SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: September 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jason Felch. I, The Jury

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported on the suicide of Los Angeles teacher Rigoberto Ruelas. Remember, this is a teacher that the Los Angeles Times deemed ineffective. But something caught my eye in the article.

....Rigoberto Ruelas always reached out to the toughest kids. He would tutor them on weekends and after school, visit their homes, encourage them to aim high and go to college.

Yes, I see how he can be deemed ineffective. How dare he take time out from his life to tutor students, to visit their homes, and worse, encourage they continue their education.

Andromeda Palma, a 13-year-old eighth-grader, stopped by after school to leave a balloon at the memorial. She said she used to struggle at math, but he taught her to succeed and not to give up.

Evil!! Wait, I thought he was ineffective at teaching math? And this girl, a former student, has the gumption to claim that Rigoberto taught her to succeed and not to give up at math?

Andromeda continued, "He told me it is not about where you are from but if you don't go to school you are nothing in this world," she said with tears in her eyes. "Now I am doing real good because of him."

This must be wrong. He is ineffective. How can this student have succeeded with him as a teacher? Jason Felch says he is ineffective. Jason Felch is smug, it is impossible for him to be incorrect.

From the Los Angeles Times of Tuesday, September 28;
Detractors say value-added rankings place too much emphasis on test-score teaching, especially in schools like Miramonte, a large school in an impoverished, gang-plagued neighborhood about six miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. About 60 percent of Miramonte students are Spanish-speaking English-language learners.
Yeah, so many advantages to teaching there. A gang plagued neighborhood? Why aren't the cops doing their jobs? Perhaps it is time the LAPD get value added assessed. Have the cops outed in the Times as effective or ineffective.

But, it won't happen. Jason Felch does not have the guts to do it. I think the reason is that Jason fancies himself an educator. Why? Seems that Jason has at one time taught. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

According to Jason in Alexander Russo's chat;

Jason Felch: "I thought you'd never ask! Before going into journalism, I taught middle school and high school students. I also founded and ran an after school program for "inner city" kids in San Francisco, and am very familiar with their challenges. My colleague Jason Song has covered the city's schools for years. Thursday August 19, 2010 11:52 Jason Felch

As you were asked Jason, where did you teach? Were you an effective teacher? Will you release your scores or be like Michelle Rhee and just claim they can't be found. How long did you teach for?

Jason, because of your irresponsibility, your pre-conceived decision, your cowardice, your lack of integrity, your snobbishness, a man, a good man, a man with children, is dead. You are to blame, you are responsible. You were, and still are, judge, jury, and executioner.

Jason, you will never, ever get the spot out.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

Tonite's guest Bill Grundfeft has chickened out. Our original guest, Mona Davids of NY Charter School Parents will be joining us at 9pm . Apologies to all those in Los Angeles expecting Bill Grundfeft. We will try to have him on this week.
The call-in number is 917-932-8721.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

Tonight, Bill Grundfest as our guest. The last time Bill was with us, the fireworks flew! Bill will continue is diatribe vs teachers unions, in particular the UTLA, and explain to us what is wrong with the LAUSD The call in # is: (917) 932-8721

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blood On The Hands Of Jason Felch And Richard Buddin

There is sadness in education today. Unfortunately, this day was all too inevitable. It had to happen, it had to come to fruition. What is sad it was all too avoidable.

Today, Rigoberto Ruelas killed himself. According to KABC-TV, Ruelas was found dead about 9 a.m. Sunday in the Angeles National Forest, and a teacher ratings report by the Los Angeles Times did not score Ruelas well. Family members said the teacher evaluation scores may have caused him to go missing.

This is too much of a coincidence. A teacher of fourteen years, suddenly the Los Angeles Times decides to hire Dr Richard Buddin and his cockamamie statistical analysis, and decides to paint Ruelas as ineffective without using all the facts. I feel so bad for his family, his friends, his students, his loved ones.

The following should be socially indicted;

There is blood on the Los Angeles Times hands

There is blood on Joel Klein's hands

There is blood on Eli Broads' hands

There is blood on Michelle Rhee's hands

There is blood on The Walton Family's hands

There is blood on Whitney Tilson's hands

There is blood on Eva Moskowitz's hands

There is blood on Oprah's hands

There is blood on Bill Gates' hands

There is blood on Geoffrey Canada's hands

There is blood on Mayor Bloomberg's hands

There is blood on the media's hands

There is blood on Arne Duncan's hands

There is blood on President Obama's hands

There is blood on George W. Bush's hands

There is blood on Gov Christie's hands

There is blood on Al Sharpton's hands

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Please sit down. Yes, find a seat and sit. You might want to pour yourself as stiff drink too. Ready?

