how I did when they were given. When I was a student standardized tests were used to assess what my needs were, not to jam teachers or to jam students. Is a student who got an 1000 not as smart as a student who got a 1600 on an SAT? No, just maybe one studied harder, took classes, was a better test taker.

Got poor grades in high school and college  

That means squat. You can get poor grades in high school or college and still become a success. President George W Bush was a C student and he became president. My last three years of high school I barely squeaked by. Why? I DID NOT CARE! My first foray into college was at a community college, then I played musical colleges. My grades sucked. But, when I grew up, got my act together, I graduated with a 2.96, mainly because I transferred a lot of D's and C's. But at the college where I took my undergrad ed. courses my GPA was 3.6, and my masters I had a 3.5. So what is your point Whitney? One can have a 4.0 and still be a dumb shit.

In fact when I went to a community college in the Southern Tier of New York, I dated a girl who had a 4.0 GPA, but was dumb as a doornail. Complete flake. The kids I went to high school with who had study parties on Friday nights, were they smarter than me? No. They worked harder, they cared more, but leave one of them in Southwest Yonkers late at night they would have peed their pants.

Attended noncompetitive colleges  

Whitney, your elitist, snobbish slip is showing with this statement. What is a noncompetitive college? What is a competitive college? Oh, one must go to an Ivy? Or one of the exclusive other East Coast liberal arts colleges? Is SUNY-Albany acceptable? SUNY-New Paltz? SUNY-Geneseo? What about Lehman or Hunter??? Should one prep at Hotchkiss to become a teacher? I knew a lot of students at Hotchkiss, what a bunch of dorks. By the way, know where most of your TFA buddies get their masters? Pace, where Little Evan Stone got his, Lehman, Mercy, I guess TFA's don't get their masters from the right schools.

Look at E4E Blog Monkey™ Ruben Brosbe. He graduated from Penn and failed to get tenure, twice! 15 years ago a teacher in my school had her BA from Harvard and her MA from Bank St. She crashed and burned as a teacher 3 months into the year.

Whitney, you just blabber and blibber and have no idea what you want nor what you are talking about. As long as you can think that you are at the forefront of the conversation about education that is all that makes you happy. All you care about is having this role that you created for yourself to be seen as the savior of boys and girls of color. You have no idea what you are doing or what you need to do. As long as you are seen and heard is all that matters.

Leave your overly gilded life and climb down and see what is truly happening, live what is happening.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

E4E's Evan Stone Yet Again Exposes Himself

I have such a nice Sunday morning routine during the school year. After I drop my son off at Hebrew school, I pick up the Daily News, got to McDonald's and get the #1 (Egg McMuffin, hash browns and a cup of black coffee), park the car, turn on WFAN and listen to Mike Francessa prognosticate about that Sunday's NFL games. I am in heaven. Except for this morning.

As I made my way through the Daily News and wound up on the op-ed page, much to my chagrin and consternation I saw yet another middling piece of propaganda thrust upon the public by those two little elitists at Educators4Excellence, Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney Morris. How appropriate I thought to myself, after spitting the coffee over my windshield, that the day my son started Hebrew school for the year where he can learn the values of being a Jew, two Jews appear in the Daily News abrogating every value known to Jews. Little Evan and Princess Sydney continue to perpetuate every known stereotype that Jews are associated with.

Little Evan and Princess Sydney blabbered; Across New York City, 76,000 public school teachers are doing their part to get the school year off to a successful start. Whether they're staying late to craft their lesson plans, phoning parents to introduce themselves or buying classroom supplies, teachers are firmly committed to doing what it takes to help their students make progress.

Thank you for acknowledging that all teachers are hard at work. However, can you be a little less condescending?

They do all this despite the fact that for the past two years, they've worked without a contract.

Yes, we have no contract. Wait, you are on our side concerning this? What a change of heart. Wait, but you two blabbered more.....

They still have no formal evaluation system to provide them consistent support to improve their performance in the classroom.

We do have a formal evaluation system, just not the formal evaluation system that you and your puppeteers wish to impose upon us. But, Little Evan and Princess Sydney there are many more reasons we do not have a contract.

They face a tenure-granting process that, while finally improving, is still rife with inconsistency and a lack of transparency. And budget cuts are asking them to do more with less.

