SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Two Faced Ramblings Of E4E'S Ruben Brosbe

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Two Faced Ramblings Of E4E'S Ruben Brosbe

The idiot savant and Educators4Excellence lackey Ruben Brosbe is back in the news today, or at least yesterday. Ruben somehow managed to write a piece in Gotham Schools yesterday laughingly and shamelessly entitled, "Why Teachers Like Me Support Unions: An E4E Take on Edusolidarity."

OK, done laughing. Let's continue. Let's once again show just how clueless, two-faced, and botarded Ruben is.

Ruben blabs; There are plenty of times when I disagree with Michael Mulgrew and the UFT. There have been more than a few occasions in conversations about teaching when I’ve had to admit my own confusion or frustration with the union.

Actually I agree with Ruben here. There are many things I disagree with the UFT, Mulgrew, and the AFT. In fact I know many people like this. The difference between me and like minded people, and Ruben and his shills over at E4E is, we will not, would not, and can not turn on our own. The rank and file we believe is the heart of the union, the heart of teaching, and at no time do we turn our anger, and disappointment with the UFT on each other. Ruben, and the rest of the unwissend Jugend at E4E are doing what they are doing not only for themselves, but at the behest of outside forces.

But these instances will never change the fact that I am a proud supporter of the teachers union.

You're joking. I must give full disclosure here. I laughed so hard at this comment I inhaled a Dorito I had been munching on.

In a bizarre era where policy experts are calling attention to the need to attract better teachers while policy makers simultaneously decry our “lavish” benefits, the need for a strong union becomes increasingly acute.

This above is why you are a little two faced sanctimonious s**t. You turn into a whore for Michelle Rhee and put yourself in a video, you are involved in an organization that prostitutes itself for monies from Bill Gates, and you wonder why teachers are being shat on? You Ruben are part of the solution, or part of us being shat upon, you ARE THE PROBLEM!

The blatant attacks on collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin and elsewhere do nothing to improve education.

Of course, but see the above which I had just written for why it is happening. Oh, and let's not forget the Koch brothers. In fact, I'll do you one better. Your organizations best friend, Joel Klein at one time wanted the teacher's contract to be just six pages long. Just think about this the net time you look at photos of Joel Klein whilst getting the Kleenex and Astro-glide ready.

I am grateful for the hard-fought union battles of the past that protect me from discrimination, support my instruction and planning, and encourage my professional development.

Explain to me how a white, Jew is going to face discrimination. Especially a rich, white Jew, with a daddy with deep, deep pockets. What discrimination have you ever once in your life faced? You have grown up with a silver spoon in your mouth, you have never had to want a thing. Anything you wanted, you got.

When I think of one of the most vital roles of the union however, I think of the protections that allow me to advocate for my students.

Tenure, you twit. Got it? Or have you been tenured? Did Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney Morris receive tenure? But allow me to point out how special and above the fray you are by pointing out that you advocate for your students. You alone are special in doing so. You alone are the only one that does advocate. I want to be you, in fact I think every teacher in NYC wishes that as well. You are special. You are unique, just like mommy and daddy always said to you.

At a school with more than 33 percent of students requiring special education services and an even larger number who are considered English language learners, I understand how crucial it is that I can speak up for these students if they aren’t getting legally mandated services.

And how have you done this? Are you willing to put your face on TV, or the Daily News and speak out for these children? Have you risked being insubordinate in advocating for these students? Have you used the resources and connections availed to you by E4E to advocate for these children?

I don’t agree with LIFO. I think in the past tenure has been granted too swiftly and easily.

Yeah, we know you don't agree with LIFO. Only because, God forbid, you might be affected by it. But what happens if you do get laid off? You have mommy and daddy to come to the rescue. You have no children, and certainly no significant other. All you have is yourself. A friend of mine has three children under 10, a mortgage, a wife, and unlike you, a life. Chances are he is in the cross hairs of being laid off. Guess what? He is not a sniveling, backstabbing weasel like you and all your friends at Omega House, oops, I meant E4E.

Stop blaming teachers for being granted tenure. Look at the administrators that do. In fact, again, do you have tenure? Have you had your probation extended? I would like you to confirm what a bird at PS 310 shared with me.

Ruben, you are nothing but the lowest form of life on this planet. A car salesman has more values, virtues, and ethics than you. The fall that is coming your way will be an epic one. And not one person will be there, other than mommy and daddy to help you up. Go back under that rock you slimed out from under.


Anonymous said...

Ruben titles his piece "Why Teachers Like Me Support Unions: An E4E Take on Edusolidarity".

So, what is he now the official E$E blog-monkey? Did he have to get Evan or Shitney's permission to call it that?


Stephen Lazar said...

EDUSolidarity was my idea, and I was deeply offended by Ruben's post. In fact, I just published a 1500 word response to it on my blog.

But I have to say, I am just as bothered by this post. Whether he likes it or not, Ruben is a fellow brother in the UFT. We don't gain anything by calling one of our own a"little two faced sanctimonious s**t" in public. This just plays into the divide that E$E is trying to create between younger and older teachers. A line like that hardens the mind of someone like Ruben, and gives him sympathy with anyone of more moderate persuasions.

This further hurts our cause by the inaccurate statement that white Jews will never face discrimination. Is this likely to happen in NYC? Of course not. The rest of the world, not so much the case. But that's not the point. The point is that by bringing his Jewishness into this post for no relevant reason, you're going to piss off Jews, further reinforcing the divide between teachers, which again, is exactly what E$E wants.

Pete Zucker said...

No, I disagree with you. An retired and learned colleague of mine once said, "Don't ever try to come between me and my direct deposit." Ruben is attempting to come between me and my direct deposit. Sorry you don't know me very well Stephen, but I am extremely loyal. However to those trying to screw me, or just as importantly, those that try to screw those who I care deeply about, will receive not an ounce of empathy from me and deserve to be exposed for what they are.

As far as me bringing his "Jewishness" into it, you are wrong. It's what he is. It is what I am. In fact I am thinking of renouncing my Judaism because I am part of the same tribe with Ruben.

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