Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

A special time this week. TMOBT will not be on Tuesday night, March 29. Instead we venture to Thursday night, March 31 @ 9 PM EDT and welcome David Greene.

David Greene is a former Social Studies teacher and coach in NYC, Woodlands HS, and Scarsdale HS. He presently is a field supervisor for Fordham University, mentoring Teach For Americans in the Bronx. He is a staff member of WISE Services, an organization that helps high schools create and run experiential learning programs for seniors.

He is an advisor to the Foundation For Male Studies and The Boy Initiative, a HS football coach, and a member of the Save Our Schools Call to Action Organizing Committee. Mr. Greene has been referenced by Christina Hoff Sommers, in her book, The War against Boys. He has given talks on the issues of boys in schools in Scarsdale and for Dominican College. He assisted in the organization of The Foundation For Male Studies’ Second Annual Conference On Male Studies: Looking Forward to Solutions.

He has had work published in Ed Week on line and has also been referenced by Valerie Strauss in her Washington Post web based column, The Answer Sheet. Finally, he is a regular contributor to The Teachers Talk Back Blog and is also currently working on a book tentatively titled, So You Think You Know Education? A Teacher’s Perspective.

We will discuss teacher training,what the billionaires boys club is attempting to do to education, and some of the training methods of TFA. As always the call in # is 917 932 8721

Deep Inside Eva Moskowitz. Again

It seems that we have made a mistake here at SBSB. At afternoon tea, the crack team realized that it had more information regarding Eva Moskowitz's recruitment party from last Thursday night, March 24. To our loyal readers, hang our heads in shame and apologize. We do hope that forgiveness will be forthcoming.

Eva's headquarters looks like a business office. There are many cubicles with HR assistants working the office. They send the recruits into this small conference room to watch a promo video. Their promo video involved a lot of garbage about HSA, some things that caught attention: success is because children read 2 hours a day, 26 books a month, and their program is 'rigorous' (whatever that means),they are also deeply in the arts.

Now we here at SBSB are all for students reading. We believe that there is nothing better than a good book, and that reading unlocks so many doors. However, is it reading for reading's sake? Are these appropriate books? Are these books leveled? Are the two hours reading in addition to homework? If so, what is the average amount of time of the homework the students are assigned? At 26 books a month, this appears to be a book a day. How are students expected to be kids if they have this much work per day?

Also in the promo, it said that every 7 students apply for 1 seat in her school. The goal is eventually making it to 40.

Why they need for "overbooking?" Is this to create buzz? For the schools? For Eva? How does Eva intend to go about this? In fact, how much money will be spent to create 40:1 ratio of applications? Here are the two big questions that need to be answered. Is it ethical? Is it legal?

After the promo video, came the mingling with the other prospective employees and HR assistants. An HR assistant, was asked if HSA was considering constructing their own schools since they co-locate. Her response, "They are not interested in constructing their own building because it takes 5 or 6 years and we still will no longer be there. It takes too long and more energy to construct a building and they know that the public schools are not holding at full capacity anyway. So this is why we co-locate.

Is it me or does something not seem right about this?

The HR person was also asked about specific curriculum choices in HSA and she could not give me a clear and descriptive response. She just mumbled off jargon from the promo video I just watched. After I speaking with the HR rep, our source met with 2 new principals from Bronx SA1 and Bronx SA2 who are very young.

Young? How young? Michele Caracappa at BSA1 is about 30 years old. Oh, and of course a TFA grad. And Vanessa Bangser, another TFA grad is about 30 as well. What was perplexing to our mole at the recruiting party is why the leaders of the SA schools in the Bronx are not representative of the community in which they serve.

Since the two new SA schools in the Bronx are K-1, and are planning already to expand, the principal of BSA 1, Michele Caracappa was asked, about the curricular for young children and inquired if children get a chance to move around learn through movement. Caracappa replied, "Its very difficult to follow this kind authentic curriculum with the current standards for education."

What are you talking about Willis? Children 4,5,6 years old do not get a chance to learn through play? To learn to activity? Is it getting them ready for a test that they will take in 4 years?

It was mentioned to Caracappa that even though the current standards are a challenge, there are many fun and active ways to get children to learn their sight words or learn how to read through movement. Caracappa referred to the block program in which the children play with blocks for 50 minutes and are guided by a block consultant.

A block consultant? Knowing Eva, she hired this block consultant directly from Fisher-Price in return for buying all the blocks from FP. So one of the most imaginiate, creative, and independent things a child can do in school is "guided," or is it controlled, by a block consultant? This is just, well, obscene.

