Monday, March 30, 2009

A Monday Night Blabber

I do not have an ax to grind. I have been asked this on many occasions. I started the blog with the intent to keep a journal about the school year. I am not one to take pen to paper and doing it electronically made sense to me. But very soon it turned into something else. For lack of a better word it became a soapbox.

Another question I have been asked is if I respected Numb Nuts would I have been so vehement in what I wrote about him, how he was treated on this blog. The question is moot. There is simply nothing to like nor anything to respect. He does not respect the community, the children, the teachers and most of all himself. This is a person that I would never break bread with. Whatever transpired or was written about he supplied the material.

I am not out to jam other teachers in my school. There is no reason to, and these are my colleagues. Loyalty means a lot to me.

But you ask. What about you and Mendy Rudolph? We were both schmucks. We both regret it. We both learned from it. We have both moved on. Oh I do have one slight problem with Candy. Candy owes me a nickel from 2005 and has yet to repay me. I think now with interest I am owed 11 cents.

So now what? The blog will continue. The children and the community are what matters. Dear Principal John Deacon only cares about itself and is a danger to the children's education in that school. It does not care one iota about the education of these children. It is there just to collect its pay and to take up space and escape responsibility. The jig almost be up.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Those Pesky Pests

Yesterday's post dealt with how to deal with those unwanted pests. It seemed to work since that annoying pest that has been in the school is gone.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pest Control

Gnats. Ants. Locusts. Any and all unwanted pests. How to get rid of such creatures?

You could hire a pest eradicator, but that could cost millions of dollars, take many years, and still not eradicate the unwanted pest. But there are ways to get rid of the pest. We here at the SBSB laboratories have tested several inexpensive pest removal systems and though we are not recommending any particular removal process, we are sure that any of the methods you choose can yield positive results. But remember, persistence is the key.

1. Call 311. This is always a good way to go at first. If the city knows that an unwanted pest is still around enough phone calls to the NYC "hotline" might eradicate your pest problem.

2. A can of WD-40. It has over 2000 uses and is great for pests and squeaky wheels.

3. Climb on top of a mountain. Inexpensive and good for your health, both mental and physical. It has been proven that once on top of a mountain screaming can drive the unwanted pests away.

4. Local elected officials. Once these elected officials get involved the pest usually scurries away. Nothing is better than having a local elected official to shine the light on the unwanted pest.

5. Your clergy person. Why not get the Big Guy involved? Surely your unwanted pest does not believe in a higher being and will run away from His power.

So there you have it, five tested ways to rid yourself of that unwanted pest. We here at SBSB would be interested to know which method you have tried and how it worked.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zippy, The Wonder AP

Putz. Schmuck. Douchebag. There really is an endless flow of adjectives to describe Numb Nuts. Numbskull is one that comes to mind.

Yesterday a boy, a fourth grader, told his teacher, "fu** you bitch, suck my d**k." Such language. Normally this use of the English language would be frowned upon by polite society. This after the young man hocked a loogey on the stairwell wall.

Anyhoo, Numb Nuts was immediately notified. This was necessary due to the fact that bothering The Chosen One could not, would not, will not deal with any situation, and Dear Principal John Deacon was holed up in its bunker pretending that all is well.

Numb Nuts eventually sauntered to the classroom where this fourth grader used such foul and abrasive language and took charge of the boy. He returned later and explained to the teacher that he was on top of the matter and that a custodian was called to clean up the aforementioned loogey. As of this writing it must be reported that wall and stairwell are resting and doing fine.

But not so the teacher. It is speculated that the teacher took offense of the offer from this boy and was looking to Numb Nuts for some kind of leadership, some sort of empathy, compassion. But alas, it soon dawned on the teacher that this was not to be found in Numb Nuts. Instead Numb Nuts, in his best condescending, patronizing voice blabbered, "this is normal for special needs students." One would assume that a response such as this from Numb Nuts is normal from an assistant principal with special needs.