Al Sharpton, the purveyor of antisemitism. The guy who gave you the Tawana Brawley hoax. The man who whored himself to Mayor Bloomberg and the education deformers. The man who only cares for the color green is coming to you on TV in October. Al Sharpton is hosting is own series on education. Entitled "The Education SuperHighway, it will target educators, parents, and students.
The press release; The Rev. Al Sharpton will host a weekly syndicated TV program focusing on education. ESH Holdings, a new minority-owned multimedia company, says the half-hour news and information magazine, called "Education SuperHighway," will target parents, educators and students. Hosted by the well-known civil rights leader, the show will provide a forum for discussing educational issues, with political, business and social leaders taking part. "Education SuperHighway" will debut on Oct. 10 in more than 160 U.S. markets. It will be taped in New York and Los Angeles.
We here at SBSB were curious. Several members of the crack investigative team have sworn that the Rev. Al has had a network series based on education in the past. We delved into the vaults of the Library of Congress, YouTube, and the Museum of Broadcasting. The crack team spent many an hour scouring videos, kinescopes, and audio to find that one show that Rev Al used to be on. Finally in the last several hours the crack team hit paydirt.

We now have a clip of the Rev Al in his less svelte days as a champion of education on the public airwaves.

Monday, September 20, 2010

David Pakter's Mind Redux

David Pakter wins one against the New York Post.

From David:

Never Surrender To Brute Force -

To do so only emboldens that force to act with ever greater degrees of Brutality.
Some of America's Teachers Unions have finally started to understand this fact.

But sadly, far too few.

The Battle Against the Faux Chancellor, Joel Klein, Esq. continues.

The NYC Dept of Education, which never allows itself to miss an opportunity to indulge in despicably obscene behavior, may have gone too far this time and a NY State Supreme Court Justice does not intend to allow them to get away with it.

The Wheels of Justice Continue To Turn in David Pakter's quest to make certain that Joel Klein, Esq. and his hired thugs are called to account and made to answer for their past actions. - All of them.

"Though the Wheels of Justice grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding fine".

Please Remember fired UFT Reporters, Betsy Combier and Jim Callaghan -
......United in Courage - to tell the Truth, let the cost be damned.
...and the thousands of UFT members the Union failed to protect.
David Pakter - Still Standing
Home -> Law Blog Directory -> Labor & Employment Law Blogs -> New York Public Personnel Law


New York Public Personnel Law
Newspaper ordered to disclose the source
of alleged inaccurate information it published
to the individual suing for alleged defamation
Newspaper ordered to disclose the source of alleged inaccurate information
it published to the individual suing for alleged defamation

Matter of Pakter v New York City Dept .of Educ., 2010 NY Slip Op 32451(U, August 20, 2010,
Supreme Court, New York County, Judge Cynthia S. Kern [Not selected for publication in the Official Reports]
The Court's decision is posted on the Internet at: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

David Pakter, a school teacher employed by the New York City Department of Education [DOE], was charged with misconduct and removed from his classroom teaching duties and assigned to one of the DOE'S reassignment centers also known as the "rubber rooms"
On March 21, 2010, the New York Post published an article titled "Bored of Ed. in Rubber Rooms".
A sidebar to this article featuring "notable rubber room residents" included Pakter and stated that he was charged with sexual misconduct.
Pakter, however, had not been charged with sexual misconduct and the Post subsequently ran a retraction.
Pakter, believing himself to have been defamed and intending to bring a lawsuit against the person or persons who provided the Post with the inaccurate information, asked the Post and DOE to identify the source of the incorrect statement.
When his request was denied, Pakter filed a petition in Supreme Court seeking a court order to compel the disclosure of the name or names of the person or persons involved with providing the information and any documentation that he had been charged with sexual misconduct. He also asked for a court order compelling the Post and DOE to preserve all "notes, emails, and electronically stored information" concerning the event.
Judge Kern ruled that Pakter was entitled to "pre-action disclosure of information" as to the identity of the source or sources who provided the Post with the statement as he had made a "strong showing that a cause of action exists" for a cause of action for defamation alleging a false statement, published without privilege or authorization to a third party.
Further, said the court, such pre-action discovery is permitted in cases, such as here, where an individual having a valid claim for defamation needs "to identify the unnamed source or sources who provided defamatory information to a newspaper in order to bring an action against them."
The Post was ordered to answer interrogatories limited to the issue of the name(s) of the source or sources who provided the Post with the statement that Pakter had been charged with sexual misconduct "as reported in the article and sidebar to the article entitled 'Bored of Ed. in Rubber Rooms' " and, in addition, both the Post and DOE were directed "to preserve any documents, reporter's notes, emails, and electronically stored information related to the statement at issue."
The decision is posted on the Internet at:

Full post as published by New York Public Personnel Law on September 13, 2010 (boomark / email ).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

On the next show I will be dedicating the entire show, solo, to discussing why such disagreement with Educators4Excellence, and Little Evan Stone. In particular, the FOX Business Channel's interview of Evan Stone will be dissected.

All callers are welcome, especially any representatives of E4E and Evan Stone. This is your chance to be heard, to put me on the spot.

Tuesday night, September 21 @ 9PM.

The call in # is
(917) 932-8721

Little Evan Stone And The 700 Club

This past week could honestly be labeled the week of Little Evan Stone. What a week it has been. Not only mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, FOX Business Channel, but Ed Notes, NYC Educator, twice, and the ever ubiquitous shout out here at SBSB.

I write today about the 700 card carrying members, supporters of Educatorsd4Excellence. Yes, the 700 members, the 700 who want change, the 700 that so impressed Stuart Varney that he called what Little Evan is doing a "revolution."

Numbers don't lie. Or do they? My Grandpa, back in the day of Tammany Hall, would register voters by trolling local cemeteries. Surely, he was able to say that not only was he able to register untold number of new Democrats, but the party was able to claim that register to vote must be Democrat.

The crack team here at SBSB did some investigating, just to be sure that Little Evan's claims were true, and found out that he in fact is telling the truth about the numbers. SBSB has obtained through FOIL a partial list of names that have registered, and pledged support for Educators4Excellence.

Joey Jo Jo Shabadoo

The Law Firm of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe

Al Coholic

Oliver Clothesoff

I.P. Freely

Jacques Strap

Seymour Butz

Hugh Jass

Amanda Huggenkiss

Ivana Tinkle

Anita Bath

Eura Snotball

Ollie Tabooger

Heywood U. Cuddleme

Elvis Jagger Abdul-Jabbar

Maya Normousbutt

Richard Hertz

Ben Dover

Solomon I. Lands

Shirley Ujest

Art Vandalay

Dr Von Nostrand

Brock Lee

We here art SBSB are sorry we ever doubted you Evan. This is quite an impressive list thus far.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Evan Stone Unfair And Unbalanced

What a day. I was look forward to a nice relaxing evening at home. First day this week without some scheduled event. I plan on making dinner for my family, do the laundry, and then watch segue into watching The First 48. I was not planning on blogging tonight.

That changed when in my email inbox I got yet another newsletter from that "grass roots" organization, Educators4Excellence. And what is it that got my skin to crawl? Yes, Little Evan Stone appeared on Fox Business Channel's Varney & Co. Check it out here.It is amazing what a 26 year old boy can accomplish all by himself. How does he get himself on such shows?

Doesn't Evan know that he, just like Mongo, is a pawn in the game of life? That Little Evan is like a dog. Leashed and owned by the hedge fund gnomes and ed deformers?

The interview by Stuart Varney stating to Little Evan that E4E has 700 members. Wow! Impressive. I am one of those 700 members. In fact you can count me twice. I seriously doubt Little Evan that all 700 support what you and the Princess do. It's kind of like driving by the scene of a car wreck. You don't want to look, but you feel you must and you do. E4E is that car wreck.

At :25, Little Evan says, "we are not an anti-union group, we are not an alternative union group. What we're trying to do is give teacher's a direct access to the policy discussion. We are trying to give teacher's direct access to the policy discussion, so they can really be represented and have their voices heard."