HSA, BSA, are not schools. They are some type of weird money making, thought control, adult controlled, bizzaro, alternate universe nightmare. How anyone would want to work there, send their children to school there is beyond the pale. Every time I read about Eva and her philosophy of education and how she treats children I can't help but think of Joan Crawford and Mommie Dearest.

Eva needs to be exposed for what she is. This is just a start.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Shame Of A Fifty Minute Lunch

The crack team here at SBSB had recently gained access to New York Post reporter Carl Campinale's computer and was able to pull from it a story he has been working on and which will be published any day in the Post. This is an exclusive first look.

It seems that teachers have another perk in their contract that not only costs the taxpayer money, but takes instruction time away from students.

According to the UFT contract teachers are afforded a 50 minute lunch each day. This perk, as a DOE official has shared with the Post on deep background, has been around for almost several decades.
"The teachers are just lazy and greedy in wanting this 50 minute lunch," said the DOE official. "They are stealing 40 minutes of instruction time a day from students, 200 minutes a week, and 122 hours a school year, which translates into almost five days of instruction students are not receiving."

The DOE official, supplied the Post with a report written by Mayor Bloomberg's top education deputy Dennis Walcott, that studies have shown that lunch can be eaten in ten minutes. In fact the study goes on to suggest that lunch can be eaten while teaching, much like in the corporate world where dedicated employees eat lunch at their desks.

Reached for comment Mayor Bloomberg replied, "This just goes to show how self absorbed teachers truly are. I brown bag it everyday. I Bologna sandwich on white bread, a banana, two Oreos, and a juice box," The mayor went on, "I eat at my desk everyday, and look how important I am."

When reached for comment, UFT President Mike Mulgrew retorted, "This is a contractual issue that the city has long agreed to. Teachers do need to eat. However, I will take this up with my executive board and the delegate assembly and see if we can capitulate."

Outside The South Bronx Academy for Implied and Perceived Excellence charter school, parents said that the teachers at their school only took a five minute lunch break. "Ain't no reason for these teachers to take 50 minutes for lunch," said a parent who wished not to be named, "These teachers are dedicated."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rush Time Machine Tour 2011

Two weeks from tonight, April 10, I will be sitting in Madison Square Garden awaiting Rush coming on stage and just becoming a total geek. For those who don't know, Rush will be performing the entire album of 1981's epic, Moving Pictures. Yes, you read that right. Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, YYZ, Limelight, The Camera Eye, Witch Hunt, and Vital Signs all in one night!

So for you Rush geeks out there I give you it all.

It Is Apparent That Eva Moskowitz Only Cares For Eva

As you recall, this past Monday it was reported that Sith Lord Eva Moskowitz was having a hiring party, shin ding, or soiree in her honor this past Thursday night. Not to feel left out, several members of the crack team here at SBSB infiltrated the festivities and found out quite a bit of information. Unfortunately, the crack team needed to take Silwood showers when they came back to the SBSB offices.

The event was at Harlem Success Academy headquarters on Lenox Ave. In fact the affair was catered. Hors d'oeveres were served as well as an open bar with a bartender. We here at SBSB wonder if alcohol is allowed to be served in any NYC Public schools or in fact in any borough offices. More to the point, how can any public school compete with hot hors d'oeveres and booze, when all we can have to recruit teachers are Triscuits, Cheez Whiz, and Hawaiian Punch?

But let's not harp on the wine being served, Bogle, are the food. Let's look at what Eva really believes, and thinks.

Eva wishes to expand her reach into nursery schools on the Upper West Side. Does this mean to open new ones, or to take over existing nursery schools we don't know.

Eva also talked about how the K and 1 students in her school have a 50 minute block time of playing with blocks, facilitated by a block coach. If this does not make you scared, does not freak you out, then I am sorry. Block play for the little ones should be what it is about for them. This is creativity that Eva is taking away, and worse, controlling.

Eva said her network provides some services but not enough for many severe concerns. She said that there are times when there are students in her schools who are so emotionally disturbed because they do not belong there and they do not have psychologists, social workers to help support these children. They have to eventually throw in the towel and say, there is nothing we can do anymore and need to go. The parent will say, 'how come my child is not learning?" Eva's people would say or think, "Have you tried teaching this child with all of these severe concerns."