Wait, you both sound like you are now pals of teachers. Thank you. But you both aren't. How is it improving when there are teachers through no fault of their own are denied tenure purely from edicts from superintendents, decreed by Tweed? Look what happened to E4E's official Blog Monkey™Ruben Brosbe. Here E4E took a social retard, a savant, plied him with promises and he was tossed out of PS 310. Sadly, Ruben is too inept to know that he has been had by you guys.

It's time that those in power - the mayor, the chancellor and union leaders - show teachers the same level of commitment to fixing our schools that teachers themselves display day in and day out.

Again, you are now admitting that all 76,000 teachers display hard work day in and day out. But, remember, the mayor is the one in control, not the UFT or the teachers. He has the keys to success of the schools and he continues to make sure that the schools will fail.

For starters, the Bloomberg administration and the United Federation of Teachers must get back to the bargaining table and negotiate a meaningful, multimeasure teacher evaluation system

Little Evan and Princess Sydney, there is so much more than an evaluation system to be bargained for. ATR's, pay, rights, etc... Please, why are you over simplifying the solution?

Second, tenure must become a more significant professional milestone, earned only after demonstrated success with students.

Define success. I'm waiting, in fact I will wait.

New changes to the tenure-granting process were introduced last school year. In theory, these changes were a step in the right direction. Only 58% of eligible teachers earned tenure this year, down from 94% in 2009.

New process? See what I wrote above. What is this new process?

Finally, decision-makers must help build a profession that not only attracts but also retains the most talented educators to stand in front of our classrooms. 

Decision makers? You mean those that have never had any experience not only with children, but with education as well? Our profession is consistently being torn down and degraded starting with the president, Arne Duncan, Michelle Rhee, E4E, Little Evan Stone, Princess Sydney Morris. The list is endless. Teachers can't go a day without reading, watching, or hearing that we suck.

Nationally, more than 50% of teachers leave the classroom within their first five years.

Yep, and you two did as well.

We've heard great ideas about how to change this from educators across the city: pay raises for mentor teachers and teachers who assume administrative responsibilities while still in the classroom, incentives to teach in high-needs areas and low-performing schools and salary steps based on fair evaluations.

Yes, you have heard it, and you have heard what teachers of NYC really think of you both. How about this great idea? Stop the push for standardized tests, let teacher teach and students learn, and be rid of incompetent administrators that sow a level of fear and anxiety in their schools. Let teachers, parents, and administrators truly collaborate on education. Stop the "Gotcha!" Do those things and you'll see great changes. It'll save money as well.

At Educators 4 Excellence, an organization of more than 3,000 teachers,

Three thousand? So how many of these are NYC teachers? If all 3,000 are NYC teachers that gives E4E .03947368% of all teachers in NYC that support E4E. Now considering that I have signed up twice, many others have so how is this a movement? The E4E Facebook page shows just 1,828 friends. So even if these are all NYC teachers, which they are not, that shows a percentage of .02471053%. E4E is just a steamroller.

our teacher policy teams have proposed a comprehensive evaluation system and are currently exploring more effective tenure processes and educator rewards and incentives.

Hmm, who is on those teams? A Blog Monkey™ that was denied tenure, someone who makes cupcakes that look like her vulva, a charter school teacher that looks like Stan Laurel, and a bunch of other neophytes, dorks, and spazes that have taught no more than 5 years and led by two rich entitled children.

These proposals deserve serious consideration at the bargaining table because for too long, teachers have been treated as subjects - rather than agents - of educational change.

STOP!!!!! Stop acting like you are on the side of teachers. The jig is up. You are have been exposed. You are a phony, a creep, and a liar. You don't give a s**t about teachers, only about yourselves.  

As for the proposals, I do believe that they were used properly to line bird cages and cat boxes.

this focus all too often turns into a conversation that polarizes communities and takes us further away from what is best for students.

Wonder who has polarized the "discussion?" Both of you look into your gilded mirrors.

Great teachers welcome feedback and accountability. But politicians and policy makers need to give teachers the tools and support they need to succeed.

Nice try.

Reading this op-ed piece today and writing about it just shows that E4E is shifting tactics in usurping teachers and education. Now, these two are trying to act as if they are on our side. Typical trick of the Sith.