I find that laughable. While yes, there are issues with the UFT, its policies, and the access it provides non favored people, there are other methods Little Evan to effect change. One of these ways is joining ICE and/or TJC and join forces with these two organizations in bringing change from within the UFT. But it won't happen for you and your ilk have ulterior motives.

At :36 Varney says, "You want merit pay, the union opposes it." To which Evan blabbered, "I think a teacher that consistently raises the level of achievement of their students should be rewarded."

As reported here on April 22, Little Evan has, "Evan has little to no classroom or behavior management skills,"Evan and Sydney are calling for a revamp of teacher evaluation and merit-based pay while they are not even exemplar teachers," "His tests scores, which are also publicly displayed in the school, are not good either," "It is very apparent to his colleagues what his capabilities in the classroom are (and I guess if you can’t take the heat you must get out of the kitchen)," So it seems going by Little Evan's record as a teacher he won't be receiving any merit pay.

Varney at :45 states to Little Evan, "You don't like tenure." To which Little Evan retorts, "I think think Tenure as it is, encourages, reinforces complacency. I think teachers that are continuously successful should be protected. But we can't let teacher's who are failing they're students stay in their job."

Big ideas from such a little boy. Are these your ideas Little Evan are is there a hedge fund gnome atop your shoulder whispering such thoughts into your ear? Little Evan just completed his third year of teaching. Do you think he turned down the tenure that was offered to him? And how Little Evan do you claim a teacher is successful? Were you successful?

At 1:01 Varney greases himself up to begin the foray deep into Little Evans colon, "Evan you are launching a revolution, you are not popular with the union."

Little does Evan disclose that DFER and hedge fund gnomes are behind and funding his grass roots, er I meant, artificial turf "revolution." I am disappointed that Little Evan did not give this blog, or any of the other blogs a shout out.

The eye candy of the show, Tracy Byrnes showed that she can speak asking Little Evan how, "it must bother other, older teachers to see others punching a time clock and go home"

I would like to know which propagandist fed her this line. Actually as far as I know there is no punching in. There is signing in.

At 2:21 Varney asks Little Evan, "Did you start this? Evan claims, Yes, I started this with a colleague at my school, Princess Sydney Morris."

WHAT????????? Full disclosure Evan!!!! Please!!!!

Varney asks, "Are you getting real hostility from the union?" To which Little Evan replied "No."

Again, where is our shout out, other blogger's shout outs? Want to know something Little Evan? The union, with all its faults will represent you in a heartbeat. One day you might be accused of something and your chapter chair will march into the principal's office with you and support you as best he can. Some gratitude you have.

At 2:40 the bubblehead asks Little Evan, "YOu got 700 supporters all backing your ideas, where do you go from here?"

I just won't waste my time with Little Evan's reply. There are 80,000 teachers? Evan is proud of 700 supporters? That isn't even 1 percent. Do the math, it comes out to .00875%. Way below the Mendoza Line.

Varney, again lathered up, inserting himself deeper into Little Evan's colon proclaims at 2:59 that "It's a revolution!!!!" Viva la Revolucion!! "You are trying to make it into a profession again. Little Evan's answer was quite appropriate. "It's a movement." Yeah, it is a movement, but not the type Little Evan has in mind.

At 3:15, another suckling sycophant, Chris Cotter compares to what Little Evan is doing to the labor movement of a hundred years ago. "Giving the people a voice, giving teachers a voice."

Oh God y0u have got to be kidding. Just learn about how the the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tried to organize and see how those women were treated. If FOX was around then do you think those women would be supported?

What is funny is Cotter speaks as if the UFT has lost its way. That it has become not what it had intended to be. He is right. The UFT has lost its way. It sells its members out now, it shuns all confrontations, it is toothless. The UFT of the sixties had a set.

The last minute or so has Varney deep inside Little Evan's colon, fawning all over him. And then he and the bubblehead bash the unions while Evan sits there smiling. Yeah, Little Evan got his attention for the day.

I would have liked Little Evan to have been asked where E4E gets its funding, asked him about his record as an educator, asked him why he left teaching. But we know what FOX isn't.

Little Evan Stone without ever meeting him, I can honestly say is one of the lowest forms of life on this planet. Lower than a used car salesman and that shows just how low he is.

Now that he is out of teaching, I wonder, as did fellow blogger NYC Educator has, where is his source of income coming from and how can he afford living in NYC. Must be a very rich daddy and mommy.