So Eva gets to throw in the towel? Why does Eva get to throw in the towel? Seems like public school just can't do that, but Eva gets to? How many kids with IEP's are in HSA or any of Eva's schools if there is no psychologist or social workers? But as always Eva's drones have good responses to the parents of these students. Would I be able to get away with asking parents if they tried to teach their children?

Then Eva explain where most of the money comes from but the DOE. Joel Klein who is one of Eva's dear friends gave them as much money as they wanted. Now that Cathie Black is chancellor, she is finding it difficult to receive money from the DOE because when one person doesn't exactly know what they are doing, you have to go asking around what do, who is this and that too many people are advising Cathie. Eva alluded to Cathie Black as an idiot. I guess that Eva can't do any special "jobs" for Cathie Black as she did for Joel Klein. Perhaps Uncle Mike should have made Geoffrey Canada chancellor, at least Eva would have been able to do what Eva does best. Except that Eric has never experienced this talent.

Eva is also pissed that she doesn't get the same equitable funding for her students that the DOE gives to their students. Eva gets $13,500 and NYC public school students are $22,000. Its sick how children are numbers, objects and money now. Too bad no one else asked why she thinks its okay to take public school funding away from the children in New York City for her schools. Why can't she go somewhere else for the money? Why can't Eva use her special talent to get more money? In fact, why should Eva get as much as NYC public schools? She is a private school, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

The worse thing to come out of Eva's mouth is how she refers to special needs children as "SPEDS." Not only is this demeaning, but patronizing as well. This shows Eva's contempt for children and that she only sees children as an opportunity to increase herself in the limelight, to look like she cares, and worse to show that the rich, white woman from the Upper East Side knows what is best for little boys and girls of color.

Eva cares about one person. Herself. If you are a parent stay as far away from Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy schools as you can. These schools only serve one person. Eva herself. She is a controlling, patronizing, condescending, human being that is two levels below pond scum. Do not think for a moment that Eva has the best interest of your child, yourself, or your community at heart.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ruben Brosbe And Proper Condom Usage

We here at SBSB applaud and condone those that practice safe adult realtions. Slipping a glove onto your Jimmy, or helping slipping a glove onto your partner's Jimmy, is a practical preventative course to take in this age of STD's and unwanted pregnancies.

Now mind you, we here at SBSB don't condemn someone with a unique, or in fact, an unusual, method of showing affection with other adults. As Dear Abby once said, "Anything between consenting adults is acceptable." We here at SBSB are down with those consenting adults.

What we don't condone, and will continue to do so is the posting of personal information on the Internet by teachers that is easily accessible by their students. Not just personal information, but even information that you don't want mom and dad to see. Evan Stone of Educators4Excellence found this out the hard way.

So it has caused the crack team here at SBSB some consternation to learn that E4E blog monkey (with all due apologies to Mustafa who coined the phrase) Ruben Brosbe made the same mistake as his mentor.

It seems that Ruben has quite a proclivity for plaid condoms and he is not shy about sharing this. The crack team is cool with this, and salutes Ruben for advocating safe adult relations. In Ruben's case of course the question is with whom, or what. Let's have a looksee at what Ruben is advocating. (Click to enlarge. Whoops, pun intended!)

Again, we don't have an issue with Ruben and his choice of Jimmy protection. We have an issue that Ruben would have this on a public space on Google, under his Google profile. With the words, "....and we're also all for getting laid," prominent, what were to happen if one of Ruben's third grade students were to do a search on Google and see this?

Or let's be realistic. Remember, Ruben is the teacher, so I guess they will not be able to read it. What would happen if a student in a veteran teacher's class at Ruben's school were to get hold of this? Would this not cause a stir?

Ruben has already shown a lack of judgment in the people he chooses to socialize with, and he has shown just as poor judgment in what he shares online. Is it not time that Ruben looks inward to his soul and questions why he makes such poor judgments in life?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Two Faced Ramblings Of E4E'S Ruben Brosbe

The idiot savant and Educators4Excellence lackey Ruben Brosbe is back in the news today, or at least yesterday. Ruben somehow managed to write a piece in Gotham Schools yesterday laughingly and shamelessly entitled, "Why Teachers Like Me Support Unions: An E4E Take on Edusolidarity."

OK, done laughing. Let's continue. Let's once again show just how clueless, two-faced, and botarded Ruben is.

Ruben blabs; There are plenty of times when I disagree with Michael Mulgrew and the UFT. There have been more than a few occasions in conversations about teaching when I’ve had to admit my own confusion or frustration with the union.