How these two, Little Evan and Princess Sydney, are given a voice in this education debate is beyond me. There are so many more qualified people than these two, my cat for instance, that deserve the recognition. But all these people are missing what Little Evan and Princess Sydney have. The purse strings of Bill Gates and the de facto from Uncle Mike and Sock Puppet Walcott as the voice of teachers.

Monday, September 12, 2011

E4E Captain Of Chaos Natalie Harrington Writes An Email On DOE's Dime

Something, and no one knows how, but something came across one of the desks of a member of the crack team here at the SBSB news room. It seems that an operative of the officially recognized Jugendgruppe of the New York City Department of Education, Educators4Excllence has sent out an email on school time, probably on a school computer, to come and fawn over and be fawned over at tonight's Jugendgruppe rally starring Sock Puppet Dennis Walcott.

The E4E captain, er, I meant, Hauptmann in question is Natalie Harrington of the New Day Academy, PS 245 in the Bronx. A 6-12 school with only 345 students! Natalie teaches grades 10 and 12 ELA. 

So just who is this follower of cult figure Little Evan Stone? Natalie is a child of privilege. She prepped at Friend's Academy and graduated from one of the elite Ivy League schools, Brown, where rumor has it she was a legacy. So much for E4E's meritocracy theories. 

Looking at Natalie's background, one would be hard to imagine that Natalie had ever come across a minority or a person of color in her upbringing. Well, except if mummsy and dada hired one for some menial task on the estate. Or the summer home on Block Island.

So why is it that a 24 year old neophyte from the North Shore, the Hamptons, Park Avenue, and Block Island thinks she knows what is right not only for students of the Bronx, but for teachers in general? Let's examine her email, with my thoughts in red.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Natalie Harrington <>
Date: Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 11:16 AM <<<<------Lookee here! 11:16 AM today! During the school day! Is this allowed? I thought DOE computers, wireless, etc... were only to be used for official DOE business.
Subject: Educators 4 Excellence
To: <<<<<<-------Lookee again! Using business email to perpetuate someone's personal beliefs. 

Hello New Day Staff,

I wanted to let you all know that I am our school's team captain for Educators 4 Excellence.WOW!! Educators 4 Excellence (E4E) is is an organization of education professionals who seek to provide an independent Independent? How so? All the ideas are of E4E's own? Is E4E allowed to go against sugar daddy DFER and ERN's policies? voice for educators which educators? TFA educators? Elitist educators? You guys, and I use that term loosely don't share my voice, nor the vast, vast majority of NYC teachers in the debate surrounding education reform. E4E's mission is to unite the education community wrong, it is to divide and conquer, M'kay? around a shared set of goals, principles, beliefs, and actions, I share nothing with you, neither do my colleagues which place student achievement first. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! In order to achieve this mission, E4E hosts various events throughout the year  You mean Youth Rallies? 
when will the win a date with Sydney Morris event be held? aimed at bringing teachers together to discuss what is going on in their classrooms. That is if you only sign the pledge card, give a kidney, and $275 and promise you will advance to OT IX If you have any questions about this organization you can come see me in Room 230 is this to be done on school time? or check out their website You mean  I have included a flyer below for their first big event, a Q&A session with Chancellor Walcott. I will be attending this event so let me know if you want to come along!  Does this mean that you will be taking teachers in the sports car dada bought you, or will dada send a limo?

Princess Natalie

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Open Response To AJ Duffy's Response

Last night I noticed that AJ Duffy, former president of the UTLA and now current charter school management organization front man, left a comment on the posting I wrote on September 2, "Et Tu, AJ Duffy?" The crack team wishes to thank AJ for taking the time to respond so politely and succinctly. However, I still have some opinions about what he wrote. What did you expect, me to keep my mouth shut?

What you are about to read is my account to clarify the facts surrounding my move to become Executive Director of Apple Academy Charter Public Schools (Apple Academy teachers will be union members). 

Fact clarifying is good. One thing troubles me. And I might be wrong. All I have for Apple Academy is a blog page. No website, no further information. Is Apple Academy new? I want more information.

One thing I do have a problem with is Apple using the word public. Please, as there is no "i" in team, there is no public in charter schools. But AJ, since you insist on calling it public, than full disclosure should be in order. How much are you going to be paid? Who approached whom first about the position? When was the first contacts made? Before your term ended, or after? What is the length of the contract? 