More curious, as reported in the Wall Street Journal is that Little Evan is no longer teaching. Now, did Little Evan resign? Did Little Evan go on sabbatical? Or did Little Evan receive a leave of absence? I think it is the latter, and if so, how does one get a leave after only three years of teaching?

Little Evan and his consort, Princess Sydney, according the to the Wall Street Journal, "also continue to work part-time at their Bronx school developing curriculum and mentoring novice teachers." So two novice teachers are mentoring novice teachers? Princess Sydney, who we reported about on April 24 as, "Ms Morris has been with her present 3rd grader since the second grade. Her first two years she was a disaster. She could not control them and needed and received a lot of help from mentors and staff developers. This year she has improved slightly."

What a strange world we live in.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

Tuesday night, September 14 @ 9 PM Eastern

The day after interviewing UTLA president AJ Duffy I came across a very interesting gentleman through Twitter, Bill Grundfest, @BillGrundfest. Bill is a former writer for Mad About You, and teaches writing at UCLA, Bill, who has children in the LAUSD, and we got to know one another from such tweets to me like,

"@SoBronxSchool Pt 1: Duffy kills ANY reform that doesnt protect EVERY teachers job. NEWS: the schools don't exist to supply teachrs w/jobs," and, "

@SoBronxSchool oh, don't get me started on Diane Ravitch, who carries water for the unions and should just go the prom with Duffy" Sure to be interesting Internet radio.

The call in # is (917) 932-8721

Thursday, September 9, 2010

XXX LIttle Evan Stone

We here at SBSB do not hate Little Evan Stone. In fact he is quite pitied. A young, naive man-child, he is caught up in the middle of the war with the Righteous and the Educational Deformers. He was winded, dined, tickled, by the DFER, ERN, type and he fell for them as if he was a sailor on shore leave. Yes, this blog has been hard on Little Evan Stone, but it was well deserved and Evan earned it.

But imagine our chagrin when we learned through a third party about Little Evan Stone's Twitter account. Seems Evan has not taken into account that one needs to be careful about what one posts and keeps online.

Now before we get to the good stuff, keep in mind that Little Evan's Twitter account, @estone6 is locked. That means that Little Evan must approve any request to follow him. Let's take a look shall we? Click to enlarge

Since we have established that Little Evan must approve all followers we now can continue on to what our source pointed out to the crack investigative team here at SBSB. Also, please note the E4E logo next to Little Evan's name. And let's not forget the link to E4E.

It seems that Little Evan has quite the predilection for pornography. One of his more recent followers is @Kelly_Surferxxx. As always, click to enlarge.

But it does not end there. Another follower eschews the coming together of sex toys and rock and roll. Yes, you are right. That would be none other than @realrockguys, who bill themselves as offering "real rock pleasure." Click to enlarge.

But that is nothing compared to the last pornographic follower that Little Evan has, @SexualTroll. This account, their website, has some of the most misogynistic, vile, depictions of women we here at SBSB have seen. The crack investigative team had to vomit out its lunch after seeing the way women are portrayed on their website. Click to enlarge.

So why the problem? Why bring this up if this is something Evan enjoys doing at home? Several reasons. One, we all know, by Evan's of his all too familiar relationships with his students. We know Little Evan has taken his students on several manboycations and there might be a possibility that some of his students follows him on Twitter or have accessed his Twitter page and seen and/or accessed the above mentioned Twitter accounts. Secondly, even if students have had no access to Little Evan's Twitter account, him having these follows shows poor judgement. Not only has a teacher, not only has the El Duche of Educators4Excellence, but has a buddy of State Assemblyman Jonathan Bing. Yes, that Assemblyman Bing who is hositing a soiree this Sunday at 4 PM for E4E and its followers at the Uptown Lounge, 1576 3rd Ave, between 88th and 89th St. And lastly, how can Little Evan ever amount to anything as a leader if these are the type of decisions he keeps on making.

Evan, do the right thing and scram from the scene. You are in over your head.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

Next broadcast is tomorrow night, September 7, at 9 PM.

Renowned social worker Susanne Berman comes back for a second time as we continue our discussion on how poverty, family life, abuse, and a myriad of outside conditions can affect a child's educational process. Sure to be riveting Internet radio! Call in # is (917) 932-8721

STOP THE PRESSES!!!! Whitney Tilson Is Still A Moron!