Actually I agree with Ruben here. There are many things I disagree with the UFT, Mulgrew, and the AFT. In fact I know many people like this. The difference between me and like minded people, and Ruben and his shills over at E4E is, we will not, would not, and can not turn on our own. The rank and file we believe is the heart of the union, the heart of teaching, and at no time do we turn our anger, and disappointment with the UFT on each other. Ruben, and the rest of the unwissend Jugend at E4E are doing what they are doing not only for themselves, but at the behest of outside forces.

But these instances will never change the fact that I am a proud supporter of the teachers union.

You're joking. I must give full disclosure here. I laughed so hard at this comment I inhaled a Dorito I had been munching on.

In a bizarre era where policy experts are calling attention to the need to attract better teachers while policy makers simultaneously decry our “lavish” benefits, the need for a strong union becomes increasingly acute.

This above is why you are a little two faced sanctimonious s**t. You turn into a whore for Michelle Rhee and put yourself in a video, you are involved in an organization that prostitutes itself for monies from Bill Gates, and you wonder why teachers are being shat on? You Ruben are part of the solution, or part of us being shat upon, you ARE THE PROBLEM!

The blatant attacks on collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin and elsewhere do nothing to improve education.

Of course, but see the above which I had just written for why it is happening. Oh, and let's not forget the Koch brothers. In fact, I'll do you one better. Your organizations best friend, Joel Klein at one time wanted the teacher's contract to be just six pages long. Just think about this the net time you look at photos of Joel Klein whilst getting the Kleenex and Astro-glide ready.

I am grateful for the hard-fought union battles of the past that protect me from discrimination, support my instruction and planning, and encourage my professional development.

Explain to me how a white, Jew is going to face discrimination. Especially a rich, white Jew, with a daddy with deep, deep pockets. What discrimination have you ever once in your life faced? You have grown up with a silver spoon in your mouth, you have never had to want a thing. Anything you wanted, you got.

When I think of one of the most vital roles of the union however, I think of the protections that allow me to advocate for my students.

Tenure, you twit. Got it? Or have you been tenured? Did Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney Morris receive tenure? But allow me to point out how special and above the fray you are by pointing out that you advocate for your students. You alone are special in doing so. You alone are the only one that does advocate. I want to be you, in fact I think every teacher in NYC wishes that as well. You are special. You are unique, just like mommy and daddy always said to you.

At a school with more than 33 percent of students requiring special education services and an even larger number who are considered English language learners, I understand how crucial it is that I can speak up for these students if they aren’t getting legally mandated services.

And how have you done this? Are you willing to put your face on TV, or the Daily News and speak out for these children? Have you risked being insubordinate in advocating for these students? Have you used the resources and connections availed to you by E4E to advocate for these children?

I don’t agree with LIFO. I think in the past tenure has been granted too swiftly and easily.

Yeah, we know you don't agree with LIFO. Only because, God forbid, you might be affected by it. But what happens if you do get laid off? You have mommy and daddy to come to the rescue. You have no children, and certainly no significant other. All you have is yourself. A friend of mine has three children under 10, a mortgage, a wife, and unlike you, a life. Chances are he is in the cross hairs of being laid off. Guess what? He is not a sniveling, backstabbing weasel like you and all your friends at Omega House, oops, I meant E4E.

Stop blaming teachers for being granted tenure. Look at the administrators that do. In fact, again, do you have tenure? Have you had your probation extended? I would like you to confirm what a bird at PS 310 shared with me.

Ruben, you are nothing but the lowest form of life on this planet. A car salesman has more values, virtues, and ethics than you. The fall that is coming your way will be an epic one. And not one person will be there, other than mommy and daddy to help you up. Go back under that rock you slimed out from under.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eva Moskowitz Sicks Goon Squad On South Bronx School

To the readers of yesterday's blog posting about HSA hiring a headhunter to find ignorant, young teachers to do Sith Lord Eva Moskowitz's bidding, the crak team here at SBSB came under attack by a duo of nattering nabobs of negativity. Basically a couple of Wendy Whiners, sycophantic pond scum, who for one reason or another have been brainwashed into believing that Eva Moskowitz is a agent of good, not the evil, nasty, horrible, skanky, Sith that she truly is.

The crack team has decided during a conference call just several minutes ago to make the emails received by Sith Lord Eva's head hunters to SBSB public. We assure you that not only will you laugh, but also recoil in disgust at how these two sycophants adore all things Eva.