I want Apple Academy Charter Public School teachers to have something, most if any charter school teachers don't have--tenure.

Got no problem with that.

Yes, teachers will have to recertify every few years, but each time they recertify they get more tenure added on in years.

Recertify? Exactly what does that mean? More tenure added onto teachers? Sounds like Scientology to me. Perhaps some teachers will reach OT, oops, I meant, Tenure Level 1, then 2, then so on....? Would this not pit teacher vs teacher? What happens if teachers don't go for this in negotiations? Also, who decides which union will represent these teachers? Will you be OK with UTLA? Seems as if you are not only the executive director for the teachers, but the negotiator, and union rep as well. What would you do if teachers want to attain tenure through traditional means?

That together with quality professional development will give Apple Academy Charter Public School teachers the environment to be involved in a process of constant improvement and honing of their skills.

Quality professional development? Please define. No, not quality, but professional development. At least here in NYC, PD is now few and far between. What with budget cuts, extended day, and apathy and hypocrisy at Tweed.

I want Apple Academy Charter Public School teachers to have something charter school teachers don't have--binding arbitration as a final step in a grievance process.

Binding arbitration? So that means that a teacher, if he or she truly feels they were wronged, will not be able to pursue the case in civil court? Is that not a right teachers, and all workers should have? Where do these arbitrators come from? Who pays for them? Again, if teachers fail to agree to this and want the traditional grievance process, will you accept this?

Now this is just for contract grievances? If a teacher wins in arbitration, what will compel you to comply with the arbitrator's decision? Will teachers be allowed to grieve letters in their file for passing gas in the non proscribed manner?

And yes, the arbitration process should be expedited. From start to finish it should be fair but quick. No more than 20 days not 10 as reported.

I guess I was incorrect. So 20 days instead of 10? Why not 19? Or 18? Or 21? Do we as a county demand that criminal cases be completed in a certain amount of time? Of course not. However long as it takes to present the evidence, that should be how long it takes to finish an arbitration hearing. M'kay?

What will make it fair and quick? Describe please.

 I want Apple Academy Charter Public School teachers to have a central role in their school--to create their evaluation system (not based upon standardized test scores), PAR programs, teacher driven lessons and curriculum, and the ability to have a central role in other areas of school decision making.

No problem with that. Furthermore, how about no administrators in these schools. But to get back to the levels of tenure, this still seems that some teachers will be more equal than other teachers.

I want to re-professionalize the teaching profession by building a model at Apple Academy Charter Public Schools

Re-professionalize? In my opinion not one single teacher has de-professionalized teaching. It is the media, the politicians, the hedge fund mangers, the billionaires, Michelle Rhee, TFA, etc... The list can go on and on forever.

I want to bring to your attention that the teachers were union members at the disbanded Crescendo Charters. The schools were closed because the teachers refused to cheat on state standardized tests as directed by their Executive Director and 4 of the 6 principals. They will continue to be union teachers supported by their local union and paying dues. 

So you can guarantee that any teacher will not be written up, charged with infractions, etc... if that teacher speaks up when something wrong is being done? That teacher will never face retaliation? 

I believe unionizing charter school teachers is the wave of the future. 

I disagree. Within ten years the hedge fund managers, the billionaires, the foundations will be bored and not making enough money with education and move onto bigger and more lucrative things (Healthcare, the military, or prisons in my opinion). The whole charter movement needs to be changed. Torn down. Rebuilt with zero public monies. YOu mention Albert Shanker's hopes for charters. He is rolling over in his grave now at what his vision was. He never envisioned the $$$$, all to make some rich, white people satisfy their white liberal guilt and to have the tax write-offs. Oh, and the profits as well.

Being involved at Apple Academy Charter Public Schools will be my attempt along with my board of directors

Please share who is on the board of directors. Where is the money coming from?

will be my attempt along with my board of directors and the dedicated teachers who are working side-by-side with us, to create a model to show the world that charter organizations and their teachers can work with progressive management to create world class education for students.

In theory it sounds nice, but reality usually creeps in. What will the work rules be in the schools? What will the hours be? Of course all this must be negotiated, no? Will teachers that are over 40 years of age be hired and/or be able to keep their jobs? Will there be creaming? Will there be students with IEP's, not just for speech or guidance, but for true special education issues? 