This past Thursday, September 2, Professor Pedro Noguera of NYU wrote an interesting op-ed peice in the Daily News entitled, Accept It: Poverty Hurts Learning: Schools Matter, But They're Not All That Matters.

As one can see from Prof. Noguera's bio page at NYU, his credentials seem quite extensive, and apparently he does seem to, if not know what he is talking about, at least has an understanding of education and the sociological ramifications of education and poverty. I have not read enough of his works to make a solid opinion. However, he does seem to know more than a hedge fund manager. Not about hedge funds, but about education. In no way am I advocating, nor will I advocate, Prof. Noguera's managing a multi-billion dollar hedge fund

But, in reading Prof Noguera's essay, several point he made did stand out in a positive manner to me.

Studies on literacy development in small children show that middle-class children arrive in kindergarten literally knowing hundreds more words than poor children.

True. There are so many reasons for this. Several, children having children, lack of education on the parents part, abuse, etc... This also starts with from day 1 enabling a child's higher order thinking skills, not telling a child to "shut the f***up," when the parent is asked a question, oh and reading to a child.

We've long known that family income combined with parental education is the strongest predictor of how well a student will do on most standardized tests. There is abundant evidence that in schools in the poorest communities, achievement is considerably lower than in schools with more socioeconomic diversity.

And schools alone - not even the very best schools - cannot erase the effects of poverty.

I really have nothing to add here. It is so obvious. So clear cut.

I disagree with his glowing over Newark's charter schools, and not advocating treating, or giving the same resources to public schools as charters. But that is a story for another blog posting. I am writing about this today because once again, Whitney Tilson has shown everyone what a moron he is.

On August 12, I wrote how Whitney said;
"a public school system that systematically, all over the country, gives black and Latino students the very worst teachers and schools, thereby trapping black and Latino communities in multi-generational cycles of poverty, violence and despair."
Yes, he said that. That is one of the pleasures of receiving his mass convoluted emails. I devoted a radio show with a trained, licensed, competent, world renowned social worker to contradict (so easily) how wrong, ignorant, and misguided Whitney is. But why you might ask am I rehashing this?

The reason why is in Whitney's mass convoluted email of last night, September 5. Whitney blabbered;
"NYU Ed Prof. Pedro Noguera with an op ed in the NY Daily News that (believe it or not) I mostly agree with – of course poverty and other disadvantages have a MASSIVE impact on how well prepared students are to do well in school. But this mustn’t be used as an excuse for many schools’ utter failure to set high standards and properly educate students; rather, it means that schools serving the most disadvantaged students, in order to help students overcome these disadvantages, need to be the very BEST schools, filled with the very BEST teachers.
Say what? How dare you Whitney!! How dare you say this is an excuse! Not one teacher I have ever worked with has said used poverty, used circumstances as an excuse. It is an explanation. But teacher's feel they are swimming upstream against these circumstances when there is no support from the school administration, Tweed, or the parents.

Whitney blabbered on;
"Alas, our educational system SYSTEMATICALLY does the exact opposite; so much so, in fact, that two factors, skin color and zip code, largely determine the quality of public school a child is likely to get. This is deeply, profoundly wrong and contrary to everything this nation stands for."
But, Noguera has said it has nothing to do with the schools themselves. Even the LA Times in their story about Value Added Assessment said that the best teachers are not necessarily in the best schools.

What I find so funny Whitney, and yet so sad is the last sentence of your diatribe;
"This is deeply, profoundly wrong and contrary to everything this nation stands for."
Which country have you been living in? Yes, on paper, we all are afforded the same rights, the same. Remember, the Constitution condones slavery. Have you ever faced REAL discrimination? Has any one in your family been chattel? Has any member of your family been forced into gas chambers? Has any member of your family been told they need not apply? The only you discrimination I am sure you have faced is for being the dick that you are. But I, and many others I believe can live with that.