The first email......
date Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 3:04 PM
subject EXXXXXX - Your Blog
hide details Mar 22 (2 days ago)

We just came across your blog which features a post of the private email that I sent out yesterday. Please remove this posting immediately. You are not authrorized (seems someone does not know how to spell authorized) in any way to post my personal information or details about our business with our clients.

Please take care of this right away. (a threat?) If you have questions feel free to contact me. Thank you for your cooperation and I hope that you will consider being more discerning in the future.
Hmm. So then the above sycophant sent her lackey after SBSB.
from XXXXX to So BronxSchool date Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 4:26 PM subject RE: PLEASE CALL ME ASAP mailed-by XXXXXXX hide details Mar 22 (1 day ago) That is not the issue. The issue is the HR Director is one of my best friends - she needed people to show up for her event ---- WE DO NOT COLLECT A FEE for indirect referrals!!!! I was doing my friend a favor and now you have portrayed Eva in poor light when she is doing great work in Harlem. Will you please remove your post as it is not a direct reflection of what you are insinuating? If we were making money off of this we WOULD NOT have indicated the organizations name in the email. The nonprofit sector is something I truly love servicing and you basically have exploited me being a resource to one of the organizations I admire. Your immediate response on this matter is greatly appreciated!
Eva portrayed in a poor light? Awww. What a shame.

And this email was received this morning from the first sycophant.
date Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 9:38 AM
hide details 9:38 AM (7 hours ago)
Good Morning,

Katie shared your correspondence from last night with me. Since it is my private e-mail that you cut and pasted into your blog without permission I would appreciate you removing the text that I wrote and if you really feel that strongly you can report on the event without sharing my name of the name of our firm.

You have no idea what a violation it is to be trying to help candidates that you care about get a job, just to have it twisted and printed online without my permission. I believe in journalism and free speech. It's an important part of our political and social processes. However, reprinting my e-mail is not really a crusade against Eva Moskowitz which is what you seem to be more interested in. You are simply interfering with my work. I am just a regular working person just trying to make a living and help the many unemployed people there are in the city. Why you would want to impede on this I do not understand.

I also think it is very interesting that you have no qualms with sharing my name and where I work when you originally posted your blog. Yet you refuse to share your name with me. I would appreciate knowing who I am speaking with. Seems more than fair.

Please either remove the post altogether or remove the verbatim text of my e-mail. You can report on information that you acquire - you don't have to print my email online when it was intended to be shared privately.

Thank you,
And thank you for amusing the crack team here at SBSB. We hope you keep coming back here and read more about what an evil human being Eva Moskowitz is.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Harlem Success Academy Is Hiring!

It appears that Harlem Success Academy is hiring. In fact, HSA appears to use a head hunter. I don't know what this particular head hunter chargers, but when my wife would get a job through a head hunter it would be 10% of the first year's salary. It's good to know that Eva has that kind of money, and resources, to use.


The crack research team here at SBSB has learned that there is an open house for newbie teachers being put together by Execu-Search.
It Seems that Execu-Search has been in cohoots with HSA ( lately on various teaching, development, leadership and administrative positions.

HSA, and its Sith Lord, Eva Moskowitz hasreached out to Execu-Search again regarding an open house they are having this week for education professionals who are definitely or potentially interested in getting into leadership or reform positions within their organization.

The crack team has also learned:

On Thursday, March 24th, from 6pm-8pm, Success Charter Network will be hosting a leadership networking event at Execu-Search headquarters. The event is targeted for aspiring leaders and current teachers interested in learning more about SCN's network of high-performing charter schools and leadership positions for the 2011-2012 school year.

Basically, anyone under the age of 30, that does not plan on being in teaching more than three years and will worship Eva Moskowitz as some type of deity.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

Tuesday night, March 22 @ 9 PM we welcome Rita Solnet. Call in # 917 932 8721

Rita Solnet possesses an MBA in Business and Organizational Consulting and a PhD in her passion for education! Rita is a south Florida education activist whose commentary stems from real life experiences as a parent, as a Director in a F100 corporation, as a community leader, education activist, and as a widowed mom.

Rita's corporate background affords opportunities and access to interview experts. Rita has testified to local School Boards, the State of Florida, and continues to meet with Congressmen and Senators on these issues. As a non union member, non teacher, and non partisan individual, her perspective is unexpected and unique.

Originating with her involvement in a Facebook site named "Testing is Not Teaching," Rita led several grassroots efforts and campaigns in her state. Rita Solnet is Co-Founder of Parents Across America which encourages parental involvement, communicates best practices, and opens up the dialogue for genuine reform.