AJ, I really believe there was so much more you could have done after you left UTLA. You could have joined forces with Diane Ravitch. You could have been a voice to counter the deformers. You could have started a foundation that advocates for children and families in poverty. But you didn't. You chose to go to the Dark Side. I have nothing against you personally. I like you. I am appreciative you came on my radio show. But professionally, I question your loyalty, and look to the ground in disappointment. There was so much more you could have done to affect true change in education.

Now, if you truly wished to run a charter you could have got in touch with me and run my charter school that I am still attempting to open.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Value Added Dating Goes With Standardized Testing

Back in my single days, long before I met my wife, I had many rules on dating. Not all were hard and true, most were guidelines, but there were some rules that I felt that were non negotiable.

One of these rules that I always adhered to was concerning the first date. The first date, if dinner was involved, never at any time was to take place at a pricey, high falutin' restaurant. Nothing more than, well I am going back to the early 90's, $40. And even at that price, it was expensive.

Now mind you, I did not do this because I was cheap, but rather it was all about expectations. If I took my date to some expensive, fancy place, what would happen if on the next date we went to the Ground Round? You see, you would start as near the bottom as possible. For instance, TGIF's, where I am sure that are many a date that would be pleased with that and which just happens to be the perfect place.

When starting from the bottom, and not the top, you deny the date the expectation that big bucks would always be spent on her. When starting at the bottom, or at least near the bottom, you have no expectations to live up to. Which would make me look so much better when the nice dinner, like the Chart House, was our place to dine.

Now why do I bring this up? I'll tell you why.

We just got my son's state scores in. We are quite proud of him, even though I do not need to know these scores to know what a good student he is and how smart he is. But rather, I am bringing this up for I am concerned about his future teachers. Yes, the value added crap.

Last year, when he was in 3rd grade, he scored a perfect 4. His scale score was a 770. He got every single question correct. Now, I am not bragging, but just stating a fact.

This year, or rather in 4th grade, he still got a 4, but the scale score was a 737. He didn't get every question correct. Statistically, he had no place else to go but down. That's just a fact. Not a low expectation.

But what about his 4th grade teacher? If we base her performance on VAA, and just using my son's score and the fact that he actually went down, does this mean that she was ineffective, that she missed something, or did something wrong?

This year he is in 5th grade. If he misses another question, yet stays a 4, that will show he has not made progress 2 years in a row. This unfortunately can reflect poorly on his teacher.

To be honest, and I am going to be quite frank here, who gives a shit? he gets a 4, so what where it falls on the scale? Same with ELA. He got a high 3 this year, which in fact was higher than last year, but really, who cares?

Worse, they keep on changing the tests, the scoring, the strategy, etc... how can you keep up and use VAA? Hell, this years tests will be a month earlier than last years. That means the students have one less months knowledge than they did the previous two years. So how can you compare, contrast, and value add any tests?

What needs to be done? Every student in America should get a zero on their first ever standardized test. That way, the only place to go is up. How is that for value added?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Educators4Excellence Structure And Financials Revealed

We here at SBSB pride ourselves at being at the forefront of information. We leave no stone unturned to find the truth. So it was with great pride when the crack team recieved some inside information on how Educators4Excellence was formed, its directors, financials, and by-laws. The crack team has just scratched the surface in what is known about the secret society that is Educators4Excelllence, but rest assured, the crack team will not give up.
First up are the by-laws of the secret society of E4E. Not only are Princess Sydney Morris and Little Evan Stone the co-founders and officers of E4E, but a little known person is as well. Her name is Anne-Margoriet Crousillat. Little is known about Anne-margoriet Crousillat, except that Princess Sydney and Little Evan taught with this person at PS 86 in the Bronx.