You sit so high up in that gilded stage of yours looking down on others. You really are a racist. You are the worst type. The White Man who thinks he knows what is best for those he sees beneath him. Get a clue.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Never Before Seen Michelle Rhee Video

In light of DCPS Michelle Rhees racially insensitive comments during a speech made to KIPP sycophants about her first year teaching, we here are SBSB have again uncovered not only another video how Michelle Rhee solicits money for DCPS but also in the video her first meeting with Kevin Johnson.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Principal Kristine Mustillo Worst Person In The World

How can this be? On March 18, 2010 it was reported here how Principal Kristine "Olive Oyl" Mustillio has single handily went our of her way to destroy, not ruin, not hurt, but destroy a teacher's career over a teeny, tiny mistake that hurt no one. A miscommunication. The worse part is that Kristine "Olive Oyl" Mustillio was directly responsible due to her irresponsibility in the matter. This all came out in the teacher's 3020a hearing. A quivering Kristine "Olive Oyl" Mustillio finally having her actions, her nastiness thrown back in her that horseface she has in common with Celine Dion.

What has us here at the SBSB newsroom so perturbed? Besides the fact that Kristine "Olive Oyl" Mustillio is the worst person in the world (more on that in a bit)? Is that for some reason, unbeknownst to the human race that Kristine "Olive Oyl" Mustillio lives amongst, she was honored by State Senator Carl Kruger (D) Brooklyn.

Senator Kruger found it fitting to honor her for reasons such as;
she applied and was accepted to the first class of the New York City Leadership Academy where she honed her skills as a school leader, developing a commitment to school capaci ty building through the collaborative efforts of all the stakeholders;quickly recognized for her obvious talent carrying out new instructional initiatives in the school, Kristine Mustillo transferred to P.S. 32 in Carroll Gardens as a Master Teacher providing ongoing professional development in Balanced Literacy and other instruc tional programs; As Principal of Public School 97, the Highlawn School, in Brooklyn, she has worked with the entire school community to produce three consecutive years of progress as noted in the Department of Educa tion Progress Report with scores of 62, 74, and 79 respectively;
There is more. Read it. Get upset. Leave a comment.

Kristine Mustillo you are the worst person not only in education, but one of the worst to grace our planet. How dare you not only attempt to destroy one's career, but one's identity, one's sense of self, one's good work.

You are nothing but some slime that slithered out of the Leadership Academy. You know you don't have the skills to lead a school, much less the night shift at McDonald's so the only way you can feed into whatever lack of self adulation that you so desperately seek you must find it in hurting others. Like a child pulling the wings off a fly you are just as sadistic to others.

You are far from a leader. You are nothing but some sycophantic follower without a thought of your own.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


There is a train wreck coming fast. Barreling down the tracks, completely out of control.

Teachers can be rats. I have always, to a certain extent, respected the code of silence cops have. Teachers, especially in elementary schools, will shove a knife in your back, twist it several times, and when you are down kick you in the face for good measure.

I believe when preference sheets are handed out you do not go after someone's position. No matter how bad you want it.

Someone went after another's position. Unfortunately this person is not qualified to hold this position and the person whined and whined and threatened grievances. The only thing this person has in seniority.

The person being bumped from the position has received a good position, the second choice. But the person who did the bumping has a history of doing this to colleagues, and worse.

This teacher, The Train Wreck will not only complain if you are one minute late in returning from or to the it's coverage, but will sooner or later, for lack of a better phrase, tell on you if it happens more than several times.

The Train Wreck has a history, and no one knows how, to have the most troublemaking students removed from its class and allowing these students to become the problem of other teachers.

At one time The Train Wreck had removed all but one or two troublemaking students and was down to a class roster of 13 and still not only couldn't handle the class, but complained and bitched about it as well. Complained so much that The Train Wreck's class was shut down, students dispersed and The Train Wreck had some type of reading intervention assignment.

The puzzling this is this is not the only time it has happened. It has happened several times in the past. What is curious is how this is allowed to happen.

The Train Wreck also has amazing luck, or bad luck if you will, in line of duty injuries. No exaggeration, a student will bump into The Train Wreck and The Train Wreck visits the ER, is out for several weeks, and comes back with some type of Les Nessman bandage. Mind you that these "line of duty" injuries always comes attached with some legal representation.

The Train Wreck would have its students clean the classroom during extended day. Yes, sweep, vacuum, do the windows, etc...

The Train Wreck expects all to be there for it. To be there to cover when it has some malady, some pain, or just when it wants a violin to play for it. But are these favors returned? No.

The Train Wreck will be involved in a train wreck of epic proportions come Thanksgiving. Which is good, because The Train Wreck will be able to start its Christmas vacation early.