Using her organizational consulting and networking skills, Rita is often tapped to bridge differences in perspectives and seek consensus. Mrs. Solnet is a member of the Harvard Club of the Palm Beaches, PBC School District Curriculum Council, FL Senator's Education Council , Secretary to West Boca Raton School Advisory Committee, Advisor to Lynn University Graduate School of Education, and a member of the ALS Foundation. Rita was honored with numerous awards on behalf of her leadership positions as PTA President, School Advisory Council Chair, Business Partner, Legislative Liaison & Volunteer within Palm Beach County Schools over a 15 year span.

Rita can be found on Twitter @ritacolleen and on the Huffington Post at

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The NYC DOE Is Animal House

I love Animal House. It has gotten to the point that I can do the dialogue right along with the movie. Line by line. I am like one of those people at a Rock Horror showing that are up by the screen acting out the movie. If there ever is a showing of Animal House in a theater I will dress up like Bluto and act out the scenes.

So I have been thinking. Think about this, isn't Educators4Excellence kind of like Omega house? And the rest of the teachers in the DOE, the veteran teachers, Delta House?

So what if we took some of the characters from E4E and transposed them as Omega House characters, this includes Dean Wormer, and take the righteous and transpose them as Delta, I wonder what would happen? Let's see.

The Scene:
Night, on a hill in a car, overlooking Faber.

The Players:
Greg Marmalard: Evan Stone
Mandy Pepridge: Michelle Rhee

Michelle Rhee: Oh, Evan. Look. It's a star. Let's make a wish.-"Star light, star bright--"
Evan Stone: -Wait a minute. That's not a star. It's moving too fast.It's probably a 707. Those babies really can move across the sky.
Michelle Rhee: Is anything happening yet? My arm's tired.
Evan Stone: I'm sorry, Michelle. That thing with the veteran teachers has me a little distracted. God knows how they think they are so special.
Michelle Rhee: Anything?
Evan Stone: Maybe a little faster. Yeah.

The Scene:
A different night, on a hill in a car, overlooking Faber.

The Players:
Greg Marmalard: Evan Stone
Babs Jansen: Ruben Brosbee

Ruben Brosbee: Relax, honey. You know, l know, everybody knows that those veteran teachers certainly had it coming.
Evan Stone: I don't think the veteran teachers will be giving us any more trouble.
Ruben Brosbee: Evan, honey? Is it supposed to be this soft?

Friday, March 18, 2011

$#*! I Have Been Written Up For

With all this talk about ending seniority rights, no one is examining the power that principals have. When Educators4Excellence published their manifesto a few weeks ago, with such calls for laying off teachers who recieved a U rating within five years, found guilty in a 3020-a hearing, charges were found to be substantiated by OSI and CSI, or even in the ATR system, it shows how abuses will be rampant. In fact more so than they already are.

What is to keep a principal from bringing a teacher up on professional misconduct charges? It is very easy for a principal to give a teacher a U rating, in fact, a U rating can't be grieved. And Chaz the blogger has shown us how a CSI or OSI investigation really works.

So now the New York State Senate has passed its version of repealing the seniority law and it will have quite a draconian effect. But I wondered to myself one evening while rubbing my chin, what if this law had been in affect since 2006. How would this have affected me?

Venegful, retaliatory administrators? What a shock! Well, it seems that I have come across some in my career. I would like to share, $#*! I have been written up for, or almost written up for.

In June 2007 I witnessed two intruders at the back door of my building. I gave chase because one of the inturders resembled a student. I notified school safety and my principal. Instead of thanking me for doing the right thing, my principal was furious I left the school (during my prep) and called in the LIS (local instructional superintendent) and wanted to see if she could jam me.

At this point I requested to speak to the LIS alone and spilled my guts about my principal. The next day I received a letter in my file for something I said 6 months earlier. Also, the next to last day of school I dismissed my extended day class a minute earlier. My principal had a meeting with me and my CL on the last day of school. Sometime during the first week of July I got a registered letter in the mail with a disciplinary letter for me to sign. The letter promptly was moved to the cat litter.

I received a letter in my file for dropping the $#*! word on the Friday before Labor Day in August 2007. No kids were in the school. It was a bunch of teachers just sitting around talking. This letter was put in my file in October of that year.

The following happened when I was reporting once a week to OSI the corporal punishment inflicted by Numb Nuts.