Next up amongst the paperwork on E4E is the Registration Statement for Charitable Organizations. When reading this we see that there are three officers listed. Little Evan; Co-President, Treasurer, and Director. Prnicess Sydney; Co-President, Developmental Chair, and Director. And that mysterious person again, Anne-margoriet Crousillat, Secretary and Director. But there is one name on the form that got us to thinking, Sharon W Nokes. Just who is that? It seems that that Ms Nokes of the prestigious Washington DC law firm of Caplin and Drysdale;
provides comprehensive legal advice to tax-exempt organizations, including some of the nation's largest private foundations and publicly-supported charities, as well as educational institutions, hospitals, medical research organizations, supporting organizations, and social welfare organizations. She counsels these clients on a variety of tax, corporate, and compliance issues, including executive compensation, domestic and international grantmaking, structuring charitable and unrelated business activities, lobbying and political activities, transactions with for-profit organizations, and corporate governance. She has considerable experience with the rules governing private foundations, supporting organizations, and donor-advised funds, and also provides guidance to donors regarding their charitable giving alternatives.

Now just how to little nebbishes like Princess Sydney and Little Evan, oh and of course, Anne-margoriet Crousillat, who claim that one day they were just sitting around the kitchen table not only are able to retain such a firm as Caplin and Drysdale, but pay for their services as well?

Next up, E4E's Tax Exempt Form. In section IX, on page 9, the financial date is listed in for tax years, 2010-2012 including expected monies. In each of those years E4E will receive from gifts, grants and outside contributions $600,000, for a total of $1.8 million dollars. We know that DFER and Education Reform now had channeled approximately $500K to E4E, but that will leave into question where the other $1.3 million dollars came from. And we all know DFER and ERN's connections to E4E.

As we still explore section IX we see that in the years 2010-2011(with years 2011 and 2012 as anticipated), membership donations will total $50K, $100K, and $200K, for a total of $350K. I am proud that of my three memberships, not one dollar was given by me nor any of the crack team here at SBSB.

So all together in just three years, E4E will recieve $2.15 million dollars. Now the $64,000 question. Where does that money come from? What organizations, charities, groups, and educators do they get that pile of cash? We here at SBSB call on E4E to reveal its donor list immediately!!!

But of course we here at SBSB do realize that any organization needs people to run it and of course these people should be duly compensated. In the years 2010-2012, the officers, directors and trustees of E4E will be paid, $198,900, $208,845, and $218,290 for total of $626,035. No wonder Little Evan and Princess Sydney left teaching. There is money in them thar  educational non-profits!!! In the same years, 2010-2012, expenses for other employees will be $201,900, $231,955, and 266,710. Office rent was $37,500, $41,250, and $43,375. Seems as if E4E spends a lot of money just on themselves.

What is interesting, is on pages 22-25, E4E attorney, Eli Greenberg answers some of the IRS's questions. Some of the answers seem quite amusing;
The marketing/recruitment of member cost listed in line 23 is detailed as follows for year 1: $15,000 is designated for Q&A meetings with policy makers, $31,000 is designated for teacher networking events, $27,000 is designated for panel discussions on specific issues (as an example, see agenda for value-added panel attached as Exhibit 7), $12,000 is designated for a large end of the school-year event, $15,000 is designated for the organization's policy teams (see agenda attached as Exhibit 4), and the remaining $10,000 is designated for recruitment materials. All of these recruitment activities are designed to increase awareness and exposure about the organization and the opportunities it provides for teachers.
Hmmm...... But let's not leave out this confusing part;
The general public will not in any way be confused as to the different activities of Educators for Excellence, Inc. and Educators for Excellence Advocacy, Inc. The advocacy organization will engage in very different activities as it will engage in the advocacy to influence legislation and public policy in the area of education. It will clearly use its full name so as not to cause any confusion with any related entities. In fact, the general public will not be aware of the directors or the addresses of the organization and their similarity will not provide any cause of confusion.
I didn't know the two were separate.

But one last thing, on Page 5, section VIII. E4E is asked;
2a Do you attempt to Influence legislation? If "Yes," explain how you attempt to influence legislation 0 Yes 1 No
E4E chose no. But, and if I recall, E4E was at the forefront of repealing LIFO, or rather, seniority rights from teachers.  Wasn't Assemblyman Jonathan Bing leading the charge to repeal seniority rights? So why then was Little Evan photographed with him? In fact, Assemblyman John Flanagan went so far as writing the new seniority law with input from E4E.

There must be a formal investigation of Educators4Excellence immediately. At the very least, it is we here at SBSB call on E4E to fully disclose all its funding immediately! We also call on Michale Winerip of the New York Times to look into E4E. Also, readers of this blog, it is time to contact the New York State Attorney General's office and let them know there might be irregularities involved with E4E's tax exempt status.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

BREAKING NEWS!!!! God Saves E4E Crew!