But wait, what about any kind of talking to from Numb Nuts to the young man? Surely you ask this called for some type of repercussions, some consequences. Of course it did. The young man was taken back to Numb Nuts office where he spent the next fifty minutes playing video games on Numb Nuts computer! I say jolly good old chap! That is really showing the student the seriousness and inappropriateness of what was said. I am sure the young man learned his lesson.

What a tool Numb Nuts is.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Amazing

No one has learned from what this man did. The simplicity in the lesson is astonishing.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Time For A New Numb Nuts Theme Song?

Can't decide between these two. Any advice. Apologies to the Beatles and Beatles fans.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moe, Larry, and Curly

As written previously on March 2nd, the new discipline plan is a smashing success! So smashing that the PA system is about thisclose to blowing a fuse.

Ever see that Three Stooges episode when they are doctors? Every two minutes the intercom is blurting out, "calling Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard!!!" Then they act all spastic, Curly starts going "whoo-whoo-whoo" and mayhem ensues.

Yesterday, and this is no exaggeration, but about every five minutes a call came over the PA either for The Chosen One, or Numb Nuts. Dear Principal John Deacon never gets any calls over the PA for it is always hunkered down in its bunker. It would not have been a surprise to go out into the corridor and see Numb Nuts spinning around on his ear, saying, "Nyuk, Nyuk...whoo-whoo-whoo" like Curly. Aren't these people supposed to be glued to their thrones in their offices?

For your viewing pleasure I submit a brief video of when the Three Stooges were doctors. Enjoy.


How appropriate. John Deacon plays bass on this track. Guess the title?


At my school we have a teacher in Club Gitmo, oops, I meant to say Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, oops I meant The Rubber Room for allegedly using swear words directed at a student. Funny how one's entire career can be ruined for an allegation.

Also at my wonderful school we have a "teacher" that has been accused by an entire class of putting them down, putting their lives down, putting their parents down. This "teacher" has belittled students for their living conditions, called the students losers, their parents losers as well. This "teacher" is not in The Rubber Room. Does anyone notice some sort of disparity? I certainly do.

Suffice it to say this "teacher" is protected. Nepotism works this way. So does reaching the level of your incompetence. It seems this teacher shares much of the DNA of Dear Principal John Deacon's gatekeeper, henchman, capo, Judenrat, or whatever. So naturally John Deacon heads the exclusive blue ribbon panel of itself looking into this matter and comes back and claims that after an exhaustive investigation the charges were unfounded. Case closed.

Only that there never was an investigation. Again Dear Principal John Deacon lies. Again Dear Principal John Deacon cares only for itself. Again Dear Principal John Deacon underestimates the parents.

The parents are getting their mojo and now are calling into OSI directly. Good for them! But they better be careful, because just as OSI is sweeping Numb Nuts assaults on children under the rug, so soon will OSI be doing the same for the "teacher."

Monday, March 9, 2009

John, Paul, George and Ringo

Some More Rush

Get Out The Word!

Don't forget, see something, say something!

Call your local state representative ASAP! Tell your state legislator exactly what is going in the school.

Find your local assembly member here:

Find your state senator here:

The leadership of the State Senate is well aware of what is transpiring in the school.

Don't forget to speak to your clergy person as well!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

John Deacon, when you arrive home, when others are are still hard at work, can you look back at the day with satisfaction? What about when you look in the mirror? Are you proud of what you haven't accomplished and what you are slowly destroying?

When parents drop their children off in the morning they expect two things. One, that their children will be educated, and two, that their children will be in a safe environment. Are you able to answer in the affirmative that both expectations are being served?

Why John Deacon, why this inability to look inward, this lack of self-reflection? The oasis in the Bronx that the teachers, the community have created is being annihilated by an utter lack of regard for anyone but yourself.

Do you feel what others feel? Are you bereft of any emotions, any empathy? Are you projecting some hatred and/or anger from whence you came? This are children, and all seem to care about is taking care of yourself.