In the fall of 2008, I got written up for reporting to OSI corporal punishment by Numb Nuts. The new principal, John Deacon interpreted Chancellor's Regulation A-420 as that corporal punishment must be reported to her first.

Also in the fall of 2008 I got written up for reporting to ACS a 5 year old K student that was masturbating in class while shouting, "bite it, bite it!"

I got written up for yelling at a student in the cafeteria, even in which the students said I didn't yell, but was talking loud because of the noise level.

I got written up for corporal punishment for asking a 5th grade student for a french fry. Yes, a french fry. It was deemed corporal punishment. I was joking with the student, I had known him since he was in K, and am very tight with the family. Numb Nuts told the student they were out to get me and coached him how to write his statement. This was revealed after Numb Nuts left the school. In fact, the mother found out and was outraged that she was never informed of this, that her son was being used as a pawn.

I was brought up on professional misconduct charges of having a coffee cup in my hand. Numb Nuts inquired to if I remembered carrying a hot cup of coffee in my hand two weeks earlier. I told him no. My CL asked how did he know what was in the coffee cup. Did not got written up for that one.

And again, in March of 2010 I got a letter in my file for continuing to report corporal punishment inflicted by Numb Nuts under the same pretenses as I mentioned above.

Yeah, I see this new law never being abused. The $#*! will be hitting the fan like never before.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Evan Stone Walks The Streets Of Education Deformers

I look forward to Wednesdays. It's hump day. Wednesday is also the day in which Comedy Central airs three South Parks in a row, and also when, in season, a new South Park airs. But I have welcomed something new and exciting into my life on Wednesdays. Wednesday is the day that Educators4Excellence emails it action updates, regular updates, or whatever it is called to its 1,500 followers. I just happen to follow E4E twice.

Today's email had a video of Uncle Mike and Michelle Rhee's favorite prostitute, Little Evan Stone, on the official news show of E4E, "Good Day, New York." I do not know if this appeared today or the day after the state senate vote on LIFO, but needless to say, Greg Kelly (his father should be ashamed) and Rosanna Scotto were fawning all over him.

I am not even going to waste my breath countering what Little Evan had to say. Here is the link and you can make your own judgment about it. But enough is enough.

Little Evan Stone, you are a unethical, valueless, useless human being. There is no difference between you and a prostitute. How dare you after teaching, and worse, being a failed teacher, sit up in your gilded cage and preach to people who give their lives, their soul to their profession!

Teaching was not a profession for you. It was a means to an end. And end in which you think you hold the cards, and end in which you think you are hot shit because you get to rub elbows with the supposed movers and shakers. But these types will drop you like a hot potato when they are done using you. When you are no longer any use. Little Evan, from the research the crack team here at SBSB as learned about you, you are genetically inclined to stomp on the working person, the little guy, the person who works his or her ass off. You are looking for Oedipal justification for your measly, sanctimonious life.

You don't even have the balls, the guts, not only to appear on my radio show, but not to appear on any outlet which might dare to question you and your pond scum views. Yeah, Little Evan, you are someone's bitch.

You think you are standing up for what is right. You are so full of shit. You failed in the classroom, you failed as a teacher. You think you cared as a teacher because you took boys on a vacation camping? That is not caring, that is just plain sick.

I haven't shared this with anyone yet. I spoke with Little Evan over the phone to invite him on my radio show. Little Evan refused. He told me that I would have to reveal my name. Hey, this blog is done with a pseudonym for a reason. I have had my name and face out there. I put my career on the line, and this was done with a family to feed, bills to pay, and no super wealthy daddy with a safety net.

But I threw it back at Little Evan. I asked him when he would release his test scores. Little Evan said he would put it up on the new revamped E4E website. That was not good enough, I explained to Little Evan. Put up a PDF file, showing proof of what an excellent teacher you claimed you were. That is the point that Little Evan started to wail like a baby. "No, no, no! You share your name first!" I swear for a moment I thought I was having a phone conversation with Jan Brady.

Here's the difference between me and you. If you were being jammed, in trouble with an administrator, I would lend a hand to you. In fact 99% of the teachers would. But you, you just want to steamroll over everyone with not only what you think is right, but what your "buddies" think is right.

The fall coming your way will be classic. Remember this Little Evan. Every dog has its day.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Evan Stone Of Educators 4 Excellence Exposed!

Oh I wish I could write this well. Maybe when I am grayer and looking back on my career I will be able to. But for now, I want to welcome my mystery guest who compared what is happening in education now to the Vietnam War. The following was emailed to me over the weekend and I have permission to use it. Please read and enjoy.