Whew! If there ever was a time to sit down, think, and praise God, now is the time. Except if you are an agnostic or atheist.

It has been reported by Educators4Excellence on their official Facebook page, that all members of E4E are survived Hurricane Irene! The official statement;
The E4E team survived Irene and we're back in action! Check out how NYC public school I.S. 136 sheltered evacuees from the storm
Of course we wish to thank the Lord Almighty, Adonai, YHWH, Mike Bloomberg, or whatever name you call God, for sparing and looking over the kids over at E4E.

It was God, and God alone, that made sure that all the E4E team was safely ensconced safely at home and not out in the Hamptons, the Vineyard, or Cape May.

But one thing does come to mind which has been much discussed by the crack team here at SBSB. Why does E4E think they are that self important that they need to not only say they all survived (which statistically they should), but announce it as all of mankind cared?

More curious, why the link to the New York Times about an article on how IS 136 was used as a shelter? There was no mention of any of the E4E kiddies, and we all know how much Little Evan and Princess Sydney enjoy interjecting themselves in any way possible. So what gives?

What gives is the depth of the megalomania that is creeping into E4E, and in particular, Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney Morris. This seeming need to inject themselves into what has been a tragedy, a storm in which people lost their lives and lost their homes, turns into some flip "look at us," statement on Facebook.

Ray Fontana of Milford CT had the front of his house blown away, but is tickled pink that the E4E crew survived Irene.

We are sure the family of the man that was electrocuted trying to save a boy from flood waters in Spring Valley NY are just delighted that Little Evan and Princess Sydney survived the storm.

Certainly these yeshiva students are happy that they survived Irene, but irked that God was busy saving all from E4E.

How about these people in North Carolina? They lost their house, but gosh darn when they read that E4E survived it was if all their problems paled in comparison.

We can go on and on and on and on. But we shant. The point has been made. It is appalling that someone would not only post that on the E4E Facebook page, but give the OK to post it. This just further goes to prove that your club and yourselves is what comes first.

Little Evan and Princess Sydney it is time to look inward at your little club. The more you open your mouths, the more you show your faces you lose more and more credibility. But keep it up, please.

One more thing, here are some real survivors. Or have you just forgotten your heritage?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Et Tu, AJ Duffy?

One of least endearing OCD habits I have is as soon as a wake up I reach over to the night stand and grab my iPhone and check all my email. Yesterday, when I awoke at 10 AM I checked my phone and saw that I had email from a groupie. The email saddened me. AJ Duffy, former president of the UTLA, having left office in July, is planning on opening up a charter school.

I feel not only surprised, but hurt as well. In fact worse than hurt, more like stabbed in the back. It was just over a year ago when in light of Jason Felch and the Los Angeles Times exposing teachers Value Added Assessment data that I wrote extensively about, but a teacher, Rigoberto Ruelas killing himself because Jason Felch deemed him an ineffective teacher. I even reached out to the UTLA and asked for AJ Duffy, which he graciously and unconditionally accepted, to appear on my Internet radio show.

So it seems that AJ, who was quite vociferous in railing against the Los Angeles Times and its use of VAA, but seemed to genuinely wanted to fight for his teachers as opposed to Randi Weingarten, has now pulled a Randi Weingarten. He is sleeping with the enemy.

Like Randi, he is now an opportunist, a person who sees not only dollar signs, but the power he can have, and perhaps never truly had.

Duffy wishes to make it harder for teachers to earn tenure protections and wants to lengthen that process. He even wants to require teachers to demonstrate that they remain effective in the classroom if they want to keep their tenure protections.

Why is this now the way Duffy wishes to go? Why, the change of heart? Why not put his money where his mouth was and show that a school, that is unionized, that treats its teachers with respect and dignity can succeed?

And if a tenured teacher becomes ineffective, he wants to streamline dismissals. The process now in place can stretch out for several years, even with substantial evidence of gross misconduct. Some union leaders, notably Duffy, have defended this "due process" as a necessary protection against administrative abuses.

Again, let's go back to that old argument. What makes a teacher effective or ineffective? Will Duffy now accept the use of VAA's? Will Duffy have in place measures to stop administrative abuses? The hypocrisy is quite explicit here. How can someone who has spent the last six years fighting for the rights of educators do a 180 and now be against teachers?