If your children were in a school that operated as this school has under your reign, exactly what would you do? Would you not take umbrage? Would you be outraged, flabbergasted, appalled?

John Deacon, are you proud of what you see in the mirror?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Radio Days

This blog and the subject of this blog will be discussed Monday night at midnight on WPAT 930 AM. The interview will last about 30-60 minutes. Listeners can call in with questions. You can also listen over the internet to a live stream at:

I think Windows media player is required.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


"We're in this together, we need to cooperate" so sayeth the grand exulted Dear Principal John Deacon. Seems like this is the act of a desperate person who either has completely lost touch with reality, or the act of a person who has lost total control of the school, the situation, and itself.

We as teachers are sh** for six months. Dear Principal refuses to treat us as professionals, as adults and now in its hour of desperation wants us the teachers to be a team with administration? Bullocks! A principal who decided what parts of the contract to honor, a principal who decided which parts of chancellor's regs and stat education law to follow, and now it wants us to help her clean up its mess? Want to make amends? Go apologize to the students and their families first creating a dysfunctional, dangerous learning environment.

Once you do that, we will all sit around a campfire, each with a cup of Love, make smores, and have arms around one another as Joan Baez sings "Kumbaya"

Is This a Sign?

Dear Principal John Deacon was seen at the Reichstag today. Rumor has it Dear Principal John Deacon was taken to the woodshed, or was the subject of an intervention.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Call 911, or Not to Call 911?

A student trashed his classroom today. Must have been pissed about something. 911 was about to be called when Numb Nuts numb nutted by and discouraged the frightened teacher from following through on it. Numb Nuts took the student to his office and probably talked in a nice condescending, patronizing voice. This is the way one talks who has "made it out" of the projects and talks to those whom lives in the projects. There is always an aura of superiority. But I digress.

At today's faculty conference teachers were told not to call 911 under any circumstances. That we are to call an administrator. That is if we can find one. Administrators, we were told can, and will take care of the problem. HA! I call bullocks! If the administration did take care of problems there would be no need to call 911. Anyway on that note.......





The more people know, the safer you are, the unwanted light gets shined on the incompetence of the administration!

The 2nd Foor. Enter If You Dare.

Students now control the second floor at Rikers, er oops, I mean my school. This is where all the lower grades are and students are continually cut class whilst hanging out in and vandalizing the bathroom. This is the same bathroom that first graders, and kindergarten students use. These rouge students are also going into the gym unsupervised and using physical education equipment. Want to know the most ironic thing? The second floor also contains Numb Nuts office. Why isn't Numb Nuts making his presence known to this students and ending this state of terror once and for all. Oh, I forgot. The students think he is a joke, and he has no presence.

We here at SBSB would like to offer Numb Nuts and Dear Principal John Deacon a chance to reply to the above allegations. We are sure they are both quite aware of this blog and wish to give their sides of the story. We are sure they can answer why nothing is being done, or how they can accept students being put in harms way. We wonder if they think that this the students are best being served, and if this is an an example of Children First.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Amy Mcintosh Finally Gets Boinked

First, a hearty welcome to all you Freepers who have found this blog. Please don't just read about Amy McIntosh's incompetence, get a cup of coffee, a beer, whatever soothes you and stay awhile. Read through this blog and see why urban education is a mess, and how Joel Klein enables an out of control school administration. My email address is on the sidebar and will be elated to answer any questions. I am also giving permission to use any and all content in its entirety.

Now back to Amy. Amy's husband, Jeffrey Toobin made the New York Post today for allegedly sticking his ding dong in another's hoo ha without Amy's knowledge. This is what happens when liberals run amok. Sorry Amy, chin up, OK?

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Plan Is On The Board!