My skepticism always kicks in when I see a title like 'Educators4Excellence'. When you pick a name like that, you are demonstrating the ultimate in arrogance and demonstrating the ultimate disrespect for colleagues. Half of teachers come to teaching with a vision of achieving excellence in education. Almost all of the other half come around to the desire for excellence. The rest leave because the work is too hard.

How do a handful of people with no educational experience declare themselves the prophets of excellence? How many years did they spend perfecting their craft? Unless great teachers are made in two years, not enough. How many years did they spend working with a School Leadership Team actually pursuing excellence in their school? Did they do it elsewhere? The answer to both those questions is probably little to no effort and they only worked in one setting. Like adolescents who think that their first infatuation is love, these people seem to think that the desire for excellence is all it takes to get there. That is just naive.

In the 1980s and especially in the 1990s, our city lost track of what school improvement meant. Creating a vision of excellence is one important first step for any school, but it is just a first step. As our educational leaders and their vision and understanding became more shallow, they started to believe that sticking the word excellence in a slogan for a failing school would turn everything around. That is quite superficial, a little like thinking that a suntan cures cancer. The nuts and bolts of creating excellence in education involves an entire school community in a concerted effort in application of resources. It can't happen in Bloomberg schools because he has disenfranchised staff and parents by undermining School Leadership Teams. In fact when we examine the curbs that the state legislature put on Mayoral Control to stop that from happening, we find that Mayor Bloomberg has ignored the law.

When a couple of newcomers declare "We're better than you" in any field, we know they are subversive. Their subversion may also be in service of themselves. For them the express path to 'excellence' may be to grasp at one or two issues, but if their idea of excellence involves one or two issues they will never achieve anything. People who seize on one or two issues, particularly at this time when Wall Street is trying to undermine the American Ideal of a quality education for all, are looking to get out of the sweat and tears business of trying to create great schools. These guys are better suited to careers in public relations than public service, and I'm sure that after the depart there will still be 100,00 Educators for Excellence fighting for students against the Bloomberg corporate machine.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

On Tuesday, March 8 @ 9PM EST we welcome Brian Backstrom of the Foundation for Education Reform and Accountability; Call in # is 917 932 8721 Brian Backstrom is Vice President of the Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability.

Mr. Backstrom researches and writes on a variety of topics, including:
charter schools, vouchers, education tax credits, and other school choice reforms; replication of “best-practices” curricular models, the implementation of creative school designs, and other innovative educational practices; and, the use and meaningfulness of standardized testing, comparisons of student performance, and other issues surrounding educational accountability.

Mr. Backstrom previously served as the Vice President for the Empire Foundation for Policy Research, a public policy think tank based in Albany, New York, that focused on state economic issues.

Mr. Backstrom also has served as the Manager of Regulatory Policy & Operations in the Governor’s Office of Regulatory Reform, as the Director of Research for the New York State Legislative Commission on Public-Private Cooperation, and as an analyst in the governor’s Division of the Budget.

Mr. Backstrom also has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the A Brighter Choice Scholarships program in the Capital District. Mr. Backstrom, a Minnesota native, graduated cum laude from the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, with a B.A. in Political Science and a M.S. in Public Policy Analysis. Brian also sits on the board of the Albany Preparatory Charter School.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast. Susan Ohanian Live!!

We return on March 1 at 9 PM with one of the most respected, outspoken, classiest, smartest people involved in education. Susan Ohanian joins us live from Vermont. Susan is currently a freelance writer, Susan Ohanian’s writing draws on her own long career as a teacher grades K-14 and on current corporate-politico assaults on public education . Her more than 300 essays on education issues have appeared in periodicals ranging from Phi Delta Kappan cover stories to commentary in such fare as The Nation, Washington Monthly, The Atlantic, and USA Today. Three recent titles of Susan’s 25 books reveal her interest in both the politics of schooling and the importance of curriculum--and her insistence that it all must come back to children: When Childhood Collides with NCLB, Why Is Corporate America Bashing Our Public Schools? and The Whole Word Catalogue: Fundamental Activities for Building Vocabulary. Susan’s website of resistance to high stakes testing and No Child Left Behind received the George Orwell Award for Distinguished Contributions to Honest and Clarity in Public Language from the National Council of Teachers of English. She is also a recent recipient of the Kenneth S. Goodman “In Defense of Good Teaching” Award, College of Education, University of Arizona. Check out Susan's websites; and The call in # is 917 932 8721