"I would make it 10 days if I could," Duffy now says of the length of the dismissal process.

If ever a statement deserved a face palm, this is it.

Duffy had a chance, a great chance to join the ranks of those out there who are opposed to the obscene measures being put on students, parents, and educators by the deform movement. He could have lent a credible voice, a supportive voice to those who are fighting tooth and nail at has become a system that is not serving its neediest children, but rather a system of education that one sees as a place to make a dollar.

Instead he has chosen a path that will, at least he thinks, bestow power, money, and what he considers prestige. Greed, it seems to Duffy, is good. Fighting the good fight, struggling, is bad.

How can Duffy look himself in the mirror and see what he likes? How can he when everything he has fought for, everything he has stood for is now all just moot? Duffy is no more than just a politician. His, and only his, best interests at heart. The families and students of Los Angeles as well as the teachers have just been told by Duffy to F*** Off! So has the rest of America. Shame on you AJ Duffy

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hypocrisy Alert! E4E Is Reaching Out For An Outreach Director With Experience

Outgoing E4E Outreach Director Beth Doctor
Educators4Excellence, that bastion of lackeys, sycophants, and boot lickers is looking for a new outreach director. Apparently, Beth Doctor the current and/or former outreach director wasn't outreaching enough. Or perhaps she was called back to the home planet. Who knows? But, we here at SBSB, in the spirit of togetherness and civility, have decided that we will post the position here and share with all our loyal readers the qualifications that der Präsident Evan Stone wants in a new outreach director.

Passion for students, improving education, and closing the achievement gap

In my opinion, this could be 99.99% of the teachers in NYC.

Deep commitment to the values of E4E and an understanding of education policy and
the education reform movement, both locally and nationally

Perhaps you can hold off for a year and hire Ruben? He of course seems to have a deep, deep, deep commitment to E4E and he will have his own understanding of education policy one year from now.

Bachelor’s degree and at least 2 years of professional experience, either in education,
education policy, or community/campaign organizing

OK, a college graduate that makes sense. But I am curious. Why does one need experience. Certainly, no one from E4E had any experience before that 5 week, 50 hour TFA propaganda and indoctrination camp. Why, when surely a trained primate can perform this function, is experience needed?

Empathy, understanding, and respect for and of the teaching profession; previous
experience in a classroom strongly preferred

I guess this disqualifies Unlce Mike, Sock Puppet Walcott, Cathie Black, Bill Gates, Joel Klein, and almost all E4E members. But yet again, why is experience required? Experience does not seem to be required of principals who have never been in education, or an elitist from Tulane University to sit on the same panel as Diane Ravitch. Where is the experience when some elitist Yalie has his ass kissed on FOX Business? Just asking, that's all.

Strong oral and written communication skills, including experience in preparing and
delivering public presentations

Hmm, I see that Ruben is out of the running. Seriously, all communications, presentations come already pre-packgaged from Rhee, DFER, ERN, etc... Oh, and Uncle Mike. So in actuality, no skills are needed.

Proven team player with appropriate interpersonal skills in a variety of settings

Team players? What does E4E see as a team player? Is knifing other teachers in the back being a team player? Is whining like Ruben a team player? Is the insidious method that Little Evan Stone attempted to seperate teachers from their direct deposits being a team player? Hey E4E people, there is no "i" in team.

A self-starter with exceptional organization and time management skills; ability to
design a work plan, prioritize and meet goals; entrepreneurial

Again, 99.99% of the teachers in NYC.

Grace under pressure and a good sense of humor

The applicant must have Grace Under Pressure?? I don't know. Though I like the album, I find it to be not one of Rush's best efforts. Alex Lifeson almost left the band during production, and besides, the keyboards are way to heavy. How about one must have Permanent Waves?

As far as a sense of humor, I am sure one will be developed working there seeing what a joke E4E and Little Evan Stone is.

Must be willing to travel throughout the five boroughs and have the ability to work
non-traditional hours, including weekday evenings and weekends

Translation: Those with families, lives, and brains need not apply.

Look save yourself trouble Evan, go to the Bronx Zoo, go to the Monkey House or Congo exhibit and find yourself the new outreach director. It'll be cheaper. Just a few bananas a day.