A special new program has been implemented last week to react to student's that cause mayhem in the school. There are revolutionary on scale, and just might set the standard for student disciplinary procedure throughout the 21st century. These plans have yet to be copyrighted so the lawyers here at SBSB have given the go ahead to publish the plans. The two plans are:

Operation Please:

In this plan a student that has hit a teacher, a child, used foul language, thrown milk, not gone to class all week is brought to Numb Nuts office. Once there Numb Nuts, or Dear Principal John Deacon, or The Chosen One sits the offending student down. They then say to the child, "please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, will you behave?" The child seeing that Numb Nuts, Dear Principal John Deacon, or The Chosen One is serious, promptly agrees to this and is sent back to class. Or the hallway.

Operation Office:

In this plan administration are assigned to be in their office at a certain time. This overrides the previous edict by Dear Principal John Deacon that "I do not want my AP's in their offices at all." Dear Principal John Deacon and its minions will be at their desks at scheduled times during the school day ready and willing to take responsibility for the circus like atmosphere they have created. Only during these appointed times will administration implement Operation Please. If sh** happens when they are not in their office, then tough you know what.

But if all else fails there still is:

Operation Ostrich:

Very Simple. Head is hidden in sand, hope the problem goes away.

Something Has To Be Done

I think it is official now. The school is completely out of control. The students are now in charge. The administration has now ceded control.

  • Students are running wild everyday, all day long throughout the school.
  • There is no physical education program. The gym is unlocked. Equipment not locked away. Students have taken basketballs and gone "bowling" in the hallways. The students have taken the basketball carts and have had chariot races.
  • Students are wearing colors and other gang paraphernalia.
  • Students have cursed at teachers repeatedly.
  • Students get physical with teachers.
  • There have been unauthorized water balloon fights.
Dear Principal John Deacon is officially a circus act. So is Numb Nuts, The Chosen One, and The Body. All incompetent and in above their heads. This core group is neglectful of students and are in the school for one reason only. To serve themselves.

But why is this happening?

  • The school is slated to be closed and turned into a charter school.
  • Dear Principal John Deacon is just counting down the days to retirement.
  • Dear Principal John Deacon is grossly incompetent.
Whatever it is, the students, the parents, the community are not being served at all. The only way to do anything is to start speaking up now. This is a great school, with a great foundation and it is being destroyed by a nasty, mean person. It is now March 2, the only way to save this school and this community is to take a stand now. We must not let this school fail, nor fail the children. We need to hold the administration, and the DOE accountable. There is strength in numbers. I know that for a fact. We can prevail if we as teachers, parents, students come together and let anyone and everyone know what is happening. The more people that are aware the safer we are. What would you do if your child was in this school?

All I can say is those that know me and are ready to do the right thing let me know.

Casey Stengel Says........

Casey Stengel, former manager of the Mets and Yankees was once asked how he keeps harmony on a baseball team of twenty-five players. He said, and I want this understood that I am paraphrasing him, "there are ten players who hate me, ten who love me, and five who don't give a sh**. The trick is to keep the ten who hate me away from the five who don't give a sh**." Casey was a wise man, a great manager, and more importantly a great leader.

Unfortunately, Dear Principal John Deacon has none of these qualities. In fact in my years of teaching there has always been factions in a school like Casey mentioned there are on a baseball team. That is until this year.

Except for the mindless few in my school who are so far up in Dear Principal John Deacon's colon, I have never seen a principal or known of a principal so despised, or having a lack of respect in a school as is Dear Principal John Deacon. I mean to get this hated so quick, by so many must be some kind of new DOE record. The most pathetic part of it all is that Dear Principal John Deacon actually thinks it is loved and respected. I guess it comes from that warm fuzzy feeling of having its colon cleaned by the mindless, soulless sycophants it surrounds itself with.

But like rats running out of a burning building or a sinking ship, so will these colon cleaners of Dear Principal John Deacon run away and not only turn on one another when the ship starts to sink, but turn on Dear Principal John Deacon when the implosion happens. And when this happens every teacher in the school will pull out their chaise lounge, get the binoculars, and watch as Dear Leader John Deacon and its colon cleaners all cannabilize one another and point fingers at each other. Sweet.